Artificial Academy 2: List of Notes

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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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This is a list of notes found on desk at the beginning of the morning class. Though many are obvious it is always a good idea to keep them in mind. Note: may differ depending on the chosen translation

1. "Athletic club activities affect your strength, while art club activities affect your intelligence."

2. "Don't do the same actions repeatedly."

3. "Consider taking advantage of exploitable people in crowded areas."

4. "Apologize if someone asks for an apology."

5. "Teachers shouldn't be skipping school."

6. "Try not to get caught having sex as a teacher."

7. "Two people are better than one at making progress."

8. "Go have fun after school, or on Sundays."

9. "You can make your partner climax multiple times when they are at their peak."

10. "Take your partner to have sex in a room where you won't be disturbed."

11. "Sunday morning is for dating. Don't forget!"

12. "Do each other's preferred fetishes to increase lust."

13. "When you are having sex with multiple people, it's hard to maintain the relationships......"

14. "Sexual relationships require special attention to maintain."

15. "Skipping class isn't good...... but good things may happen if you're invited to."

16. "It's possible for sexual attraction to increase with experience."

17. "The rainbow character card gets a 'main character' effect."

18. "We're sorry, the character items don't have any special effects!"

19. "Watch out for the 'Deceptive' trait."

20. "It seems like you can listen to the karaoke songs."

21. "A teacher's abilities are evaluated at a certain point."

22. "There seems to be a new shop in front of the station."

23. "Pray to the Jizou Statue."

24. "Groping someone is a crime."

25. "Cannot be unzipped."

26. "You should try studying in the library."

27. "You should try training at the training grounds."

28. "You should participate in your club's activities."

29. "Failure."

30. "To be a good fighter, you need the right strength and fighting style."

31. "When there is a 0% response, there is a fundamental problem, so change your tactics."

32. "First impressions are important...... they could determine later relationships."

33. "The chimes are related to the color of the cursor."

34. "It's difficult to have sex with people of very high virtue."

35. "Being greedy is high risk...... but also could bring high reward."

36. "When there are a lot of hearts during sex, it increases sexual attraction."

37. "Come here after next class period."