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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Time Elapsing

Each Time period is 20 real-time minutes long by default. This can be adjusted in the configuration menu. Interactions initated by the PC or NPCs(towards the PC) consume Time. NPC-to-NPC interactions do not cost time. Time also passes during H scenes. Switching H positions consumes time; Better H-Compatibility reduces this time-loss. Time Periods can not end during H scenes.

School Days

Regular weekdays(Monday - Friday) consist of four time periods each.


200px-Schoolbag Morning.jpg

This is school attendance period. When the PC arrives at the station, some NPCs may already be in their club rooms while others will begin to arrive at the station individually. Characters who are not present will show a AA2 House Icon.jpg icon in the class roster screen.

Teachers and students with the 'Serious' trait are most likely present from the start while students with the Daydreamer/Absentminded trait arrive late or may skip the session. A Daydreamer/Absentminded teacher has a small chance to not arrive before class.

Morning specific interactions

  • There is a short time span before characters notice the PC's arrival at the station.
  • NPCs with high favorability may ask to go class together.
  • NPCs with high affection towards the PC may be awaiting at the station. This differs depending on personalities and character setting.
  • NPCs with high affection may give you a good morning kiss when they arrive.
  • After a character arrives at the classroom, the schoolbag will be removed from it's world model.
  • NPCs who are already present will wear their club outfit and later visit the change-room to switch into the uniform. After changing outfits, a schoolbag will not appear on the character's world model. Despite this, NPCs who just changed their outfit can still be asked to go to class together.

AA2 go class.jpg

Unless you skipped the class, finishing this period will lead to classes which increase Intelligence.


Asleep NPC

A lunch-break before the physical class starts. Characters can invite and be invited to eat lunch together on the campus. Lowest sociability NPCs may be asleep on their desks as of the v11 update, in which case they cannot interact or be interacted with during the entire time period.

Noon specific interactions

  • NPCs can invite/be invited to eat lunch together. NPCs who already ate lunch will refuse it while Always Hungry trait enables NPCs to eat multiple times. PC can eat as many times as they want.
  • NPCs will begin to visit the change-room and switch into their sports outfit. If the next class is Swimming, they will change into their swimming suit instead.

AA2 go pe.jpg

Finishing this period will lead to physical classes which increase Strength. Class types vary by weekday and the PC will start from differing locations at the start of the next period.

  • Monday: Sports Ground
  • Tuesday: Swimming Pool
  • Wednesday: Gym
  • Thursday: Swimming Pool
  • Friday: Sports Ground


This is free time before clubs session start. In the meantime characters can invite and be invited to have a snack or tea break in the Courtyard.

Afternoon specific interactions

  • NPCs can invite/be invited to have a snack or tea break.
  • NPCs will begin to visit the change-room and switch into their club outfit.

AA2 go club.jpg

Finishing this period will lead to club session which increases stats depending on club location.

  • Club time in Dojo, Gym, Swimming Pool and Track increases Strength.
  • Club time in Music room and Japanese room increases Intelligence.
  • Club time in Multi-purpose Room increases both by a smaller portion.


competition on going together
Group karaoke after school

This is free time after school and uses sunset lighting. Characters start going home at this time. Characters with the Daydreamer/Absentminded trait have a higher chance to leave earlier. Lovers are likely to stay longer while teachers will never leave before every student, including the PC, left. Since school time is over, characters can invite/be invited to Have Some Fun/Go Eat/Go to Karaoke without missing a class.

Evening specific interactions

  • NPCs will begin to visit the change-room and switch into their uniform outfit. Leaving the change-room adds the schoolbag to the character's world model.
  • NPCs with a schoolbag can invite/be invited to go home together. This will conclude the day.
  • NPCs can invite/be invited to study together at home. Horny NPCs may give you a unique dialogue and trigger H scene while studying.
  • NPCs can invite/be invited to Have Some Fun/Go Eat/Go to Karaoke.
  • NPCs with high affection towards the PC may give a goodbye kiss.

AA2 go home.jpg

This will conclude the day and lead to the night time bedroom, giving you the option to save your game. Sleeping will begin the next day.


Since it has no physical classes, Saturday only has three time periods which exclude Afternoon. Every two weeks there's a examination which will take place at the end of the first session on Saturday.The Examination takes the whole day and directly skips from the Morning to the Evening period.

Examination specific interactions

  • NPCs with high affection towards the PC or other NPCs may offer a Lewd Promise on Friday.
  • NPCs who received low grades will be in Sadness mood after the test. The mood persists the next day until they get cheered up.


Sunday is off-day and consists of only two periods, Morning and Evening. As PC arriving in the morning, the station is crowded with NPCs wandering and others will arrive soon. During Morning, any attempt to invite NPC for station activities, such as karaoke and restaurant, will fail automatically.

AA2 go out.jpg

Sunday Evening NPCs will start going home or hang around for a while. Evening interactions such as studying at home or hanging around at the station work as usual.


If you have a date with an NPC, it will begin as soon as you interact with the character. The characters may also approach you to start the date. Delaying the start of the date for longer periods of time will reduce their mood, and catching you talking to another character may put them in a bad mood. The result of date will be shown at the end, which concludes the Morning period. A date has only two outcomes, depending on the character's opinion toward PC.

  • You can ask for and accept multiple dates but only one date per a week is possible. NPCs that have their date ignored will get angry at you. Dates, once accepted, cannot be cancelled.
  • NPCs you set up a date with may comment on this when talked to.
  • Going on a date is public knowledge. Everyone will know about the date between two characters following the next Monday.