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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Highlighted is the statue location


  • Q: Where can I find the love hotel?
    A: Refer to the Love hotel picture on the right. The love hotel is located between the game center and karaoke bar on the Outside Train Station map (bottom right corner of the location screen). You have to point specifically at the small neon sign between the buildings while a character you wish to initiate sex with is following you.

Special Rooms

The school day begins at a train station in the commercial district.
All gameplay occurs over the course of a day, most of which are school days, but events on days off take place in the same neighborhood.

Most rooms are simply passages between other rooms, but a few of them have notable purposes.

Study Rooms

These places below are the study areas for Wisdom. Any study session reduces Strength by 2.

  • Library is for alone study and one-on-one.
  • Classroom is for group study.
  • Any character's home is a private room that can be used to study one-on-one.

Physical Training Rooms

These areas below are places to exercise Strength. Any physical training reduces Wisdom by 2.

  • Sports Ground is for solo and one on one training.
  • Gym is for one on one and group training.

Staff Room

Staff room with the teacher inside

This room is one end of the teacher's regular patrol through the school halls, so it's most often occupied by the teacher and students wishing to speak with the teacher.

Clicking on the black ledger on the desk on the right gives you a selection of clubs you can change to; right-click to exit. This takes a bit of time whether you select anything or not.

Club Rooms

Activities in these club rooms improve Wisdom (Culture and Music) or Strength (all other clubs) and Club Score. Also you must be a member of the club use these areas during club time. As above, improvements in Wisdom or Strength reduce the other score by 2 points, with one exception:

  • Running Club.jpgSports Ground
  • Swimming Club.jpgSwimming Pool
  • Baseball Club.jpgBall field
  • Volleyball Club.jpgGym
  • Martial Arts Club.jpgDojo
  • Music Club.jpgMusic Room
  • Culture Club.jpgJapanese Room
  • Multipurpose Club.jpgMulti-purpose Room - improves Wisdom, Strength and Club Score by lesser amounts, but is the only activity that improves scores with no reduction.

Locker Rooms

Boys' Lockers
Girls' Lockers

Here you also find the locker that, when you click on it, gives you a selection of clothes for you to change into. All students will attempt to change into the uniform required for the next phase of the day at the beginning of each phase.

The locker rooms are gender-segregated, and entering the one of the opposite gender produces a reaction among the NPCs if any is present, from mere embarrassment when talking (and the "Shameless!" status) to gaining the "1000 cuts not enough" status. Characters are partially undressed when entering their corresponding locker room. There is a shower further inside, in which they are automatically fully undressed.

Behind martial arts room

The statue

This is where the Buddhist (Jizo) statue is located. Click on it to check on a variety of character statuses.

Unlike in the first game, visiting the statue will not take up half of your time.

Private Rooms

You'll find some places which you can only enter when a Character is following you. These locations are shown in purple text and sex is automatically initiated when you enter them. However, sometimes your follower may refuse depending on mood/relation.

Love hotel
Private zones
Worldmap with marked secret locations
  • Love hotel: Pink neon sign outside the train station.
  • Machine room: Located on the sports grounds.
  • Counseling room: Located outside the counseling room.
  • Gym storeroom: Located in the gym
  • Boys'/girls' toilets: Located in the boys'/girls' toilets.
  • Boys'/girls' showers: Located in the boys'/girls' shower room. *This room has the special attribute of making any character's skin shiny just like "Sweaty" trait

Note: Passing through toilets and showers of the opposite sex to reach the private rooms may surprise, shock, anger or excite the occupants if you aren't escorted. A partner who escorts you in will not escort you out, so take care to move quickly when done.


Your room or your partner's can become available in the evening by inviting another character to study, or accepting their invitation. A character will accept or refuse based on the conditions for entering any other Private Room. If your partner's Ecchi is maximum, H will begin, otherwise you will receive the study prompt (for a guarantee of H, Kiss/Talk about Lewd Things until they're horny). You will be invited to another character's room without the pretense of study when fulfilling a Lewd Promise.


This is a semi-private room. NPCs will only randomly wander in from the connecting Hallway, and will not seek other characters here. They may follow characters they were already targeting before entering.

Gender-restricted rooms

In these rooms you will find only members of the same sex, unless a member of the opposite sex is escorted through to the shower room beyond. Though the occupants may appear to react to the intrusion when a member of the opposite sex is escorted through, there will be no effect on their opinion of the player. However, coming out from the shower room unescorted is a different matter. NPCs seldom enter a gender-restricted room.

Girl-only rooms show a pink line leading to them on the map.

  • Boys'/girls' Toilets
  • Boys'/girls' Locker Room (this room has the special attribute of making any girl strip to their underwear)
  • Boys'/girls' Shower (this room has the special attribute of making any character strip completely)