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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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3P (only intro & outro exist)

There is a kind of 3P in the game, where three characters can have a love triangle. In this state the characters will accept that the other two characters may have H with the other character in the love triangle. There are two ways this happens:

1. If the PC and his lover are having sex in public a second lover may interrupt and ask to join in.
2. If the PC interrupts two of his lovers engaged in H, he may get a request to join them in 3P.

Note that the screen just fades to black, so there are no 3P H scenes in the game, although you can see students in the background doing 3P scenes (in low poly mode) on occasion.

Interrupting two girls engaged in H, and being asked to join as a 3rd party


  • It can only occur if both partners are the opposite of PC's gender
  • All characters must not have the "Homosexual" orientation
  • High favorability rating
  • H must happen in a public place
  • Interruptions (in Config->Additional) must not be disabled

Quick How To

Below guide demonstrates a quick way of trying out the 3P feature.

  1. Make a class with two girls and one guy, all bisexual, lowest virtue, Lewd/Perverted and Easygoing
  2. Start play as one of the girls and romance the other girl, have sex with her, but don't get into a relationship.
  3. Once you have had sex end the day and switch to playing the guy.
  4. Playing as the guy have sex with both girls. Now everyone should have had sex with everyone.
  5. Confess to both of the girls by the end of the day.
  6. Switch over to one of the girls and confess to the other girl.
  7. Now that everyone is dating everyone save sex in public and the third party will ask to join in.

Note that the above is just a demonstration and there are many other ways to get it. Both girls of the 3P do not have to be in a relationship, be bisexual (though they still can't be homosexual), or even have low virtue. It has been known to occur with one girl being highest virtue, hetero and teacher, while the other was lowest virtue, bisexual and a student, the male PC had the Class Prez trait. However, all three participants need to have very high love for the other participants for 3P to trigger.