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Welcome to the general wiki tutorial. Here you'll find links to articles explaining general MediaWiki formatting and tutorials specific to this wiki.

MediaWiki formatting

MediaWiki uses special syntax, called wiki markup, to format text. For example, the heading above was created by typing

== MediaWiki formatting ==

representing a heading level 2. There are several articles on about wiki markup:

Keep in mind that it is more important to gather information. So if you think you are not skilled enough in wiki markup to add to or create a page, just put your information in there anyway. Chances are someone else with enough wiki-fu will notice and format the text for you. And even if not, the information is still there, even if it is hard to read.


Templates are basically wiki markup building blocks ready to be included in a page. They are used so pages about similar things have the same look and feel, and also to make it easier to create those pages.

To include a template in a page, type its name enclosed in double curly brackets.

For example, if you think a page is a mess and should be cleaned up, there's a template for that! Edit the page and add {{cleanup}} on top of the page. You can see the cleanup template here. Adding this template to a page will also add to the Pages marked for cleanup Category.


How to write a date: {{#dateformat:YYYY-MM-DD}}

This ensures your date is in ISO 8601 standard and that it will be formated into the format you have selected in your preferences. For better readability you should always specify a format for those who are not registered or not logged in.

Example: Instead of writing 25 December 2014 write:

Input Output
{{#dateformat:2014-12-25}} 2014-12-25
{{#dateformat:2014-12-25|dmy}} 25 December 2014
{{#dateformat:2014-12-25|mdy}} December 25, 2014
{{#dateformat:2014-12-25|ymd}} 2014 December 25
{{#dateformat:2014-12-25|ISO 8601}} 2014-12-25

Language & Style

You should use explicit (1) language, while avoiding vulgar or crude expressions.