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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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  • Q: The statue keeps changing the status every time I click on it. Is this a bug?
    A: No it's not a bug. In AA2 characters can have multiple (up to 4) opinions/thoughts about their classmates. Therefore, checking the statue multiple times in succession gives a better impression of the actual relationship.
    • Q: All of my classmates keep showing the initial "Don't Know" status towards my PC, but not towards each other. Is my game broken?
      A: Likely not. Generating a first impression can take tens of interactions or more with a specific character, especially if opinion gain is slow. A classmate needs to fill their first LLDL (love-like-dislike-hate) reactions to your PC completely to adopt a status towards them.
  • Q: How does the "Lewd Promise" Status work?
    A: Lewd Promise won't be replaced by any status unless it is fulfilled. Also, the girl refuses to do any H-scene with you until the day the exam took place. On the examination day, either the girl approaches you or you may also ask her having sex with you so to trigger the promise. For more details see the Exams and Evaluations section.

How it works

Every character has a maximum of 30 favorability points towards each of their classmates. These points are distributed among four categories: Love, Like, Dislike, or Hate (LLDH). Each category is broken down into three broad brackets based on how many points it has accumulated: min (0-10), middle (11-20), or max (21-30). Since the total number of points is capped at 30, a character can hold at most two "middle" opinions towards a classmate or one "max" opinion. In the case of two "middle" opinions, for example middle Love and middle Hate, the character will have all the statuses, benefits, and penalties of both Love and Hate.

Once the maximum of 30 favorability points has been reached, any time a new point is awarded, it replaces the oldest currently existing point. In this way, characters can be thought of as "forgetting" old memories as new interactions take their place.

Like status (middle or max) will increase the success rates for friendly interactions, while Love status will increase them for romantic ones too. Hate status lower the success rates for both friendly and romantic interactions. Dislike status has no effect whatsoever, so any points into dislike are simply wasted (until the character "forgets" them).

PC's opinion

Your PC's opinion is determined by the interactions that you attempt and your answer to the NPCs' interactions but not by his or her answer. For example a failed Contact button.jpg interaction will still increase your opinion on the targeted NPC even if it will decrease their opinion on you.


There are 61 statuses that a character can hold toward each of their classmates, including some special statuses for teachers or characters with certain traits. The statuses can only be seen when checking the Buddhist statue. A character can hold up to four statuses simultaneously, so you may need to click on the statue multiple times to see them all.

In addition, the statue won't list the player character's statuses. The only way to see these is to switch your player character to someone else, although in most cases the feelings are mutual.

White statuses indicate that either the person doesn't have any strong feelings in any way or can indicate Dislike.

Green statuses indicate Like

Pink statuses indicate Love

Yellow statuses are mood-related

Orange statuses are specific to thoughts between teachers and students

Blue statuses indicate Hate

Purple statuses indicate some history of using force commands

Red statuses indicate a specific conflict with the other character. These supersede all other statuses, so until they're resolved (one way or another) they will mask every other status.

Status Description and conditions
Haven't Spoken To Once you talk to this person once at least once this status will be replaced
Don't Know A character will keep this status until all 30 LLDH points are formed, even if new statuses appear

Hetero,Homo character cannot gain like point with opposite-sex. This status mean not enough like,love,dislike,hate point to decide what relationship will be.

Who? Moderate Dislike
No Interest High Dislike
I'm Curious! This character holds both a few Like and Love points
Classmate A few Like points
Friend Moderate Like
Good Buddies High Like
Closer Than Friends, Not Quite Lovers Moderate Like and Love
Sex Friend H occurred and there is moderate Like
Normalfags Go Die If you've been hugging and kissing your partner a lot in public, you'll see a lot of people holding this status toward you
Love Rivals You are involved with the same romantic interest as this person, and there's still more Like than Dislike toward you
Hole Brothers / Rod Sisters This status is used when you and this person have the same lover, and there's very little Dislike or Hate toward you
Former BF/GF Moderate Like with a former lover
Best Friend Max Like
I Think I Like Them... Moderate Love
Like, But Can't Say It Moderate Love but some past Contact button.jpg interactions failed
No Doubt It's Love! High Love but no confession on both sides
One-Sided Love... The NPC has high Love but the PC doesn't
Good Chemistry Perfect H-Compatibility but not a lover
Hate But Love Moderate Love and Hate; Love is greater than Hate; Ending a H scene without satisfying this character's preferences may cause this status
Shameless! Appears if you are caught inside an opposite gender-restricted room by your lover; Love will not decrease
Angel High Love but not a lover
Lover, For Now Low Love with a lover
I Want To Break Up Self-explanatory. Evil characters will get the TOGETHER FOREVER status instead
Mai Waifu High/Max Love with a lover
Wanna Get Back Together High Love with a former lover
Lewd Promise A special status independent of the Love value, this person has promised you sexual favors if you get good test grades or winning the club tournament and will not be replaced by any status until you finish the deed and get your reward
Overflowing Love! Max Love but not a lover
Let's Get Married Max Love with a lover
Makes My Heart Throb This character is in the "Blush" mood
(´・ω・`) Mix of Love and Dislike. Appears after rejecting this person multiple times or "forgetting" about a date
Really Wanna Fuck This character is in the "Horny" mood
Really Pisses Me Off This character is in the "Anger" mood
Homeroom Teacher Similar to "Don't Know"; held towards the teacher
Incompetent Teacher High Dislike; held towards the teacher
Ideal Teacher High Like; held towards the teacher
Teacher I've Longed For Some degree of Love; held towards the teacher
Normal Student Similar to "Don't Know"; held by by teacher
Problem Student High Dislike; held by the teacher
Favorite Student High Like; held by the teacher
Special Student Some degree of Love; held by the teacher
Forbidden Relationship H occured but there is no lover relationship; held between teacher and student
Secret Relationship Held by a teacher and a student in a lover relationship
Not Good With These Types Moderate Hate
Don't Want To Get Involved High Hate
Physically Impossible Appears after failed Contact button.jpg interactions if there is moderate Hate
Love But Hate Moderate Love and Hate; Hate is greater than Love
10000 Deaths Not Enough Appears if this character caught you inside an opposite gender-restricted room
You Should Die... An evil character will hold this status toward someone they hate. Despite what it says it will not trigger a murder attempt
Fated Enemies Appears after a fight if Hate is high
Slut A special status independent of Hate score; it appears toward characters with H-compatibility with 5 or more others including the one holding the opinion
Piece Of Shit... Max Hate
I Hate That I... Moderate Love towards a character who forced them
Gone Too Far... Moderate Love towards a character they forced
The Lowest Trash... Moderate Hate towards a character who forced them
What Shall I Do Next Moderate Hate towards a character they forced
Unforgivable! Appears either if you choose the other character when they compete or if your lover asks if you had sex with someone else and you admit it. All interaction will have 0% success rate until successfully apologizing
Cheater! This status only appears when you're in a relationship with the person if seen doing either Contact button.jpg interactions (any except "Caress") or H with a non-shared lover.
I'll Get You This status can only be thought by Evil characters toward someone they witnessed having sex with their lover, and will attempt to kill the targeted character
TOGETHER FOREVER This status can only be thought by Evil characters toward a lover who they have lost enough favorability with to break up and will attempt to kill their lover