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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Force, or Coerce Into Sex depending on translations, is of using vulgar words to push a character to have sex. It normally ends up with angering NPC and the success chance is set to 0%; unless exact conditions are met. It cannot be forced into sex without opponent's agreement.

Given that condition, Forced H is counted as consensual sex to others; NPCs react as usual when they spotted, and consider it as cheating if one of them is a lover.

Whether successful or not, forcing a character will always increase the Hate points unless the said character has the "Masochist" trait.

Exploitable Characters

Exploitable characters regularly pay a visit to PC, and NPCs who have Deceptive/Scheming trait and plead not to reveal their secret. NPCs who have Deceptive/Scheming trait may attempt Force to Exploitable characters. PC can also be the target if he/she is under Exploitable trait.

Once first Forced H is done, the success chance of Abuse.jpgForce and Travel button.jpgFollow Me interactions will be permanently set to +100%. Special statuses will be displayed in Jizou screen after that, indicating the bully/victim relationship. This can be nullified by increasing Love points.

Forced H

Forced Sex in H Scene

  • Uses different animations
  • The forced character's eyes will be in tears
  • Generic H dialogues will be replaced by negative comments such as "Just hurry up and finish"
  • The forced character will only show a resentful face after the H scene

Characters with high affection to PC

NPCs who have high affection towards the PC can also be engaged into Forced H. To engage, the NPC must also have had H with the PC at least once. This bypasses negative factor such as virtues, risky day, Faithful/Singleminded trait, boy/girlfriend exist and opposite sexual orientation. During H scene, the opponent NPC will show reluctant manner but give positive comments in climax poses and after sex as usual.

Pregnancy Risk

Impregnation chance is twice the one present in consensual H. Generally, only a couple of ejaculations inside in a same week can impregnate a female character during risky days. This may lead to your expulsion from the the school on next Monday.