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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Personality name translations have been worked on by different teams; the one provided by Hongfire and the one provided by /hgg/. If there is no indicator of which translation is being used, it is the same for both.

Each personality is attracted more or less to different personalities but the impact on the game is very small.

Female Personality Types

First Row

活: Lively

Very spontaneous and energetic high school girl. very easy to engage her in anything that seems fun, like sports, the arcade, and karaoke. Talking about hobbies, things she does for fun, is a good way to get her to open up. She's unlikely to study or develop her club skills without someone she enjoys being with, but with them she puts in the effort enthusiastically.

"Uuu, almost out of money... J-just one more go!"
"Hey, when's my knight in shining armor gonna come along? I guess I gotta need saving first?"

薄: Delicate

Hesitant, sensitive, considerate and shy. Cares about the feelings of everyone around her as well as hers.

"H-Hey, listen! Forget it, it's nothing..."
"I-If you're okay with me..."

朗: Cheerful

Always happy and cheerful. Keeps this attitude even when she's sad.

"Alright! Today I'm setting a new record!"
"One day, I want to be carried like a princess by the one I love..."

淡: Stoic / Quiet

Very soft-spoken and emotionally reserved, with a dry sense of humor. Often sleeps after class session.

"If you like them, then you like them. If you hate them, than you hate them. Is that not understandable?"
"Telling perverted jokes? You are still a child."

然: Playful

She often tells you she's like a cat in heat. Even without Lewd trait she likes having sex all the time, anywhere, and when she asks you to follow, you never know if it's to a quiet room to talk or the girl's room stall. She likes taking the lead, but she also likes someone who can grab the lead themselves.

Note that virtue still determines the way she plays.

"Fuu, you're already entraced by my beautiful breasts, right?"
"Uuu...... I'm a cat in heat......."

Second Row

晴: Energetic / Frisky

Cheerful but somewhat over excited. She can be easily turned on by interests, makes a lot of exclamation "Kyaa~!".

"Kyaa~~! You came to see me, didn't you?"
"Did you catch what was on TV last night? I didn't really understand it, but it was awesome!"

寧: Kind

Pleasant, polite and easy-going, easily making others happy. Becomes very cheerful once she's in a relationship.

"Being able to discover new things, no matter how insignificant... That's happiness, don't you think?"
"I think just having the one you love beside you is the ultimate happiness."

笑: Upbeat / Joyful

Relaxed, easygoing, and an ultimate poker face. She acts as a comfy mate, but when she opens her eyes with that sly grin on the face, a natural predator inside. Tends to laugh regardless of her mood.

"There's a festival apparently. What kind of yukata should I war this year?"
"Ahaha~ I won't let you get away that easily!"
  • She appears with closed eyes most of time regardless of character creations.

月: Normal / Ordinary

Chatty, lighthearted, interested in 'girl things' that reminds of ordinary school girls.

"What's the matter? Need some advice?"
"I want a new swimsuit, what do you think would look good?"

激: Irritable / Irritated

Tsundere who rants and complains endlessly about now-days. She acts very girly in front of the one she loves.

"Geez, games these days are SO slow! They need to make games that fire me up!"
"Wh-who said you could look?!"

Third Row

尖: Uptight / Harsh

Apathetic, negative, and abusive later on. She shows off her indifferent manner openly. But once she gets intimated, she starts talking with insulting manner which is to conceal her actual sentiment. Reading her mood is easier from her tone rather than from her dialogue.

"You can still live a good life without a lover, don't you think?"
"...Touch me somewhere funny, and... You know what's going to happen to you, right?"

楚: Friendly / Sweet

Pleasant, easy-going, and a master of politeness judo, able to get what she wants harmoniously, making others happy, even grateful, to give it to her. However, she can turn cold if losing control of a situation, and delivers her polite demands firmly and sharply.

"Being side by side with the person you love really is wonderful!"
"I love making and admiring and everything about bead accessories? Want to make some together sometime?"

肝: Creepy

A fujoshi, or a yaoi fangirl in English terms, who is enthusiastic about 'boy's love' fiction and homoerotica. She tends to seclude herself from "normalfags" with self-mocking manner, laughs maniacally when excited; "ku-huhu", "KE-hehe!". She adapts "real-life" relationship awkwardly later on.

"What's going on recently? There's all of there 'otakus' acting 'cool' and all......They should all just go and die on the spot!"
"Huh!? There's nothing gay about boy loving boys!"

慎: Reserved

Extremely passive character. She stutters, pauses on words frequently, holds back an action even if she prompted it first. A lack of self-esteem makes her hold back and isolate herself, leading to her being afraid of intimacy. Even becoming closer to her rewards you with general awkwardness in such situations, even though it is visible that she does yearns to belong and wishes to share her feelings. Her overall reservedness rewards the patient with adorkable yet sincere and loving relationship.

"E-even I really like stuff like...cute clothes...But..."
"L-love and affection and th-that stuff, I don't really get it very well..."

凛: Dignified

Comes from a rich family. An archetype of matured woman; polite, contemplative, reflecting sea.

"When it's this hot out, I think about taking off to my summer resort."
"To feel the same feelings towards each other... To be partners for life... Hmhm, that's what I long for."

Fourth Row

独: Assertive / Aloof

Classic kuudere, cool, distant and unapproachable on the surface, but scratch the surface and you'll find turbulent emotion beneath. Tomboyish and self-reliant. Denies affection, but becomes expressively passionate toward her lover.

"I-It's not that I'm captivated by things like small animals and schildren, particularly."
"Encounters are left to luck. ......No, well, maybe I should call it fate."

聡: Sensitive / Smart

A romantic who knows everything there is to know about romance from books. She's eager to have the real experience, and to feel what she feels when reading the passages derived from someone else's experience. Very literate and quick to pick up new knowledge, especially knowledge that supplements her understanding of the erotic. Becomes more self-deprecating the deeper in love she falls, as if she feels unworthy of the love she wants. Discussions about love and romance are more deeply personal for her and can win her heart.

"Lovers... Th-they're supposed to...hold hands, after all... Right?"
"Wh-what comes after a k-kiss is... It's..."

賢: Virtuous / Genuine

She tends to be attracted to serious people but other than that she's an ordinary girl.

"Strolling throught town is a nice change of pace."
"Don't forget, you belong to me, okay?"

理: Mature

Worldly wise, with an unflappable pleasant grace. Becomes motherly and supportive with affection.

"It is expected of you to find a lifetime partner. To not be worried about it is strange."
"Hey, don't touch me in any weird places. Ah...... oh you, such a mischievous little child."

怠: Lazy

She's...very economical with her energy. Her sudden and inexplicable spikes of motivation indicate she's holding back most of the time. Hedonistic, sensualist, but generous in sharing her pleasure with those who comfort her, emotionally, physically...and financially. She wants the easy life handed to her, so she's drawn to those with the potential to provide it, those with ranking on the leaderboards.

"I want to spend my days relaxing...... Can something still be done about that?"
"Since you know what you're doing, I can go take a break for a while."

Fifth Row

漢: Manly

Not a woman of words. If you can keep pace with her on at least one leaderboard, you'll have her respect. Hard massages would be appreciated; one of those would always improve her mood.

"Cute things don't really suit me."
"...Me, a wife... Ah, no, forget it."

曹: Cadet (requires pre-order bonus)

Sharply regimental, always alert to duty and seeks validation for her performance, even on things she knows she's good at. She'll consistently improve her abilities without positive reinforcement, but a little praise goes a long way. Very loyal friend and lover.

"Two people who have each other's back when they need it... Those are the ideal lovers!"
"I shall dedicate myself to you in both mind and body!"

慈: Caring (requires Append Set I)

A girl a little more mature. Becomes caring towards her lovers in a way few other personalities equals it.

"Nn... My, don't treat me like a child."
"Everything is going to be just fine. I'm here for you!"

軽: Carefree (requires Append Set II)

Chill and relaxed, with a childish expression.

"Alrighty, let's just get this done quick 'n easy, mkay~?"
"Weeell- We've made it this far, we might as well try out this whole happiness thing-"
  • uses the same poses and animations as "Playful"

Male Personality Types

優: Affectionate / Gentle

Introspective, modest, sensitive and considerate.

"Don't worry. If we work together, we can overcome anything."
"There's nothing bad about falling in love with someone. But there will be bad times too."

陽: Positive

Cheery and loud, hyperactive in activity and conversation, expresses emotions frankly and transparently, sometimes plagued with self-doubt.

"Man, it's been scorching hot lately... But y'know, this kinda weather fires me up even more!"
"Of course, I'd wanna stay by my loved one's side. Or, rather than being by their side, it's more, like, I want to support them?"

宅: Otaku

Gestures like a manga character in an attempt to win over other people.

"Fuhihii, lol, I ordered a bunch of Rin-chan goods yesterday, lol."
"Alright. I promise to never let you go until I die."
  • he will only move at a jogging pace than a running speed.

蛮: Rough / Savage

Man of tough action, doesn't much like words but getting him to join you in any activity will improve his opinion of you. Very turbulent moods, and cooling him down or cheering him up when he needs it helps your relationship a lot. Reading his moods is somewhat difficult until you know him; even when he looks like a coiled spring, he may be in a good mood.

"Everyone's always so noisy... Can't they just live in silence...?"
"Even I feel love like everyone else... Got a problem with that?"

策: Schemer (requires Append Set I)

Gestures and speaks politely while also hiding a mastermind behind, used to help his friends and hinder his rivals.

"Gathering information is key. How to best find your opponents' shortcomings..."
"If we're seen here like this, no doubt there will be some unpleasant rumors."

温: Warm (requires Append Set II)

Ever-friendly guy who is considerate for others' feelings. Very loyal friend and lover.

"I'm really grateful that I'll be able to spend today with you."
"I guess your whole way of thinking changes when you start falling in love, doesn't it?"
  • uses the same poses and animations as "Positive"