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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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  • Q: How do I give a character more than two traits?
    A: The unlocked maker can give anyone unlimited traits. This applies to sexual preferences too.
  • Q: Will this produce negative effects?
    A: Not at all. Of course, there's no point in giving a character conflicting traits.

Trait translations have been worked on by different translation teams, so like the personality names, the trait names will depend on the translation you use - the one provided by Hongfire and the one provided by /hgg/. Like the personality names, if it is not marked with a specific color it is the same in both translations.

"deaf" trait gives you this third option
Masochist characters can get positive results from insults
Trait Effects
Easygoing -easier to raise love points and chemistry
Loyal Friend / Affable -easier to raise friend points
Bad with Guys -less Like/Love points gained when interacting with guys

-accepts good rumors about guys harder

-will never interrupt or compete with guys

Bad with Girls -less Like/Love points gained when interacting with girls

-accepts good rumors about girls harder

-will never interrupt or compete with girls

Charming -positive modifier to relationship point only to the opposite gender

-NPCs will seek this character for interaction but are also more likely to interrupt conversations

Tsundere -decreases the chances of successful "let's...(e.g. study)" action
Courteous / Chivalrous -increases the chances of successful "let's...(e.g. study)" action

-positive modifier to relationship point only to the same gender

Groupie / Trendy -increases the chances of joining any group activities

-more likely to stalk/interact with the characters they love/like.

-more likely to ask to become lovers

-all LLDH(Love/Like/Dislike/Hate) ratings gained are doubled for this character

Obedient -easier to accept the the "encourage", "group", and "follow me" options

-increases the chance of accepting confess(=express love)

Optimistic / Positive -prone to positive moods

-bonus to cheering others up

-dates are more likely to be successful

-will never grumble

-unlikely to initiate negative acts(warn about cheating, insult, spread bad rumors etc)

Shy -harder to accept physical contact and public H action in the presence of other people

-will always run away when witnessing H

-less likely to ask someone on a date

Jealous -increased chances of interrupting conversation and H
Pessimistic / Melancholy / Hypersensitive -prone to depressed moods

-becomes depressed after witnessing a fight

Lewd / Perverted -prone to horny moods

-easier to raise chemistry

-increases the frequency and the success rate of lewd actions and topics

-more likely to masturbate when horny

-will never interrupt or run away when it witnesses H

Serious / Genuine -always present at school

-visits clubs regularly at least once in every session

-increased chances of interrupting H

-will never skip classes

-will not force exploitable characters even with the deceptive trait

Calm -more stable mood

-resistant to angry moods

-will almost never do anything (talk, interrupt, slap, etc.) unless balanced by other traits

Impulsive -easily changes moods, bad or good
Daydreamer / Absentminded / Naive -reduced movement speed

-will never be present before the homeroom class starts

-leaves the school early

-will never try to break up with a lover

-will never slap, insult or start a fight

-less Dislike/Hate gained

Violent -prone to angry moods

-twice more likely to start a fight with characters he or she hates

-increases chances of slapping

Passive -unlikely to initiate H conversation or actions and unlikely to confess
Meddlesome -more likely to offer massages and cheer up or calm down other characters
Class Prez -unlikely to take part in Teacher-student sex

-can get teachers fired if he or she catches them during H

-increases the frequency of "everyone, let's..." actions

-will always try to interrupt fights

Chatty -increases frequency of triggering conversation

-increased frequency of gossiping rumors, good or bad, but not their success rate

-chat interactions have 20% higher success rate

Always Hungry -can eat three times during one period

-talking about food has double success rate

-hungry NPCs tend to loiter in cafeteria

Passionate / Romantic -double success rate for discussing "Love"

-twice more likely to hug/kiss/confess/date their lovers

Faithful / Singleminded -always refuses hug/kiss/touch interactions until is in a relationship

-will never accept more than one lover regardless of their virtue

-will always choose their lover when competition occurs

-never warn about cheating

Indecisive -unlikely to choose someone when two characters compete

-will not ask to become lovers with anyone

Competitive -more likely to compete when interrupting
Deceptive / Scheming -increases the chances of spreading successful bad rumors

-very likely to call people from adjacent rooms when it sees a fight, a H scene or someone in a gender-restricted room

-NPCs with this trait can force exploitable characters

Diligent -visits the library regularly at least once in every session

-increases the success rate of accepting "Let's study".

Cuts Class / Wild -increases the chances of accepting to skip the class

-may invite you to skip the class

-may invite you to have sex in the infirmary

-greatly increases favorability to those who skip with them

Masochist -insults increase the relationship points but may still fail

-successful forced interactions increase love points

Sweaty -body becomes noticeably shiny

-increased chances of visiting the shower room or the pool

Evil -will never break up with, or permit a break up from, any lover

-will attempt to kill their lovers if favorability drops low enough to break up (see Events Section for details)

-will attempt to kill anyone they witnessed having sex with their lover

-can force sex on the player

-will almost never stop from continuing a H scene if seen

Deaf -has the extra option "Huh?!" when asked something that has same effect as "No" but with lower decrease on relationship
Exploitable -can be forced by anyone

-such a character has 999% to follow the forcing character, and 150% to accept forced sex on the spot, though grudgingly

Asexual -decreased success rate of ero topic conversation and ero gains from physical contact decreased

-girls will never get pregnant nor will have any pregnancy-related dialogue, not even on risky days (but not if you force every day to be risky)

Lucky -increased chances of "coping a feel" during massage

-has a chance of escaping murder or getting away after killing someone

  • If both characters have this trait then the victim dies and the murderer gets arrested as usual