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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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This page describes how to make a custom character card, aka. "snowflaking". The below was made by Hurahara and copied from here.


  • For best results, go with normal body type. Thin and fat can get clippy.
  • Don't worry, you can edit the actual character back to normal later.
  • And remember to backup your .pp files!

How To

Programs needed: AA2Decrypt and ReiEditAA2.

After having made a character and dressed her up, save the game. Now open ReiEdit (A save editor) and export the card. Name it def01.png (female) or def00.png (male). This exported card now has the clothing data saved into it, but it still looks like the one you originally made.

Now go to your AA2Edit (Or maker, whatever you called it. The one with the character creator in it) data folder and look for jg2e01_00_00.pp and jg2e06_00_00.pp 01 is used for the characters while 06 is for the backgrounds. Let's start with the characters.

Drag jg2e01_00_00.pp onto AA2Decrypt.exe, it'll extract the contents into a folder. Put your renamed character card (def01 / def 00) in the folder, overwriting the old one. Now drag the folder on AA2Decrypt.exe again to turn it back into a .pp file.

If you load up your maker now and generate a new character, your clothed character should now appear in the maker instead of the default aa2 one. Don't click anything else, as that'll turn her naked again and so the card will be naked too. Just put in a filename and save while she's wearing clothing.

Now you've got a clothed character card! Yes, you'll have to do the whole process again for a different character.

But now you want to have a different background too.

Drag jg2e06_00_00.pp onto AA2Decrypter and go into the folder it gives. The sp_04_01##.bmp files are the card backgrounds, sp_04_03_##.bmp are the backgrounds in the school roster. Open them in photoshop or something, make your new background and save over it.

00 / Red = Hetero 01 / Orange = Leans Hetero 02 / Purple = Bisexual 03 / Green = Leans Homo 04 / Blue = Homo 05 / Rainbow = ..Rainbow.

If you don't care about the school roster backgrounds, you can add extra backgrounds for 6 to 9 and force them with the Unlocked Maker by pressing the corresponding number while clicking save. That'll only give the card a custom BG, but keeps the sexual orientation color as their roster BG.

If you don't want the border, personality etc on the card (Like most snowflakes), delete everything except the backgrounds and the maker background (the room).

Moving on..

So now that you made your new backgrounds, drag the jg2e06_00_00 folder onto AA2Decrypter to re-archive.

Now when saving a character in the maker, it'll have the custom background.

You can do different poses too by editing some files, check the wiki for that. I just keep it at basics, maybe give the card temporarily the pose of a different personality.

So now you got your snowflaked card. The appearance is done! Load the card up in the game, save and open the savefile in ReiEdit again. Now you can edit the character without it affecting the card's image. Turn the body slim again, change personality, traits etc. Once done, one more final card export and you can upload it to the internet for everyone to add.