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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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  • Q: How do I know whether it's the girl's safe day or not?
    A: You only get the lines of dialogue indicating safe or unsafe days if you initiate sex in a public place. The alternatives to that are to refrain from cumming inside during vaginal penetration, test H with the girl for risk in the morning and reload, or use a save editor to view the character's full safe and risk days.
  • Q: Can this happen if I am the girl?
    A: No, only NPC girls can be impregnated.

Pregnancy Cycle

Each female character has hidden a cycle of dangerous and safe days (no risk of pregnancy) randomly generated on character creation. This cycle is always 14 days long, but it varies from girl to girl. The cycle will always have 4 high-risk days and 4 low-risk days separated by at least one safe day, with other safe days being present.

Here's an example of pregnancy cycle as seen through a save editor:

AA2 Pregnancy Risk.jpg

Impregnation risk is calculated at the start of every week and depends on how many times did a male character cum inside during risky days. It should be noted that girls with the "asexual" trait will never get pregnant nor will have any pregnancy-related dialogue.

Since patch v7 the pregnancy risk can be increased or even eliminated from the configuration menu.

Dangerous Days

Being warned that it's a risky day

When trying to initiate intercourse outside of a safe zone, girls will make remarks about it being a risky day:

  • Normal/High/Highest virtue girls with low intimacy will refuse sex.
  • Normal/High/Highest virtue girls with high intimacy will make you wear a condom when initiating sex.
  • Low/Lowest virtue girls will accept raw sex but will warn you to cum outside.

When entering a safe zone (Love Hotel, Machine Room, Home, etc.), there will be no extra dialogue to indicate that it is as risky day. Girls with Normal/High/Highest virtue with low intimacy won't follow you into safe zones. The exception is the "Let's Study at home" activity which is inviting to home and this will initiate raw sex.

During the male Intercourse orgasm.jpg positions the girl will have different dialogue prior to coming, like "No, don't cum inside. Today is...".

When coming inside during intercourse, the girl will make a remark about a possible pregnancy afterwards.

Low risk days

When trying to initiate intercourse outside of a safe zone, girls will make remarks about it being a risky day:

  • Normal/High/Highest virtue girls with low intimacy may avoid sex with ambiguous tone.
  • All girls with high intimacy will accept raw sex with a bit of hesitating; "it might be dangerous but... never mind."

Pregnancy Ending

A girl will get pregnant if you cum inside too many times during high risk days. The requirements are to cum 10 times during consensual H or 5 times during forced H within the course of a week.

If a girl is impregnated and she still loves you, she will excitedly reveal you this during the next Monday, which results in the game ending.

If the girl no longer loves you then the game will end the next Monday with your expulsion from the school. The pregnant girl can then be transferred out of the class in order to keep on playing (see the Condom Section for contraceptive guidelines).

If the girl has had more than one man impregnate her (either willingly or forced) she will simply be transferred out and there will be no consequences for the men.