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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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the three choices

Things to know about Training

What affects Intelligence(Wisdom) and Strength?

Almost every time you get the prompt with three choices:

  • Work Hard!
  • Work Normally!
  • Work Quick!

This includes mandatory lessons, club time, voluntary club practice/exercise/study (Not massages)

Every mandatory prompt you get over the course of the day (homeroom lesson, sports class and club time) count as you working by yourself, so the mitigating effects of "Everyone!" and working with a partner do NOT apply.

These prompts can offer three different successes and failures, indicated by flavor texts and chimes:

  • Work Hard!
    • Great success
    • Great failure
  • Work Normally!
    • Small, medium or great success
    • Small or medium failure
  • Work Quick!
    • Small or medium success
    • Small failure

How are Intelligence and Strength affected?

As stated above, the three choice prompt influences your Intelligence and Strength. Both those stats range from 0 to 999 in the code.

With one exception, all situations causing the prompt to appear will fall in one of two categories: Study and Exercise.

Either of those can be simply accessed by visiting the Running tracks for Exercise or the Library for Study.

The following prompts fall under the category Study:

  • Lesson in Classroom
  • Club time in Japanese Room
  • Club time in Music Room

The remaining obviously fall into the Exercise category:

  • Lessons outdoors
  • Club time in Dojo
  • Club time in Gym
  • Club time outdoors

Finally, here is how Study and Exercise affect Intelligence and Strength respectively:


  • Work Hard!
    • (Less Favorable) -4 Intelligence
    • (More Favorable) +6 Intelligence
  • Work Normally!
    • (Less Favorable) +2 Intelligence
    • (More Favorable) +4 Intelligence

ALL results give -2 to Strength.

The reverse of this applies to Exercise.


  • Work Hard!
    • (Less Favorable) -4 Strength
    • (More Favorable) +6 Strength
  • Work Normally!
    • (Less Favorable) +2 Strength
    • (More Favorable) +4 Strength.

ALL results give -2 to Intelligence.

The exception:

The multipurpose club type, which is performed in the multipurpose room, has a slightly different logic.

All 4 possible results affect both Strength and Wisdom by the same amount.

  • Work Hard!
    • (Less Favorable) -1 both
    • (More Favorable) +2 both
  • Work Normally!
    • (Less Favorable) +/- 0 both
    • (More Favorable) +1 both

Gameplay Tips

NEVER EVER choose Work Hard! when doing things without a partner or a group. Assuming the estimate split mentioned above, choosing Work Hard! for studying 100 times will give you -30 Wisdom and -200 Strength. However, choosing Work Normally! will results in +274 Wisdom and -200 Strength.

Once you've reached the maximum of 999 points in both, it might be wise to switch to the Multipurpose Club.jpg Club, as it makes keeping the balance easier. -2 for each stat are forced onto you once a day, twice for one if you're in any other club than the Multipurpose Club.jpg one. At 999 each, you'll take -2 strength during the first lesson but you WILL be able to remedy it during the second lesson (since working normally yields at least +2 points). Then Study kind of club time will remedy the Wisdom with a +2, but -2 your strength again, basically swinging the balance back and forth. Having an Exercise based club will further imbalance your stats, keeping Strength at 999 but lowering Wisdom to at least 995.

Being in the Multipurpose Club.jpg club will ensure that the imbalance at the end of the day is at most +/-2, at best +/-1, and if you do another round of club activity right after, you need just a single favorable result to be back at 999 for the rest of the evening and next morning.

Working with a partner or in a group completely removes the possibility for a less favorable result when working hard. As a result, it is safe to always pick Work Hard! when not working alone. (This obviously does not apply to lessons and mandatory club time.)

Random Test Results

Similar to study and practice, there are four results you can get from your exams which increases or decreases your grade. Strength and Intelligence are crucial to exams, but the test results are also affected by randomness. This can be checked by the messages during the test. You won't get top grade under negative effect such as "you couldn't solve...", "you didn't failed but..." even if your Intelligence is maxed out. The same goes for NPCs; high intelligent students can also get poorer grades. If you're not satisfied with the result, loading pretest savegame can be a valid choice.