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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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  • Q: Why can't I have sex with a character I'm going out with?!?
    A: This could be for a number of reasons depending on the trait and virtues. But some things to keep in mind are that the virtue level exponentially increases the difficulty to initiate sex for the first time. Also if the character is a teacher, it increases the difficulty to initiate sex for the first time. Finally, if the character is a virgin, it increases the difficulty to initiate sex the first time. Keep this is mind when making characters.
  • Q: How can I initiate sex the first time if my character is like that???
    A: If he/she is your lover then you can coerce them into having sex, and that will get rid of their virginity, removing some of the difficulty. Also, taking them to the love hotel for sex seems to have a better chance of success than asking them to do it at the school. If you can't have non consensual sex with the character than try having sex with another character that likes you and getting caught in the act. This will lead to the 2 characters asking you to choose between them. Then, choose the character who you have been trying to initiate sex with. This should lead to an immediate H-scene between you and that character. Other than that, it is just going take a lot of time with that character before they'll let you have sex with them or they'll initiate the sex themselves.
  • Q: How do I know if I am being brought to a private room or a public room?
    A: If a character wants to bring you to a private room, they will blush. If they aren't blushing, it's a public room.
  • Q: What things to avoid being hated by other love interests?
    A: Being caught flirting (Praise, Love Conversation, etc. with the condition that the love interest is looking at you) with other girls will also negatively affect the relationship with your love interest. Interrupting Love conversations will also increase hate points with the interrupted towards the person who interrupts. (If they have "Love Rivals" Status, there won't be any hate)

Basic Advice for Successful Interactions

For those who are having trouble with character interactions (racking up a lot of 0% and making classmates angry):

  • Initiate conversations using friendly topics. Failing won't decrease the NPC's opinion of you so just try another one with better chance.
  • Be cautious, repeating the same topic over three times will end by boring the NPC.
  • Combine your interactions. Using the same interaction twice in a row will result in decreased success rate for the second.
  • Praise is a fail-safe option unless the NPC hates you, improving favorability even if it fails (as long as the success chance was above 0%) and offering a decent chance to lift the mood into Happy or Blush, depending on the NPC's opinion of you. However, it costs a lot of time, skipping a noticeably bigger part of a period than most other interactions.
  • If the NPC's sad or angry use "Encourage" or "Calm" to resolve the problem.
  • "Encourage" and "Calm" are also good ways to gain favorability. Use it whenever you find the NPC in a bad mood.

Basic Guide On How To Succeed In Relationships

Having a full-hetero female or male means it will be hard to increase like with, while love progress is more effective. A bisexual person's love and like increase is balanced, while a full homosexual person will get you "friendzoned" if you are the opposite gender. Lean hetero will more likely be harder to increase love. You will end up in a one-sided love if you are being too aggressive. Always keep in mind what kind of sexual orientation your target is.

Mutual Relationship

Relationship is like playing catch ball. You can repeat one-way action but you can also induce their reactions to build it more mutual and effective.

  • Use the advantage of interactions from NPC to PC. You can always get the best result from it as long as you choose a right answer.
  • Give NPCs a time after your action is finished. If NPC is about to leave, hold them and take your turn.


Mood is a key point in interactions. If the NPC is in a bad mood, it's best to resolve that issue before trying to get them Happy, Blushing or Horny. A Happy mood grants better success chances to most interactions and makes it easier to transition into Blush or Horny.

  • Critical success (big horn sound) in interactions has higher a chance of changing the mood into desired stage. ex) normal -> happy, happy -> blush or horny
  • BGM reflects overall atmosphere in your area, resulted from the mood of every present NPC.

Reading the Room

Aside from the immersion effect, the overall mood reflected by the BGM affects success chances of certain interactions. The effects that have been observed so far are:

  • Tense/Jealous/Angry: x50% multiplier on the success chance of all Contact interactions.
  • Blush: x120% multiplier on the success chance of all Contact interactions.
  • Horny: x150% multiplier on the success chance of Erotic talk and all Contact interactions.

These multipliers are applied on top of those invoked by the personal mood of the specific NPC you're talking to. For instance, if the NPC themself is in the Blush mood, but the BGM is that for the Tense mood, the success rate for, for instance, Caress will be (150% from Blush x 50% from Tense BGM) 75% that of the base rate. As a result, it is rather important to account for atmosphere when interacting with someone, and it's even worth it to lead someone away from the location they were in if the overall mood shows no signs of changing. If you are alone in a location with an NPC that's Blushing or Horny, the music will change accordingly sooner rather than later, providing you buffs to success rates of important interactions.
It's important to note that when the overall mood changes, the music gradually fades from one track to the other. The exact moment the mood multipliers from the music apply is when the previous soundtrack begins fading out, so it's better to wait until you can hear the next soundtrack to decide your course of action.
Disabling the background music in the ingame settings does not nullify the effect of the overall mood on the interactions.

The Way of Flirt

The increase of points is mostly affected by sexual orientation (ex: NPC is a lean-homo girl and the PC is a hetero man. The increase of the girl's Love points for the guy will be visibly lower than that of Like, while the guy will only develop Love for the girl at a normal rate).

It is easier to make best friends with heterosexuals of the same gender than of the different gender. Bisexual has the most balanced love/like increase in the game. You can easily get them as your best friend or lover.

  • Conversation is the basic way to build the points. Have Some Fun, Go To Eat, Go To Karaoke build much faster but have lower chances of success.
  • If NPC has built enough love points toward PC, his/her mood may change into "Blush" when Love conversation is successfully made.
  • At this stage, Erotic topic will be more successful and may put the NPC into a Horny mood, unless the character happens to have an Asexual trait. Also, the base chance of success of Erotic talk goes down as the NPC's virtue goes up. Take into account as well, that Horny is the only mood that increases the success chance of Erotic talk; Blush will decrease it.
  • Caress, Hug, Kiss are high risk, high reward options. They will damage the relationship on failure without enough intimacy and their base success rates are very low without the increase from accumulated Love, so save those headpats until the NPC has at least a moderate level of Love for the PC. However, once the necessary Love levels have been reached, Caress becomes instrumental in progressing the relationship. Hug, Kiss and Touch are best saved for both sufficient intimacy and when the NPC is in the Horny mood. Once you learn the success rate correlations between different interactions, you can use Caress, Hug, Kiss and Touch to great effect.
  • Characters with Faithful/Singleminded trait refuse Close Contacts other than Caress with non-lovers.

What Makes Flirting Difficult

  • Incompatible orientation. Even Lean Homo (for different genders of PC and NPC) or Lean Hetero (otherwise) characters are considerably more difficult to romance than Bisexual characters or those of a more compatible orientation and require a special effort to bed on top of that presented by other factors, such as virtue. NPCs of a purely incompatible orientation with the PC are completely impossible to romance.
  • Low sociability decreases success chances on most interactions. There's no qualitative difficulty increase with this, it just forces you to spend more time getting the NPC to open up to you, and possibly compensating more penalties from failed Love talk and whatnot; Lowest sociability NPCs that barely know the PC, even in the Happy mood, still have rather low success chances even on Talk interactions, which includes Love.
  • Bad With (whatever gender the PC is) trait. Same thing here as with low sociability, but instead of lowered success chances, it halves the Like and Love point gain for successful interactions. This is still a lesser evil than low sociability because it doesn't damage the consistency of your romantic progress with said NPC, it just makes it half as fast.
  • High virtue makes it increasingly difficult to get the NPC into the Horny mood, be it through Erotic talk or other means. Highest virtue NPCs will have low base success rates on Erotic talk even at a maxed Love level. High and Highest virtue NPCs run away from any erotic scene, preventing you from casually romancing them while there are three couples having sex nearby, making this mechanic more difficult to exploit. Usually, this isn't as much as an increase in romancing difficulty as it is in time it will take to do so, limiting you to more conservative options such as Love talk and relying on the Blush mood instead of Horny, unless there are also certain traits at play (see below).
  • Faithful/Singleminded NPCs lock you out of close contact interactions until you're lovers. This slows you down on the last leg of your effort to win them over, but as a reward, if you're the first to claim them, you have a lover who won't let anyone else as much as hug them until you break up (if the NPC is also Exploitable, Deceptive/Scheming NPCs still may or may not be able to force them into sex anyway).
  • Violent or Pessimistic/Melancholy traits. They cause the NPC to enter unfavorable moods more often, making romance more difficult through decreased success chances and making it more difficult to put them in a mood that's more beneficial for romantic progress. Trying to talk them out of bad mood is not an assured success until you're already on better terms.
  • A class that doesn't get along overall will make it less likely that the NPC you're trying to score with will happen to be in the Blush or Horny mood without your prior input, and more likely that they will be in a bad mood, slowing your progress down. Also, a "bad" class is prone to "poison" locations with bad overall mood and atmosphere, decreasing your success chances at romantic interactions further.
  • The Loyal Friend/Affable trait is a curse in disguise depending on the sexual orientation of the NPC you're trying to romance. It doubles the amount of Like points the NPC gets from interacting with others, possibly rendering the usual romance algorithms unusable because the Love/Like/Dislike/Hate point distribution will be skewed in the "Like" direction, causing even Bisexual characters to friendzone you rather quickly. This has no effect on NPCs whose orientation prevents them from getting Like points for the PC in the first place and is manageable if their orientation halves the Like point gain (for instance, if the NPC is a different gender from the PC and is Lean Hetero). Bisexual NPCs is where it gets difficult. You have to focus on getting the NPC into the Blush or Horny mood and try to perform most interactions while they're hot and bothered to reap the most of the doubled Love point gain associated with the Blush and Horny moods. Limit the interactions that make the NPC gain Like points as much as possible. Exploit every opportunity to make the NPC Horny without spending attempts at Erotic talk (as you're limited to 3 per period), such as a nearby orgy. NPCs who have an orientation partially incompatible with the PC (such as Lean Homo with different genders) are nearly impossible to romance with Loyal Friend/Affable due to the Like point gain being 4 times as fast as the Love point gain. Limiting all interaction to Erotic talk is extremely slow, but may be the only option that is sure to eventually net you enough Love points to successfully romance them. Their orientation will make it very difficult for the PC to achieve and maintain Horny mood on the NPC, and even if successful, they will still refuse sex, except for specific circumstances. Adding higher levels of Virtue on top of that makes it even more difficult by slashing success chances at the very interactions and mechanics that are the silver lining to romancing Loyal Friend/Affable NPCs.

What Is Confess And How It Works

The name Confess can be easily mistaken; it works quite different from Ask To Be Lovers. Confess is an action of showing your affection to the NPC. It is the best way to check NPC's feelings over you, better than using Jizou Statue which often deludes you to mistakes (unless you're familiar with the game's mechanics and know the exact meaning of the statuses it displays). Overall, this is not too useful of an option, given the sheer amount of remaining period time it consumes.

  • Vague answers mean he/she is not love in you no matter what Jizou Statue displays.
  • If the reaction is mutual, "I like you too!", this is the sign of he/she is in love with you.
  • NPCs also make confessions to PC and other NPCs but this is not always a reliable source, especially if rumored by a third person.

Jizou Statue

Jizou Statue (or Buddhist Statue) which is located at the back of the Kendo/Martial Arts Club will provide you with information about how are others thinking about you or NPCs. The Statue will display a randomly chosen status out of a maximum of 4 that can be held by one person toward the other at a time. It is recommended to check the status multiple times to get the really big picture about someone's feelings for others, including you.

Steps toward love: (to heterosexual female NPC by heterosexual male PC or vice versa)

  • Don't know, is the initial status if you starting interaction for the first time. This could also indicate that the person has a little hate towards you. Try Grumble or doing mild conversations more with person until it changes to another status. Remember to use Praise after each time period (Class, Lessons, etc.) or after each meaningfully deep conversations to get them to love you, just remember DO NOT REPEAT ANY ACTIONS MORE THAN 3 TIMES (This includes Praise). Each Period gives you a maximum of 3 times on each actions you do.
  • I'm Curious, after successfully get a person to like you, this status will appear, often in which a person loves you a bit or more (you flirt them to much) but not having a greater like towards you, you can erase this status just by talking to them daily, do normal conversations.
  • I Think I like them, don't confess or ask to be lovers at this point, this is more likely 25-50% love, you will likely get vague answer.
  • Overflowing Love, usually from 'I Think I like them', it jumps into this status, this is the safest and accurate time to confess your feelings. If relationship is at this stage and they don't have a lover then they will always accept to become your lover if you ask them.
  • Hate But Love, an annoying status, if grumble does not work, use praise and casual conversations often to erase this status.
  • Really Pisses Me Off, if you get this status it's because you reject the character so much as they start to get angry about you, there is no hate, they just pissed off you reject them so much. Neutralize this with calm (if it did not have 0% effectiveness), if not, try to accept their actions toward you onward, or approach them by conversations.

More Tips: Take care not to repeat conversations more than 3 times as that will decrease love on the person you want and increase hate on both side. Use Calm if he/she angry, or grumble if he/she shows disinterest toward you to neutralize this, which give you another tiring time to get him/her to like you again. Load up the savegame again if you think you messed up so bad.

Gauging the NPC's favorability without the Jizou statue

If you know what and how influences the success rates of certain interactions at any given moment, you can quickly gauge the base success rates for all interactions that depend on factors specific to this NPC. From there, you can observe how, as you build your relationship, these base rates increase, and this increase is the most reliable way to approximate the amount of Like/Love points this NPC has for the PC as the success rates for various interactions are directly tied to Like, Love, Dislike and Hate. Once you max out Like or Love with a character, their dialogue upon approaching them will change, with different dialogue for maxed Like and Love. Once you see the NPC get visibly lovey-dovey with you (the exact reaction depends highly on the specific NPC's personality) when you approach them, that's the cue to ask them to be lovers (optionally, you can Confess beforehand just to be sure), or just try to bed them if they're in the right mood and their virtue allows. Once you get a feel for the typical relationship progress in Artificial Academy 2, you'll easily go from strangers to star-crossed lovers with pretty much any NPC without turning to the Jizou statue once.

Quick Guide on Making a Pervert Character

To make a pervert character who can have sex from the first day, give a character the lowest virtue, the Lewd/Perverted trait and either Passionate/Romantic or Easygoing. Higher sociability makes it easier to interact at the cost of frequent interruptions.

In the game, use Love and Ero topic to increase Love points and Horniness. The success chance for sex even as the first interaction ever is 80% already and the Horny mood will triple it. They can be got on sex as Sex Friends without the requirement of being lovers but H compatibility will diminish by time unless you maintain it by more sex. Lover relationship prevents losing H compatibility but they will still seek other NPCs to meet their needs. They are perverts after all.

Making a healthy love triangle or harem

If you want to have a love triangle or a harem where nobody feels cheated then you have to get everyone to be lovers. Use "Try to get along with" and "I have a good rumor" option on characters that are conflicting. It is very useful to use "Praise" to put them into a happy mood as this not only helps the various characters get on with each other but it also increases the chances of successfully telling them good rumors about each other.

Remember that High virtue characters are reluctant to form multiple romantic relationships and characters with Highest virtue won't allow it unless the player controls them manually.

Breaking Up The Relationship

Ending the relationship may be more difficult than simply clicking 'Let's break up'. The success rate of this depends as much on your own character's feelings as the other character's; if your love is still high, the other character won't believe you mean it. Spamming this option will gradually grind down both character's favorability toward each other, but will also ensure lingering hatred.

  • Breaking up the quick and nasty way
    • ignore your lover in every way other than to attempt breaking up. Engage other characters in a way that shows interest, so your lover will interrupt. Flirting with another will decrease their love for you, and the interrupt will decrease your love for the character. Getting the Cheater flag by hugging/kissing/groping/H in front of your lover will speed this up, not only decreasing love for the event, but your lover will check up on you more often, making them more likely to interrupt. The Cheater status also makes them more likely to offer public affection, which you can reject.
  • Breaking up gracefully
    • If the character's Virtue is low, you may try to acquire the Cheater status to see if they'll take another lover, who they would seek out for affection rather than you. If Like is still high when Love has diminished enough, then Encouraging the character after breaking up with them will keep your acquaintance friendly. You may be able to make a Sex Friend of them. This method best preserves your popularity score.

How To Recover From Being Hated

As Hate points reach the considerable level, interactions with NPC may not be possible due to low success rate.

  • Influence button.jpgGrumble can be used to fix this problem. It soothes the character's feeling toward you, and is repeatable multiple times. Repeat Grumble until success rate gets into viable stage.
  • Use Praise and Talk to build up the relationship. The method is simple but may take many repetitions to fully recover. High popularity will also help the process.
  • If a character is on good terms with both of you then you can ask him/her for help with getting along with the NPC.
  • Not interacting with the NPC that hates you will eventually replace the Hate points with Dislike points, but it's a slow process.

Escaping murder

If there's another NPC targeted for murder aside from you then you can hide in the bathroom opposite of the Evil NPC's gender and the said NPC will kill its other target, getting caught in the process unless it has the "Lucky" trait.

If possible, you can also have H in a secret place while the Evil NPC kills its other target.

Table of H-caught reactions

Here are the different probabilities of a character's reaction based on his personnality and virtue.

Line # Continue Stop Stop (run away)
1 General rate 3 3 5
2 Easygoing 5 1 1
3 Affable 1 1 1
4 Bad with guys 1 1 1
15 Perverted 5 1 1
16 Serious 1 1 5
23 Class Prez 1 5 5
30 Deceptive 10 5 1
32 Wild 5 1 1
33 Masoschist 100 1 1
35 Evil 999 1 1
50 Lowest virtue 999 0 0
51 Low virtue 100 10 0
52 Normal virtue 1 1 1
53 High virtue 0.1 1 1
54 Highest virtue 0.01 0 1

Conversation effects

30 LLDH points here = 1 LLDH point on the Favorability Rating.
Data given below doesn't take trait effects into account. For example, "deep and meaningful" conversation about daily life with a character with a Loyal Friend / Affable trait will raise 40 Like points instead of 20.

Talk LLDH effects.png