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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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  • Q: I checked the 999% success rate box in the configuration screen but I get 0% instead.
    A: It multiplies the number so the output will be fixed to 0% when the input is 0%. You need at least 1% rate to succeed interactions. AA2Play JS-Frontier might be recommendable since it has same 999% function but without this problem.

Official Cheats

In Game Cheats

additional functions(page 2)
Official patches have added the dozens of customizable options to "additional" pages in configuration screen. These options are added to provide a more sandbox game and can be used to bypass the normal procedures and make the game easier. Note that any of these options will take effect immediately, even in the middle of the game.

Update v6 added the option to increase the movement speed of the PC and/or the NPCs. It also added the ability to change the duration of time period; this can be used to reset the timer by toggle on and off in the worldspace.

Update v7 added the options to adjust the pregnancy risk and condom uses in H scenes (even inside safe zones).

Update v8 added the options to disable NPC's interruption behaviors.

Update v9 added the options to determine the NPC behavior by disabling specific actions.

Update v10 added the options to increase or decrease the ratio of gaining Love/Like and/or Hate/Dislike points. It also focused on adding cheats like:

  • 999% NPC response to PC interactions
  • Fix everyone to horny mood
  • Maximize training bonus for PC (also makes every conversation deep and every massage will "cop a feel")
  • Skip H Scenes

Rainbow Cards

A rainbow character

Rainbow Cards are normally only given 1% of the time you save a character, but can be given to anyone with the unlocked maker. The game considers these characters "main characters" and will give them the following bonuses:

  • double movement speed
  • boost to relationship building (love/friendship)
  • faster stat growth.

You can see a rainbow character's sexual orientation by looking at the class roster. Those small images will always have their background reflect their orientation.

Warning: The Rainbow Card will be lost if you save the character again with the normal maker.

Modified Launchers

JS-Frontier launchers provide shortcut cheats which are accessible in the middle of the play. They are convenient but may conflict with wrong game version or modded launchers, therefore, need more caution when install/updating. Both JS-Frontier launchers are integrated into HF patch.

AA2Play JS-Frontier

1. Geass

  • Holding Right-Click + while selecting any interaction will automatically succeed by 999% chance.
  • Holding Right-Click + left click on private places during "Follow Me" interaction will prevent NPC's rejection.

2. Portable Jizou

  • Hold Right-Click while opening the Class Roster will open Jizou Statue screen.

3. Time Period Skip

  • Holding down the following hotkeys while clicking the Chime button will skip to a certain period.
    • F6 for noon
    • F7 for afternoon
    • F8 for evening
    • F10 for night time bedroom

4. Portable player switch

  • Hold Space while opening the Class Roster will allow you to instantly change your PC.
    • This option will induce graphical glitches until you go to another map area, and it will sometimes freeze the game. It is best done right when a class breaks. If you do much of this it is a good idea to save the game just before you switch (see below).

Quicksave Trick

You can use the following trick to quicksave your game at any point:

  1. hold F10 + Chime button to switch to the night time bedroom
  2. save your game
  3. hold F6-F8 + Chime(Sleep) button to switch back to the previous time period

AA2Edit JS-Frontier

unlocked traits/preferences/letter limit

This modified launcher unlocks limits on sliders, letter, traits and sexual preference. It also supports shortcuts:

1. Force Rainbow Card

  • Holding Right-Click + left click on save button will force Rainbow treatment to the character.

2. Force Background Image

  • Holding numeric keys 0-9 + left click on save button will force background images.
  • This does not affect character's attributes.
    • 0 red
    • 1 yellow
    • 2 purple
    • 3 green
    • 4 blue
    • 5 rainbow
    • 6-9 custom background
      • To use this option, you must decrypt and insert images on jg2e06_00_00.pp, under sp_04_01_0x.bmp form.

Save Editors

Each game editor is distinct from other but the basic functions are alike. They allow you to edit the following:

1. Class Features This gives you an overview of current class status. You can also modify the day and the day of the week, and club names which might be the crucial.

2. Character Features This includes Character Appearance, Pregnancy Cycle, Virtue, Traits, Sexual Preference, School Activities and et cetera.

3. Character Relationships This is the most variable point. All editors give you an access modifying H Compatibility, Favorability Points, Lovers status among NPCs and et cetera. JG2Importer provides friendly user interface that you can be easily edit by simple mouse clicks. JG2ChaData and ReiEditAA2 have complicated lines structure that you must input numbers and browse selection windows.

4. Character Import & Export This might be the strongest part. First, it allows you to import characters into vacant slots. Second, you can exchange characters without resetting personal status. Lastly, you can export the character with clothes data. In other words, you can save clothes setting of the character using export.

Quick Overview On Editors

JG2ChrData, translated by ilaem, is the oldest AA2 Editor. It supports all the basic features but the structure is line-based and not very user-friendly.

ReiEditAA2, created by usagirei, is an english editor and it features everything in JG2ChrData with better interface. It is also included in the HF patch.

JG2Importer supports the most advanced relationship edit with simple structure. But the translated versionby Wong2005 is missing several great features updated in the latest versions.

JG2Chrdata alt text
ReiEditAA2 alt text
JG2Importer alt text