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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Interactions affect and are affected by the other character's mood. These moods affect both the interactions' success rate and their results and can be identified when initiating dialogue. The only exception is the blush mood. A character that is in that mood will only reveal this to characters who he/she loves.

The BGM is determined by the mood of most of the NPCs in your area.

Mood BGM Condition Effects Associated trait
Normal Normal
start of the time period none none
Happiness Friendship
successful friendly interactions increased success rate and maximum Like gain from other interactions Optimistic / Positive
Blush Happiness/Love
successful conversation about love, receiving a hug or a kiss or accepting the NPC's confession increased success rate and maximum Love gain from other interactions and increased chances of initiating "Hug" and "Kiss" interactions
  • reduced movement speed
Passionate / Romantic
Calm Tranquil
taking a break or receiving a massage decreased success rate for Lecture button.jpg interactions and increased maximum Like gain from other interactions
  • won't fight
  • reduced movement speed
Daydreamer / Absentminded
Horny Erotic
being touched or successful conversation about sex or after witnessing H or contact decreased success rate for Lecture button.jpg interactions and double chances of initiating and accepting Contact button.jpg interactions
  • Low/Lowest virtue characters may go somewhere and masturbate
  • will have H when successfully invited to study together at home
Lewd / Perverted
Anger Suspicious
bully interactions or failed interactions decreased success rate and increased maximum Hate gain from other interactions Violent
Sadness Sadness
refused confession or H or failed interactions decreased interaction success rate and is less likely to interact at all
  • won't fight
  • reduced movement speed
Pessimistic / Melancholy
Tension Tension
successful Lecture button.jpg interactions increased success rate for "Study together/Sports/Club activity" and Lecture button.jpg interactions none
Jealousy Suspicious
Cheater! status increased chances of interrupting and competing as well as showing spontaneous physical affection and (for lower virtues) even proposition public sex none
Hurt Suspicious
losing a fight or getting slapped the character crouches in pain, unable to move or act for a few seconds none
Unforgivable! Suspicious
Unforgivable! status all interactions fail with 0% until apologizing none

Aside from the aforementioned conditions, a character's mood can also change randomly to the one associated with his/her traits.

The frequency of the mood changes is reduced by the "Calm" trait and increased by the "Impulsive" trait.

For the exact success rate modifiers see this section