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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Hearts when moving the mouse.
  • Q: What do those hearts mean when you move the cursor around?
    A: Hearts are shown whenever a characters sexual preference is met which is chosen in the maker. Blue hearts indicate that your character likes that position and red hearts indicate that your partner likes that position. Blue and red hearts mean both characters like that position. The color of the hearts is not related to male of female.
  • Q: My girlfriend/boyfriend refuses to have sex with me?
    A: This is common if they are either virgin or highest virtrue. You must have your first H in a private place. If you are in a relationship you can also use "Force" to initiate sex.
  • Q: My partner has ended the sex scene after switching to another position?
    A: If your partner is a virgin, she/he might want to take things slow. Most of the times it requires some mutual foreplay before, which is only available after you improve your H-compatibility a little. Don't get mad if your partner ends the scene here. Try again the next day.
  • Q: How do I end a sex scene? I can't click the button?
    A: The button becomes available after your partner has finished her/his orgasm.
  • Q: How can I make my partner cum?
    A: There's no 'real' climax like in AA1. You must start by selecting one of the blue positions. Once animation starts, you'll see red buttons with a sparkling texture. These animations will trigger an orgasm. After finishing orgasm, you can either select another climax-pose or one penetration-pose.
  • Q: How does forced sex work? I always get 0%.
    A: To be able to force someone to have sex, your target must a) have the "Weak/Blackmailable/Exploitable" trait or b) be in a lover relationship with your character. You will still only get 3%(for "Weak/Blackmailable/Exploitable") or 1%(for lover) at the first try. You can keep trying however and the precentage will increase. This will take 1-4 attempts before they give in. Forced sex ignores the character's sexual orientation and sexual preferences.


  • 1 Shows/hides shadows
  • 2 Shows/hides outline
  • 3 Shows/hides focus point (shown when moving camera)
  • 4 Shows/hides current character
  • 5 Shows/hides partner
  • 4 Shows/hides penis
  • 7 Shows/hides background characters
  • 8 Shows/hides 3D objects
  • 9 Enable/disable click to move camera focus point
  • 0 Sets boy to transparent model (set transparency type/level in F1 options)
  • A / S Change Speed. Also works with mouse wheel up/down
  • Q Set camera focus point to partner's head
  • W Set camera focus point to partner's chest
  • E Set camera focus point to partner's groin
  • Space Change the light in the scene (as of v7+)
  • Middle-click Set speed to auto, which varies at short intervals

Hetero Switch.jpg Switches between the active and the passive character during lesbian H

Basic Requirements for H

This lists the requirements for getting sex in ascending order according to virtue. The higher the virtue, the more requirements must be met.

  1. Like/Love: The most basic of requirements, and a prerequisite for all others listed. Any character would have to like yours in order to consider any physical contact. The lower virtue would consider it if Like is high enough, the higher the virtue, the more Love is required.
  2. Lust: Get the character horny: especially necessary if it's the first time having sex with the character. Talk Lewd, Kiss, or Touch can do this, as can witnessing other characters engaged in sex.
  3. Physical contact: Only the lowest virtue characters would agree to sex without at least a kiss, and may not accept a kiss without a hug, or a hug without a caress. The lowest virtue may respond well to a grope without a kiss if Like or Love are high enough.
  4. Become Lovers: This is necessary with Normal/High/Highest virtue characters. Even at Low/Lowest virtue, a character is more wiling to have sex if you're in a relationship, even when love has declined.
  5. Invite Home: Virgin characters in particular don't want their first time to be sneaking into a private room or some seedy hotel. They would be more comfortable in your home, or theirs if circumstances are fortunate enough to get an invitation.
  6. Date: Highest virtue characters won't consider having sex before having a Sunday date is with you. This will also make any other Virtue character more willing to have sex with you.


  • Skipping class in the infirmary with a Wild character will have him/her wake you up and initiate H
  • You can always force an "exploitable" character or a lover after 2 or 3 attempts
  • Getting a lover to interrupt and compete during H with someone else and choosing the said lover

Getting started

Sex inside the Love Hotel
  1. Bring a character who appears interested to a secluded location, where interruption is unlikely or to a secret place.
  2. Select a position using the side buttons as desired.
  3. Click the door icon the the bottom left corner to exit the scene.

You can also initiate sex more easily with characters who have low virtue, the "Exploitable/Weak/Blackmailable" trait (by Forced sex), and other modifiers like the Lewd/Perverted trait. Refer to here for more info about the traits and their modifiers.

H compatibility

Higher H Compatibility will unlock more positions as well as make the the partners become more comfortable with positions that don't match their preferences. Compatibility also reduces the time expended for each position taken; at minimum compatibility 4-5 positions can take up a full period, at maximum compatibility the time cost for each position becomes negligible. Characters with the Easygoing and the Lewd / Perverted traits will increase compatibility faster. Both partners will show a satisfied or dissatisfied face during a position, depending on whether they like it or not.

At "Great" or "Perfect" H compatibility a pair will like even positions that don't match their preferences, although it still won't increase the compatibility faster.

H Compatibility increases slowly with every H and will increase faster by choosing positions which match sexual preferences.

  • Blue Hearts indicate a position that satisfies one or more of the player's preferences, and increases compatibility slowly.
    AA Heart Blue.jpg
  • Pink Hearts indicate a position that satisfies one or more of the partner's preferences, and increases compatibility faster.
    AA Heart Red.jpg
  • Pink and Blue hearts match both partners' preferences, and increases H-compatibility quickest.
  • The number of hearts seen is proportional to the increase of H compatibility.
  • Orgasm positions multiply the effect for the partner who orgasms.
  • Positions that match multiple preferences can only be identified through H dialogue but their effect is added to compatibility increases.
  • Compatibility only increases the first time a preferred position is selected during an H session.

Though H-compatibility doesn't directly affect Love, Love increases when a partner's preferences are satisfied. The Ahegao state doesn't grant any additional increases, but does increase Love.

H Compatibility between two characters will sharply decay unless they are lovers and keeping it up with more than 2 sex-friends is almost impossible.


Condom Intro (public sex only)
Used Condom (after sex)

Condom is a usable contraceptive in-game. It prevents a girl's impregnation on dangerous days. Its use is determined by specific conditions that can not be directly influenced by the player. Sex outside of secret places provides an unique dialogue scene while inside has no indication at all.

The following are the requirements of condoms being used:

  • A girl must be at high risk day. Low risk days will not lead to their use.
  • A girl must have normal/high/highest virtue.
  • (only inside secret places) A girl must not have the "No Condom" or "Creampies" sexual preference.
  • A girl with Genuine trait will use condom during first sex, even if not virgin.

To trigger the scene where the girl is showing off the used condom (as seen on the right), finish sex after cumming inside but not too often (less than three times usually).

Since game update v7 it is possible to force or disable condom use in the configuration menu. Forcing condom use will enable it even inside secret places.

Private Rooms

You'll find some places which you can only enter when a Character is following you. These locations are shown in purple text and sex is automatically initiated when you enter them. However, sometimes your follower may refuse depending on mood/relation. Different rooms will use different environmental objects during H.

Love hotel
Worldmap with marked secret locations
  • Love hotel: Pink neon sign outside the train station.
  • Machine room: Located on the sports grounds.
  • Counseling room: Located outside the counseling room.
  • Gym storeroom: Located in the gym
  • Boys'/girls' toilets: Located in the boys'/girls' toilets.
  • Boys'/girls' showers: Located in the boys'/girls' showers. **This room has the special attribute of making you and your girl's skin shiny just like "Sweat a lot" trait

Note: Passing through toilets and showers of the opposite sex to reach the private rooms may surprise, shock, anger or excite the occupants if you aren't escorted. A partner who escorts you in will not escort you out, so take care to move quickly when done.

Your room or your partner's can become available in the evening by inviting another character to study, or accepting their invitation. A character will accept or refuse based on the conditions for entering any other Private Room. If your partner's Ecchi is maximum, H will begin, otherwise you will receive the study prompt (for a guarantee of H, Kiss/Talk about Lewd Things until they're horny.) You will be invited to another character's room without the pretense of study when fulfilling a Lewd Promise.

Private Rooms can be shared. If you see a couple going to a room, it is possible to enter the room with your partner.

H Ending Dialogue

Every character has will offer dialogue depending on how you had H. Girls have more lines than guys.

The lines also have a priority order. For example, if you take any virginity of hers, this takes precedence over ahegao embarrassment, which means the ahegao dialogue line only occurs when no virginity is taken.

Below are the conditions for the various H endings:

NB There can be other comments than the ones listed. These are not always given, especially if more than one of the situations occur.

Condition Scene
Not satisfied (only for non-lovers) says she's not satisfied or complains about your premature ejaculation
Lover H (random) says she loves you and/or kisses you
You take her first time (vaginal sex) shows her vagina with blood dripping off
You take her first time (vaginal sex) but not yours holds her vagina with blood dripping off and may comment that you lied about your first time
You take her first time (anal sex) comments on losing anal virginity
You take her first time (both) comments on losing virginity on both holes
She takes your first time comments or brags about being the one who took your virginity
Doing anal sex only, without taking her "first time" encourages you to take her first (vaginal) time
Cum in vagina once shows semen dripping off her vagina
Cum in anus once comments on semen leaking off from her anus
Cum Once while using condom holds the filled condom
Cum 3x times inside her mouth comments about your semen in her mouth
Cum on her comments about being sticky
Cum on risky period warns about a possible pregnancy
Didn't cum during risky period is grateful to you for not cumming inside
Cum 3+ times compliments or complains about the quantity of semen
Make her reach 3+ orgasms compliments your effort
Reach ahegao is embarrassed about her ahegao
Cum together comments it was nice to cum together
Caught during public H comments on doing it while being watched
Teacher NPC says that what happened must be kept secret
Teacher PC says that what happened must be kept secret
H in your room comments about having H after being invited to study
H in the infirmary comments about having H in the infirmary

Note: If there are dialogue types that aren't listed here, please update this.


An orgy in the classroom

Orgies can easily happen if there are multiple characters with low virtue, as virtue is characters' main obstacle to public sex. In later versions this can be maximized by:

  • setting NPCs to love/like each other at the maximum rate
  • setting the environment in H mood
  • not allowing "Let's...!" commands

Although in later versions there is a "let's have sex" public suggestion, which NPC characters can use, it actually makes coupling more difficult as characters tend to strongly prefer a few other characters, and may simply be left frustrated if they can't get him or her. By not allowing "let's...!" commands, they try to talk to individuals more efficiently.

Special cum-on poses

A collage of all the special poses.

During H, if a male character ejaculates on the body of a female character completely coating her in 15 specific spots, the female student starts doing new poses when receiving more ejaculations. This applies to all the intercourse male orgasm positions that show the Pull out button.jpg pull-out button, plus the Service male orgasm.jpgLicking position.