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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Guide for Secret Love life

If you want to avoid jealousy there is a way to make your love life secret with no status change and also get full interactions with every character.

  • Give your character the "Deaf" Trait. This trait will help a lot with the answer "Huh?" or "What?" at every sudden interactions. It has nearly no effect in your relationship.
  • Make your character very fast either with a Rainbow card or by using the configuration menu cheats. You will run at ridiculously fast speed that outrun everyone ingame and you will easily escape when they all surround you.
  • Don't be hesitate to answer "Huh?" to every "close-contact" interaction because just one kiss will ruin all the secret (and getting the Cheater! status) If an NPC kisses you without asking in public, this will not bring about the Cheater! status.
  • If you are the only male, the "Boy's Toilet" and "Boy's Changing room" will be the place girls are less likely to enter. So it's the best place to do interactions without any interruption or witnesses. But if your relationship is not high enough she will refuse to get inside So talk with her daily till you get 80% or more on asking her to follow you (some girl types can be at 70% or lower, Just try) before you take her in there.
  • After you get her inside she will not try to run away, so feel free to position her on screen for an easily click. After you're ready, Click at the girl and do interactions the you want. After conversations end, quickly click on the girl again and start another interactions; repeat as you like.
  • This way the girl will have no time to run away, and your interactions are less likely to be seen by another girl. Your other lovers may sometimes enter these places, but you will usually have a bit of time before they do so make it brief. A better strategy is to do the save interactions such as conversations outside the Boy's rooms, then take her to the Boy's rooms for a few moments of kissing and other unsafe but non-sex interactions.
  • Also, if you can get her to follow you into the Boy's room (about 80-100%+ when asking to follow you) that means she will be willing to follow you into secret place too (only a few girl types may still refuse) so you can take them into Boy's room secret place for sex too. If it's the Boy Shower's Secret place. you will get a nice effect of shiny skin for both of you.
  • If you don't do anything outside Boy's rooms accept normal talk, your love stat will never change to "Cheater". Just make sure not to ignore a girl too long, and if you mess up by kissing someone in public, load the Save and don't do it again.
  • Be warned that if you keep refusing characters with the "Evil" trait via the deaf option they will sometimes start having sex with you without asking, rendering the above strategy useless unless to disable their interactions with you via the config menu with "Disable Interruptions NPC-PC" and "Disable Interaction NPC-PC".

Note that your lovers always comment about the possibility of you cheating after you did sex with the other girls even if nobody tells them the rumors but this has no impact on your relationship.

Killing an NPC Using the Evil Trait

A whole class that got killed or arrested

There has been a lot of interest in murdering using a character with an Evil trait. There are three rules for murder and surviving it.

  • If the Evil character spotted his/her lover having H with someone, one or both characters may be marked for death.
  • Evil characters never break up with their lovers. As Hate points grow, they attempt to kill instead.
  • An Evil character with the Lucky trait will likely avoid an arrest. A victim with the Lucky trait will likely survive. If both characters have the Lucky trait, it will cancel each other out, so the Evil character gets arrested and the victim gets killed as usual.

The key point of murder is to set a death flag by accumulating Hate points. The chance and kill priority get higher by the amount of Hate points. Once an Evil NPC leaves a death mark on the character(check in Jizou statue), the murder is set to happen, but it can be avoided in several ways.

  1. The relationship between the victim and the killer is improved.
  2. The murder can also be avoided if the killer is distracted by something: for example, a new love affair.
  3. It can also be avoided by making the killer the PC, but danger will return when the killer is no longer the PC.
  4. Checking "Disable Violent actions" in config will prevent any killing but the evil characters will still mark others for death. They just won't actually do it.
  5. By itself, setting the Hate/dislike modifications in Config at 0 is not enough to stop an Evil character from committing murder. However, it can eventually cool off the situation while you use 1, 2 and/or 3 above.

Note that in larger classes killing someone will be harder due to the number of people interrupting the killer.

Kill NPC using Evil PC

To kill your lover, accumulate enough Hate points to set a death flag and switch to another character. The former PC will eventually kill the lover at some point.

To kill NPCs around the lover, spot their cheating to set a death flag, build Hate points on the target and switch the character.

Kill NPC using Evil NPC

Set a death flag by making Evil NPC close enough to be a lover with the target, and let them get into Hate relationship. The way of establishing relationship is up to you.

Switching to the character and playing the role might be the easiest; but according to players, the fun point is scheming the whole scene behind.

Mood success rate multipliers

Mood interaction effects.png

Undocumented Features

1. Pause

You can pause the game either by clicking on Map-Select, or Character-Select you can walk away from the game and it will be exactly in the same place when you press the "back" button.

2. Same view in H

During H, toggle the - underscore/hyphen key - on the PC keyboard and the position of the character on the screen will not change when you repeat the same action. If you go to a different action, the action will be oriented to the placement of the floor in the last action. This is helpful if you want to repeat the same or similar action with the characters in a special screen position, or if you want to position the couple with the furniture in the Love Hotel or at Home.