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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


Technical help:

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I can't run the game

Set your system locale to Japanese or use the locale emulation program: [Link here]

  • Control Panel → Clock And Region → Region → Administrative → Change system locale → Set to Japanese → Accept → Restart

The RTP is no longer needed since Core version 142, as it is now included in the game.

Multi core CPU issue

There is a bug that makes you fail to charge attack (hold Z or Shift), but please note that some statuses like ???, Ashamed and terror will hinder your charging.

  • Run the game, then open task manager, set RGP_RT.exe to use one CPU core only.
  • Alternatively, you can use utilities like ImageCFG to permanently set its CPU affinity.

Movement bug

Your character keeps moving without any keypresses/input and restarting the game doesn't fix it? This is a rare RPGmaker bug.

Can't press Anything

Sometimes it's because you have a controller plugged in. If not, there is no known fix except using [EasyRPG]

  1. Download EasyRPG for your OS version.
  2. Put it in the RyonaRPG folder.
  3. Use it to launch the game.

Flickering in fullscreen mode

This is a common issue for RPGmaker engine. Unfortunately, there isn't any patch or an easy fix. You can try using EasyRPG like instructed in the Can't press Anything bug above.


How to learn more skills and magic?

You need Crystal Fragments to learn skills. See Abilities for details.

For magic, you need Prime Blue. See Magic for details.

How to trigger sex slave related events?

First of all, your character needs to wear Sex Slave Collar in her Sub-armor (4th) slot. This can be obtained by losing a tournament match in Island Colisseum when your character doesn't have enough money to pay the ante, or it can be obtained by starting a character as slave.

With the Sex Slave Collar, talk to the sister in the church of the Ray-On Village. She'll equip you with a Sex Slave Chain in your Off-hand (2nd) slot, and Indecent Underwear in your Armor (3rd) slot. The armor doesn't matter, but with the Sex Slave Collar plus the Sex Slave Chain your character is officially considered a sex slave, and may now trigger sex slave specific events.

See Slave mode for details.

Where is xxx? How do I get there?

See Locations.

How to remove bush/tree/rocks? Some areas are not passable but have a pillar, how to get there?

You need specific weapons for all of those:

  • Tree - Any weapon from Axe family. You can buy one from the Ray-On village weapon store (500 coins). Note that many non-warrior characters such as mages cannot equip axes.
  • Bush - Any weapon from Chainsickle family. You are guaranteed to receive one upon defeating Mantis Queen (boss of the Rocky Mountain Cavern) for first time. Alternatively, you can buy one from the maid deep inside Back Streets (2000 coins). A more expensive one also available there. Airi's starting weapon (M.O.P.) also qualifies for clearing bushes.
  • Rocks - Morning Star, in the first room of Bug Labyrinth. Note that if you don't cheat, you have to complete the dungeon in order to leave, and you will lose your virginity in the final car race.
  • PillarObject01.png - Chain Flail, near the waterfall in Undersea Temple

How to win the car race in Bug Labyrinth?

See Bug Labyrinth.

My character is stuck facing one direction and cannot turn!

You accidentally toggled the strafting mode. In any combat area, hold Shift and press Z to toggle strafing on/off.

I can't stop bleeding (出血)!

You have "severe wound", which is not a normal status but keeps causing bleeding. You should go back to inn and get cured by the nurse in your room.

Chastity belt? Where to get it?

Go to Ray-On Village church, the npc with robe at right side, interact with him (Z) and you will hear something like door opening/closing sound. By default chastity belt is disable, click on him and hear a "click" sound means it is enable, Click again and hear a door opening sound mean chastity belt is disable.

In the Life Sciences Laboratory dungeon there are grey metal slimes who will turn into a chastity belt (or combine with the one you are wearing, if you have one on already). Unlike a regular belt, this one also prevents urination and acts as a vibrator. However, this version of the chastity belt cannot be exorcised by the Nun at the church, nor can it be removed by the robed NPC.

How to play hit and blow?

The blue haired NPC in Ray-On Village pub will offer you to play hit and blow. You need to guess four digit (0~9), if a number is in correction position, there will be one hit, if in wrong position, there will be one blow.

  • Unlike other hit and blow, the number could be start with 0 (such as 0647)
  • Each digit will only use once, and will not repeat (from my observation, i have play many time and it never happen)
  • If you win the game in 1~6 try you will receive no coins and he will refuse to play again (you can re enter the pub to restart it), if you guess the correct number in 7~12 times chance will get 1000 coins, after that, you only get 100 coins and gameover if over 20 times