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Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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This page is a guide for new players just getting started in RyonaRPG.

Helpful articles

Before going to those dangerous dungeons and being abused by the monsters you better read these pages first...

  • Game system: Details the basic controls, interface and character creation. Mostly standard RPGmaker2000 stuff.
  • Game FAQ: Covers some questions not explained elsewhere.
  • Status: List of negative statuses and the way to remove them (most drugs can be bought from the village grocery)
  • Traps: Focus on hidden traps first, they are more common.
  • Locations: List of all known towns/dungeons, how to unlock them and walkthroughs.
  • Debug mode: Even if you don't want to cheat and ruin the gameplay, some game settings can be accessed there.

Step One: Prepare Yourself

In the leftmost bedroom on the second floor of the inn:

  • Talk to the maid to get your injury treated, otherwise you will bleed whenever you remove your bandages.
    • Whenever you are injured in the future, you can talk to this maid here to get healed.
  • Examine the book in the room on the left to get the "Girls Secret Diary"
  • Examine the chest next to the book to get some gold (400g on Normal, 2000g on Easy, 100g on Insane)

Visit the Newbie House: Ray-On Village has a Newbie House, also known as Beginners' Pavilion. It explains some RyonaRPG gameplay concepts and lets new players test them out.

Buy some equipment:

  • If you are a mage or battlemage, fire magic can deal with those creeps in Newbie Dungeon easily. Stay away from them and learn how to cast magic and hit them accurately. You may want to try the charged attack too. Later on you face some fast moving monsters, the charged attack with area damage will be useful.
  • For warriors let's hope your weapon and armor are intact from Forest of Fate, and haven't been damaged. If not, or your starting outfit is too weak, you can try to play hit and blow to earn more money first. Without good armor even the weak monsters in the Newbie Dungeon can kill you easily. Get a few thousand coins then go to the weapon store. Some cheap items such as the 500g axe and the 100g shield are very useful. Some weapons, like that axe, are two handed weapons so you cannot equip left hand items, such as a shield. You can view the equipment page for details.
  • If you have spare money you can buy the anti-capture and anti-poison items from the lady there. These are useful since when you go outside and fight you will face many different negative status and traps.

Step Two: Unlock dungeons

Talk to people in towns to unlock dungeons. You will know when you've unlocked a new area because the text will be prefaced with a diamond-shape ("◆")

Some places to try:

  • Ray-On Village Pub
  • Ray-On Village Church
  • Ray-On Village Inn

Step Three: Your first dungeon

To leave town, either press Shift or walk out through the gap in the trees south of the fountain.

There are two good choices for your first dungeon:

Newbie Dungeon Temple of Trials
Location In the Newbie House of Ray-On Village The world map, west of Ray-On Village
  • Usually trivial to rescue character from here (provided they don't die in the maze or are left near the invincible snake)
  • Enemies are weaker
  • Character returns to Ray-On Inn upon death
  • Better loot
  • Low experience earned
  • Still have to rescue character if they die
  • More deadly
  • Enemies generally take longer to kill due to higher HP and other factors

Step Four: Explore the world

Now that you have advanced some levels and have more cash on hand, go explore the world. Obtain information from NPCs to make them accessible from the map. Read the location walkthrough page to get them one by one. The locations at Devil's store and Capital Avalon are harder so you can skip these for now.

Unlock new locations

Places you want to go are ones with good experience, moderate risk

Try to unlock Capital Avalon as soon as possible (If you rush avoiding all fight, it can be done at level 20 or so...

Learn what kind of status you'll have to be worried about, and buy items, or better, accessories, to be safe. Statuses are NASTY.

Earn money

You're going to need it to buy better equipment. Defense is the most important stat of your character. Keep it at its best. Equipment with elemental resistances are good to.

Gain levels

Stats alone won't save you from all monsters. Basically, play more. Go in dungeon, learn to use charged spells and attacks (Those are way, way better than normal attacks), learn how the AI works.

If you have no idea where to level, you could try killing the octopus/siren monsters in the water dungeon, the mothers (with an anti poison accessory) are deeper if you can reach them.

Mages can go up to level 7~10 very easily by fighting the 3 red slimes in the mountain dungeon (kill them all in one shot)

The three nagas deeper in the dungeon can't hurt you if you use anti-capture equipment (plus, the stats of the item are decent for an accessory item). Each naga nets you 60 xp in normal and mania mode or 180 xp in V-max mode for a total of 180 xp and 540 xp respectively.