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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


Technical help:

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Current translation status 45%

See Ryona RPG Translation Project - Feel free to help!

Applying translation patch

  1. Download untranslated game
    • Download the latest untranslated version and unpack the archive. Latest untranslated version can be found in this mega repo.
  2. Download translation patch
  3. Download RPGMaker Trans patch tool
  4. RPGMaker Trans → set game location
    • Select RPG_RT.exe file in the directory of the game you downloaded in Step 1.
  5. RPGMaker Trans → set patch location
    • Select RPGMKTRANSPATCH file in the folder you downloaded in Step 2.
    • Press the Go! button.

Once it's completed you will have a translated version of the game with "_translated" appended to the end of the folder name.

New updates

Once you have done the above steps once, you can always update your translation with a few clicks by redownloading the patch and running the patch procedure again. Note that you should always update the untranslated game before patching a new translation to avoid possible conflicts.

Alternative GPT 3.5 Build

Since the translation patch is incomplete, feel free to try this (up4934) build that was translated with ChatGPT with MTool.

  1. Download and extract the folder
  2. Play by launching "+Play Game.exe"
  3. Before playing, in the "Languages" tab, select MTool. *This resets after closing the game*

Machine translation for the rest

The game isn't entirely translated, so it is suggested that you use text hooking and translation aggregation tools like [1] to machine translate the untranslated content.

  • AGTH settings to auto-hook the correct context
    • AGTH key for ChiiTrans
  • Stand-alone AGTH shortcut
C:\path\to\your\agth\agth.exe /L /X /C /W00417B56:00FFFFFF C:\path\to\your\translated\RyonaRPG\RPG_RT.exe


(for RPGMaker Trans v2.04)

  1. Install Python v3.3a4 or higher (magic number 3230)
  2. Download RPGMaker Trans
  3. Extract RPGMaker Trans with 7zip
  4. Extract Library.zip such that pycrusts wind up in the same folder as the dlls
  5. You might need to delete PySide and install Qt for Python from your repositories, or that might be wrong, I'm not sure.
  6. Run rpgmakertransmain__main__.pyc with Python

See also this discussion in Habisain's blog about running RPGMaker Trans and RPGMaker games under Linux.