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Abilities are either active, passive or ON/OFF toggleable.

  • Active - only one of your active abilities can be in effect at a time.
  • Passive - always in effect, cannot be disabled.
  • ON/OFF - all of these are in effect by default, you can toggle them from the ability toggle menu accessed by selecting any ability with ON/OFF status or via the special menu.

General abilities

These are the general abilities that everyone, specific classes or specific characters have.

This list is incomplete (lacking most character skills)
Name Type From Effects
Rest Active Basic Defenseless, increase HP and MP regen rate, takes a while to get up when you ask her to move
Normal Default ability
Caution Increase chance to dodge traps and avoid negative status, but decrease stats
Resist pleasure Take less Ex damage and Ex decrease faster, all stats down to half
Masturbate Masturbation, to increase Ex (Cannot use in town area or when Ex bar is empty)
Nonresistance Dodge attacks but have no defenses against traps and negative status
肉切骨断 Warrior Lower your defense and increase attack.
Parry Take 50% less damage but cannot attack
結界 Mage Need MP to maintain, increase spirit and more resist to negative status (5MP)
Magic Charge Mage and Hybrid MP regeneration faster but all stats decrease
Magic shield Need MP to maintain, increase defense and spirit (5MP)
Magic sword Hybrid Need MP to maintain, increase attack and weapon have magic attribute
Natures Blessing Passive Character skill Nakoruru - recover HP and MP faster when outdoor, MP recover faster, higher chance to do chain attack, cannot use heavy armor/shield
Mystic Mesarthim - has stats limit, moves faster in water but is very slow on land, 妖魔 demon/devil/imp (?) weapon can let her absorb enemy abilities
Floating Altima, Camilla, Lilith, Fairy - has higher chance to dodge traps and move 2 times faster
No Class Lenna, Farris - can equip anything
None Pearl - greatly decreased stats and cannot equip powerful weapon/armor/magic/large sword/axe...

Can be learned/purchased

You need Crystal Fragments (usually found deep inside dungeons, but you get one when you start) to learn new abilities in the Spirit & Time Room, which can be found by going to Ray-On Village's inn and entering the last door on the right. It is not recommended to pick options that increase attributes like Health or Attack Power; instead learn useful abilities such as Parry or Vigilance.

Learned abilities can be toggled ON/OFF from the ability toggle menu accessed by selecting any ability with ON/OFF status, or via the special menu.

You can also buy some abilities from the girl in Ray-On Village's weapon shop.

Name Type From Effects
Barrage ON/OFF (via
special menu)
Spirit & Time Room Increases weapon chance to gain HIT+1. [LV1: 8%, LV2: 16%, LV3: 24%]
Boost Increases charging speed. [LV1: ?, LV2: ?, LV3: ?]
Dual Cast Gives chance of magic spells costing no Mana, allowing another cast. [LV1: 6.25%, LV2: 12.5%]
Parry Increases chance of blocking enemy attacks. [LV1: 10%, LV2: 20%, LV3: 30%]
Endurance Decreases EX orgasm damage and sexual feelings. [LV1: Half/-1, LV2: Immune/-2]
Hidden Strength Increases chance of ignoring deadly strikes. [LV1: 20%, LV2: 40%]
Steal Increases gold gains and chances of monsters dropping chests. [LV1: x1.2/+5%, LV2: x1.5/+10%]
Vigilance Increases trap evasion chance. [LV1: 25%, LV2: 50%, LV3: 75%]
Kick Increases chance of knocking back attacked enemies. [LV1: 30%, LV2: 60%, LV3: 90%]
Magic Barrier Reduces magical damage at low Health. [LV1: -50%, LV2: Immune, LV3: Absorb]
Attack mode Active Ray-On Village Weapon Shop Girl Increases Attack Power, Magic and Charge rate; decreases Defense and Willpower.
Defense mode Increase Defense and Willpower; decreases Attack Power, Magic and Charge rate.

Mystic weapon

The mystics from SaGa Frontier (Golden Lion Princess aka LionHime, Mesarthim, Princess Rei aka ZeroHime and Asellus) can use mystic weapon/equipment, which absorb abilities from enemies.

If your character is a mystic, her current mystic weapon abilities are listed in the ability menu and in Girls Secret Diary (Browse Data → Ability Scores)

Mystic equipment include (at least) Mystic Sword (Item ID 0487), Mystic Gauntlets (Item ID 0381), Mystic Greaves (Item ID 0382).

  • Note: They may be translated as "ghost" rather than "mystic"

Mystic Sword

# Ability Name MP cost Effect Monster Notes
101 マジカルヒール - 5% natural HP recovery
102 ベルセルク - Increase damage, disable magic on Warrior types Magic works normally?
103 Vorpal Blade - On attack, chance to instakill
104 水舞い - Increases defense
105 ブレード - On attack, chance for additional attack Murder ant
106 みなごろし -
107 ヒートスマッシュ - Weapon attribute becomes fire Red Devil in Demon Castle Goddamn
108 アイススマッシュ - Weapon attribute becomes cold Purple Devil in Demon Castle Goddamn
109 電撃 - Weapon attribute becomes lightning, paralyses enemies Biting serpents near water
110 ブラッドスレイ - Weapon attribute becomes absorbtion 吸収反転属性に注意
111 グレムリン効果 -
112 グリフススクラッチ - +10% critical chance
113 カース - Attack, Defense, Magic and Spirit 4/5?
114 テラーボイス 20 Confuses all enemies アビリティ欄から発動
115 サイネット 30 Paralyses all enemies アビリティ欄から発動
116 グランドヒット - Increase special attack damage (Excluding daggers, stiletto, bows)
117 ニードル 7 Shoots a stinger 特殊メニューのオプションから特殊メニューを使用しない設定にして、
118 スライムスプレッド 8 Lower Atk of enemies with mucus, will blind Jelly

Mystic Gauntlets

# Ability Name MP cost Effect Monster Notes
161 カース - Attack, Defense, Magic and Spirit 4/5?
162 フレイムイレイザー 20 Burns characters without fire resistance Makes you near dead + exhausted
163 怪力 - 120% physical damage
164 毒免疫 - Poison immunity
165 麻痺免疫 - Paralysis immunity
166 スポイル - Weapon attribute becomes absorbtion 吸収反転に注意
167 デッドリーパウダー - On attack, reduces enemy stats unless poison immune
168 タイガーランページ - +1 HIT per attack
169 ポイゾナスブロウ - On attack, poison enemy
170 パラリシスタッチ - On attack, paralyze enemy
171 フィアーフィールド - On attack, confuse enemy
172 ブレインクラッシュ - On attack, silence enemy
173 ダガージョウ - On attack, inflict extra damage
174 エナジードレイン - On attack, weaken enemy
178 ジェネレーター - +3% natural MP recovery
179 サイコシールド - 20% chance to avoid attacks Except Running attacks(?)
180 武器マスタリー - Change to Warrior character type
181 魔法マスタリー - Change to Mage character type

Mystic Greaves

# Ability Name MP cost Effect Monster Notes
211 アシスト - Increase Atk, Def, Mag, Spi by 10% Jelly
212 スーパーアーマー - Fall damage resistance Red turtle in Back Streets sewer
213 サイコアーマー - 20% less damage taken
214 ディスプレイス - 20% avoid physical attack
215 スペルレジスタンス - 20% avoid magic attack
216 メイルシュトローム 50 50% Max HP damage to all enemies Mammoth Octopus boss アビリティ欄から発動
217 肉球 - Enemies spawn slower
218 フェロモン 5 Enemies spawn faster アビリティ欄から発動
219 火炎に対する耐性 - Fire resistance
220 冷気に対する耐性 - Cold resistance
221 電撃に対する耐性 - Lightning resistance
222 俊足 - Increase movement speed Does not seem to work?
223 Floating - Trap avoidance, immune to floor traps, move faster, no underwater move penalty
224 地響き 30 Attack all enemies with tremor アビリティ欄から発動
225 カース - Attack, Defense, Magic and Spirit 4/5?
226 悪臭 15 Poisons all enemies アビリティ欄から発動

Abilities by monster

  • Key: Low chance of absorption
Monster Mystic Sword Mystic Gauntlets Mystic Greaves Notes
ゼリー スライムスプレッド 毒免疫 アシスト
殺人アリ ブレード 毒免疫 駿足
タコ スライムスプレッド スポイル 肉球
フェイ アイススマッシュ 魔法マスタリー 冷気耐性
牙魚 ブレード ダガージョウ 駿足
B・プディング ブラッドスレイ デッドリーパウダー 肉球
兵隊アリ グリフィススクラッチ ポイゾナスブロウ アシスト
フィーンズホーン 電撃 サイコシールド サイコアーマー
地蟲の群 ニードル ダガージョウ アシスト
羽蟲の群 ニードル タイガーランページ 駿足
G・スパイダー サイネット ポイゾナスブロウ ディスプレイス
D・スパイダー サイネット 毒免疫 フェロモン
ファイアモス ヒートスマッシュ デッドリーパウダー 浮遊
フロストバタフライ アイススマッシュ デッドリーパウダー 浮遊
エクスキューショナー ブレード サイコシールド サイコアーマー
ファイアフラワー ヒートスマッシュ フレイムイレイザー 火炎耐性
スノウスマイル アイススマッシュ サイコシールド 冷気耐性
いなづまょぅι゛ょ 電撃 魔法マスタリー 電撃耐性
ヒュージワーム スライムスプレッド スポイル フェロモン
メイジスレイヤー ブレード 毒免疫 スペルレジスタンス

H abilities

  • All H-abilities below are passive.
  • (random) - You have a chance to get the ability when requirement met.
  • Slave? - New characters started as a slave will have these H-abilities.
  • Hypnosis abilities are acquired from Hypno (the yellow pokemon monster) in Brainwashed City Melbel or Melbel Public School.
Name Requirement/From Effects Slave?
A-Sensitive / A-Weak point (Ass) Sensitive - 5 sensitivity points
Weak point - 10 sensitivity points (A,B,V 13)
Take more / very high EX damage(A,B,N,U,V) from that attack Yes
B-Sensitive / B-Weak point (Breasts)
N-Sensitive / N-Weak point (Nipples)
U-Sensitive / U-Weak point (Urethra)
V-Sensitive / V-Weak point (Vagina)
Weak to pleasure / Erogenous body sexy 4/8, and meet orgasm experience requirement Ex increase faster when in ??? status / Take more Ex damage
Masturbation addict Orgasm in Masturbation (random) Take more Ex damage from masturbation, dialogue change. Can choose from a list of options upon masturbating (additional option if futanari.)
Semen addict Orgasm in vagina attack (random) Take more Ex damage from vagina attack, dialogue change
Milking slave Orgasm in breast attack (random) Take more Ex damage from breast attack, dialogue change
Milk secretion Orgasm in nipple attack (random) Able to milk discharge, take more breast Ex damage
Anal madness Orgasm in buttocks attack (random) Take more Ex damage from this action, dialogue change
Breast-udders After Milk discharge, Ex damage >50 (random) Easier to milk discharge
Demon Breasts Life Science Institute transformation Breast grow faster
Futanari Get an organ that be should found only on males...
Ejaculation slave Ejaculation 10 times, you will need futanari to do this, of course Easy to Ejaculation, futanari type attack Ex damage increase
異形の苗床 Give birth 10 times (such as infested by slime flower of the river , they will lay eggs when you sleep, and born after few days) Easy to pregnancy, 種付け attack Ex damage increase, dialogue change.
気丈 ? Take less Ex damage
元せいど ? Take more Ex damage
調教経験 (get tortured?) Torture experience
Peeing habit pee (random) Easy to pee, take more Ex damage from Urethra attack
Peeing pleasure
Adult experience (lose virginity?) Lost virginity(?)
Masturbation Hypnosis Hypno Masturbate every night at inn.
Exposure hypnosis Cannot wear any clothes in town.
Peeing hypnosis Will pee yourself on orgasm.
Sudden orgasm hypnosis 1% chance to orgasm every 10 sec
No-resistance hypnosis Forces the character to use the non-resistance stance in addition to their current stance.
Suggestion Hypnosis Lowers attack by 50 and spirit by 80.