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The slave mode is a special status the player's character may be in. A number of town events are different when the player's character is a slave.

Becoming a Slave

Note that purchasing and wearing the Noble Slave Collar does change some events, such as the little girl in Ray-On Village giving you fetters instead of a random parasite.

To become a partial slave, your character needs to wear the Sex Slave Collar in her Sub-Armor (4th) slot. This can be obtained in a few different ways:

  • Creating a character as a Meat Toilet (Start as a slave).
  • Losing a tournament match in Island Colosseum when your character doesn't have enough money to pay the ante.
  • Losing a card match in the pub of Capital Avalon, and your current gold is -50000 or more.
  • Breaking the blue vase in the noble's house in north Avalon. The guard will only let you in if you have a good rank at Colosseum to be able to enter. The owner tells you to come back in a while.
  • Using debug mode to get the item. Its Item ID is 0808.

To become a full sex slave, have your partial-slave character talk to the nun in the church of Ray-On Village. She'll equip you with Sex Slave Chain (Item ID 0809) in your Off-hand (2nd) slot.

Becoming Free

Method One
  • Advantages
    • Works with partial slave and full slave (it can also get rid of the giant breasts ability).
  • Disadvantages
    • Costs 1 gold.
  • Process
    1. Visit the Ray-On Village pub, talk to the Japanese swordsman on the left side and buy a Salt Seaweed (0178) from him for 1 gold.
    2. Go to the Back Streets, find a black-haired guy and talk to him, then pick the 3rd option 私の乳房を斬ってください! and then the first option こんな化け物のような乳はもう嫌!. You will wake up naked, without the slave collar, in the inn.
Method Two
  • Advantages
    • Free.
  • Disadvantages
    • Only works when the character is a full sex slave.
    • Game over if the character has already been "altered" by the Dr. Daijobu 15 times or more.
    • Becomes futanari and gains almost all sex-related attributes.
  • Process
    1. Make sure the character is a full sex slave.
    2. Visit the Life Science Institute, go to Dr. Daijobu's (ダイジョーブ博士) lab on the second floor.
    3. Talk to the doctor and pick first option.
Method Three
  • If your character becomes a slave by falling into debt through losing tournament matches at the Colosseum, the receptionist promises you will be freed if you repay the debt. However, if you visit her with enough money to repay your debt she'll first congratulate you, then apologize for getting the wrong key to unlock your collar. She'll tell you to come back another day so she can get the right key.
  • When you come back the next day (sleep at Rayon's inn if the event doesn't trigger), she'll offer you some paper to sign. If you agree (first choice), you've just agreed to be a slave for eternity and the keyhole on your collar will be removed. Alternatively, you can read carefully (choice 3), and your collar will be removed, ending slave mode.
  • When the options are shown, cancel the conversation. That will allow you to read the paperwork carefully.
Method Four
  • Talk to the nun in Ray-On who grants you the chains making you a full slave.
  • When she asks if you enjoy the chains, answer ".................." and she'll offer to sell you a one time key for 20,000 gold.
Method Five
  • The traps in Squirming Cave can remove all cursed equipment and parasites.

Slave Events

Non-H events and changes in NPC behavior towards slaves. See also H Events and Endings.

Ray-On Village Inn
  • The innkeeper will not rent you a regular room, but will let you sleep in the dog house for free (doesn't heal much from sleeping).
  • Actually, all inn keepers wont let you sleep in a room, save in slave city shrike.
Ray-On Village Weapon/Armor store
  • The Weapon/Armor merchant will not sell any weapons, and the list of armor he sells will be different (mostly embarrassing armor).
  • The Accessory merchant will not sell regular accessories, but instead will sell various infesting bugs.
  • The Mithril Trader will refuse to deal with you.
Ray-On Village Pub
  • The Bartender will not give you any jobs.
  • The bunny girl will have a different dialogue.