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Capital Avalon (首都アバロソ) is the capital town of the continent RyonaRPG takes place in. It is unlocked by talking to a Father in the eastern section of Forgotten Mansion.


Map of the entire capital city
Upper City Top Row
  • Castle - Accessible only during a quest.
  • Administration Department - For payment of taxes and giving up your residence. If you are a full slave you will be denied entry.
  • Church and Graveyard - The church is accessible after reporting about the priest in the Forgotten Mansion and unlocks Lionel Castle Church on the Eastern Continent.

Upper City Bottom Row
  • Neighbour's House - A neighbor will appear after you have purchased a female humanoid pet. Speaking to him will later make him offer to purchase your pet from you.
  • House on Sale - Purchasable for 200,000 gold unless you are a full slave.
  • Empty house
  • Empty house
  • Mansion - Accessible only if you've progressed enough in the Island Colosseum's rankings.
  • Mansion - You can work as a housemaid here provided that you are not a resident of the city.

Lower City Top Row
  • Opera House - You can work as an actress here.
  • Tool shop
  • Magic guild - Provides access to the Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins dungeon.
  • Rich Pedophile's Mansion - Accessible only if you have become a concubine by being a loli character and talking to the single man at a table in the bar's eastern corner in the morning.

Lower City Bottom Row
  • Pet shop - Sells various pets. You need to own a house in order to purchase one.
  • Clothing Store - You can try out various clothing by picking them from the table before purchasing them.
  • Stores - Sells weapons, armor, and accessories.
  • Inn
  • Pub - You can work as a waitress here.
  • Gay Bar
  • Hostess Bar - You can work as a Bar Hostess here at night.


See H Events and Endings for details on H events and game overs.


  • Housemaid (Mansion on the eastern side of the second map) - Pays 5,000 gold and grants a free housemaid's uniform, but you cannot leave for the duration of your employment. You will be tasked with cooking, gardening, cleaning the baths, retrieving a lost item, and delivering a book to your employer. There are avoidable H events for the first four tasks, while the last leads to the end of the job. Upon completing the last task your employer will invite you to her personal room; the head maid will give you a key and hint at a different use for it. If you proceed to meet her instead of leaving, you will be trapped in her room forever; if you leave instead the mansion will become permanently inaccessible. This job will remove a slave collar if you are wearing one. (Note that it is entirely possible to access your employer's room without doing all the tasks, but it will still lead to the same result.)

  • Opera (Building to the northwest on the first map) - Pays 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 gold for acting in the opera. This is not repeatable. If you mess up you get a H event and no pay, but afterwards you will be offered to have sex on stage for 5,000 gold, which is repeatable.

  • Waitress (Pub next to the inn on the first map) - Your character will automatically work for a set period of time, gaining experience and accumulating weakness points in return.

  • Bar hostess (Building with stars on the right side of the first map) - Pays 2,100 gold to begin with, which increases by 100 gold for each session with your regular client. Your client may occasionally gift you random accessories such as earrings. Occasionally you may get a molester client instead, which aside from increasing your sensitivities also causes management to offer 1,000 gold as compensation on top of the expected pay for the session.


  • Investigate Kidnapping Rumors - This quest is initiated by speaking to a blue haired maid in Lemuria Slave Market but can be done without starting it. At night, travel to the church where you will hear a scream. Your character will investigate and discover that a nearby gravestone is moveable. Follow the path and defeat the kidnappers at the end, then go up the stairs to find out the truth. You will be rewarded with 10,000 gold by the authorities. Note that completing this quest will render inaccessible the mansion owned by the pedophile noble, so if your character is one of his concubines you will lose your source of income.
  • Evil heroes quest. Get sumo wrestler underwear, kick his ass.


There is a house on sale here for 200,000 gold that you can buy provided you are not a full slave. Buying it will make you liable to pay 5,000 gold as taxes at the administration department from time to time with a five day grace period. Once purchased you can also buy a pet from the pet shop in the southwestern section of the first map; note that you can only have one pet at a time. Beware of falling into full slave status while owning the house as you will forfeit it.