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Sewers map

Piercings can be bought from the Piercing Shop in the sewers in back streets located under the Back Streets area of Ray-On Village. However, the shop is not easy to reach.

You will need to access the sewers (one way is via the eastern entrance in the Back Streets) and then make your way there via a circuitous route.

Piercing Locations

Before piercings can be worn, you must first get pierced in any of these locations.

Position Multiplier Quantity Price Penalty
Ear 1 2 500 -
Tongue 3 1 1000 Magic casting speed -1
Navel 3 1 2000 Sexual feeling +1
Nipple 4 2 3000 Sexual feeling +1, Breast sensitivity +3
Clitoris 6 1 5000 Sexual feeling +2, Vagina sensitivity +5
Vagina 2 8 2000 Sexual feeling +1, Vagina sensitivity +1

Types of Piercings

Name Value Price Effects
Spirit Piercing 4 X Quantity X Multiplier 2000 Increases Magic and Spirit.
Holy Woman Piercing 1 X Quantity X Multiplier 3000 Reduces sexual feeling points and decreases EX faster.
Lucky Piercing 1 X Quantity X Multiplier 5000 Higher chance to get chests from monsters.
Barrier Piercing 5 X Quantity X Multiplier 2000 Increases Defense.
Vitality Piercing 1 X Quantity X Multiplier - Increases HP regeneration speed.
Witch Piercing 1 X Quantity X Multiplier - Increases MP regeneration speed.
Bell Piercing 1% X Quantity X Multiplier 5000 Decreases enemy spawn rate and damage, slowly increases EX.
Sow (Masochist) Piercing  ? - Increases EX Damage, and places the character into permanent ??? status until removed. Any sort of damage will raise EX significantly. Extremely expensive to remove.
Slave Piercing  ? - Sex abilities are learned much faster. Any skill with a 10% chance during sex will most likely be learned on first "try". Extremely expensive to remove.

The cost to remove slave and sow piercings depend on their location, ranging from 4,000 to 20,000 gold.

Gaining Piercings from Events

  • Both slave and sow piercings can occasionally be obtained as a "gift" during the Back Streets game over.
  • You can also get a "free" clitoral masochist piercing and two bell nipple piercings at the Forgotten Mansion if you become a cat, talk to the boss, and choose to play.
  • You can obtain both slave and masochist piercings for free if you buy the house in Capital City Avalon. Just pick up as many as you want from the drawer in the northeastern room, although you still need to visit the Piercing Shop to wear them.