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Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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Charm (魅力) is a set of 4 different charm/personality scores that measure how your character is perceived by NPCs.

The charm system

The charm system defines your character's personality, affects NPC reactions, dialogue options and available events. Sadomasochism also affects your overall offense/defense and abilities.

You can use the Girls Secret Diary (Browse Data → Additional Measurements) to check your charm/personality scores at any time. Alternatively, you can stand in front of a mirror and see what your judgement is. The diary gives an accurate number while the mirror only gives a generic description which changes every 10 score.

Note that the charm system is only enabled once you have a Body Checker. You can buy one from the tool shop in Ray-On Village.


  • Ranges from -100 to 100
  • Charm requirements for most events (unconfirmed, might be completely outdated info):
    • Humans = 20 Charm
    • Demons = 50 Charm
    • Immoral (reborn and slave) characters have higher charm requirements than normal humans

Loli degree

  • Ranges from 100 Loli score to 0 score to 100 Mature (mistranslated as "Baka") score


  • Ranges from 100 Slut score to 0 score to 100 Neat score (gotten to 101 Slut with forgotten mansion alraune Reise. Needs confirmation if this can only happen under certain conditions)


  • Ranges from 100 Sadist score to 0 score to 100 Masochist score
  • Sadism raises offense and lowers defense up to 16%, vice versa for masochism
  • At 100 either score, you will develop an ability:
    • Sadist - ??? increases damage, hitting humans increases damage & EX
    • Masochist - When in ???, damage reduced by half
    • The ability will be lost if you drop below 0 score

Gaining/losing charm points


Your current set of equipment has quite large role in defining how NPCs perceive your character and it will also affect your charm scores over time.

  • Any piece of equipment regardless of slot (not just armor) can have an effect
    • However, not all equipment have an effect
  • There is both an immediate effect and a slow over time effect
  • Some equipment have larger and faster effect than others
  • A single equipment piece may affect more than one score
General guidelines to what kind of equipment affects what and some examples
Increases Charm Decreases Charm
Beautiful and virtuous outfits in general
  • Ghosts Scented Oil
Ugly and depraved outfits in general
  • All erotic, abnormal or hardcore equipment - slave equipment, parasites, etc.
Increases Slut score Increases Neat score
Revealing clothes/armour in general (you can't lower neat score below 0 by wearing normal clothes)
  • All erotic, abnormal or hardcore equipment - slave equipment, parasites, etc.
  • Wearing no clothes/armor
Covering clothes/armour in general, especially heavy armour
  • Healthy Atmosphere
Increases Loli score Increases Mature score
Cute and childish outfits in general
  • Lolita Dress
  • Pajamas
Mature outfits in general
  • Dark Lipstick
Increases Sadist score Increases Masochist score
Outfits of sadistic nature in general
  • Queens Bondage
  • Mistress Papillon
Slave equipment and such
  • All slave equipment
  • Dog Ears and Tail Set


Your dialogue choices and decisions in events can affect all 4 types of charm scores. Vice versa, your charm/personality can affect available dialogue choices and events.

Possible examples of such events include general sex events, doing favours for the mighty (landlords and kings?), dance events, hot girl contests, slave tests (raids?), training events. Personality traits are implemented, eg. certain characters prefer lolis, sluts are treated differently, etc. Other examples include dungeons that take advantage of this by making shortcuts for characters with certain scores. Masochism can make NPCs treat your character differently and maybe have other types of bad ends, such as making the character like the ending.


  • If you have 100 Slut score and you have a Dog Collar in your inventory, you'll automatically equip the Dog Collar when you're sent to the Back streets Bad End.
  • Bug: If you play multiple characters in the same savegame, they all share the same charm/personality scores.