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Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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The Magic system of RyonaRPG is a bit complicated and unusual.

The basics

Buying spells

Any spell can be bought from any magic shop. Some characters, especially mages, may start with some spells.

Once you have the required Gold and Prime Blue, you can freely switch between different spells at any magic shop.

Spells are split to General, Recovery and Support categories in shops. However, these are not the same as your spell slots.

Spell levels and price

Spells are divided to 3 levels.

  • Lv1 magic spells cost 50G and 1 PB each.
  • Lv2 magic spells cost 500G and 2 PB each.
  • Lv3 magic spells cost 5000G and 3 PB each.

Spell slots

Your character has 4 different spell slots plus magic switch slot. Equip spells via the Special Menu.

  • Regular Magic - Normal spells. Cast by holding Shift
  • Enchant Magic - Activates on weapon attacks.
  • Reactive Magic - Activates when you're hit.
  • Support Magic - Always active, drains mana.
  • Additionally, you can have one extra spell of any type in the fifth unmarked slot. Use the switch magic key (Z while holding Shift) to switch between this and your normal spell.

Prime Blue locations

You must find Prime Blue (PB) to buy spells. PB can be reused, so the number of PB you have found is practically the number of spells you can have.

Spell List

Spell names in the Special Menu, where you equip them, are not yet translated.

Spell slot data is outdated.

Lv Type Name Translation (old tl) MP Effect Slot
1 General ファイア Fire 5(15) Fire attribute magic. Charged attack is a linear wall of flames 4
ブリザド Blizzard 5(15) Ice attribute magic. Charged attack targets in a fan-like area
サンダー Thunder  10(15) Lighting attribute magic. Charged attack targets in a circle around the caster
ボルトオブアイアン Iron Bolt 20 Magic arrow, physical attack attribute
サンシャイン Sunshine 10(10) Deal damage to all enemy on screen, bonus effects for undead.
フォースウェイヴ Force Wave 5 Push all enemy away, no charge is needed.
オーラウェイヴ Aura Wave Enable special attack instantly
トマホーク Tomahawk 10 Throwing Axe
じばく Self-destruct  13 Self explode and damage all enemy around you, vary from your current HP. Drop to 1HP and Tired/疲労 status after use.
バーサク Berserk Got double HP, attack and speed in 15 second. After that receive Tired status
キャッシュ Cash Collect and release a consumables item so you can buy one more from shop
Recovery メイク・ポーション Make: Potion 15 Make healing potion, may fail or get high grade item: Evil Potion (failed), Potion (100hp), Hi-Potion (400hp)
Support プロテス Protect Take 50% less physical damage 5
シェル Shell Take 50% less magic damage
リジェネ Regen HP regeneration
フレイムセイバー Flame Saber Add fire attribute for weapon, damage increase to 120%
アイスセイバー Ice Saber Add ice attribute for weapon, damage increase to 120%
サンダーセイバー Thunder Saber Add lighting attribute for weapon, damage increase to 120%
ダイヤセイバー Diamond Saber Weapon damage increase to 150%
ガイデッド・ショット Guided Shot 5 Ranged Weapon range double
エナジーボール Energy Ball Increase 13% chance of critical hit
ダガースペルスタンス Assassin Stance 5% Increase short sword damage and take less damage
フィストオブフォース Fist of Force 5% Increase melee weapon attack
ライフブースター Life Booster Increase (10+Lv/2)*5 HP (if you are 10Lv then you will have additional (10+10/2)*5 =75HP)
アイアンガッツ Iron Guts 3% Revert the effects, you got healing when poisoned
マゾヒズム Masochism 5% When you are in ??? status you take 50% less damage
マジック・ウェポン Magic Weapon 5% Add magic attribute for weapon, increase 20 damage
メイジ・アーマー Mage Armor 5 Decrease enemy 20 attack
カオス・ブレード Chaos Raid 10% Change weapon attribute randomly 4
カオス・アーマー Chaos Mail 10% Change character attribute randomly 5
ワープ・エレメンタル Warp Elemental Your attribute will change when hit by one of the three magic attribute (such as become fire attribute when attacked by fire magic)
トラマナ Tiger Foot Immune from landscape damage
おまじない Lucky Charm Double chance to get chest from monsters
2 General メガ Mega 15 Damage all enemy around you and push them away 4
ドレイン Drain 15 A black magic that life drain on enemy.
クレイトロンファイア Hellfire (ClayTronFire) 10% Damage everyone on the screen including yourself
ミュート Mute 50% Silence (ban magic) everyone on screen including yourself
バリア Barrier 20 Immune from one attack including traps
リパルション Repulsion (Ripper Sun) 50% All monsters vanished and stop respawn for ten seconds
デルダン Derudan (Exit) 20-999 Return to town. Must be fully charged
Recovery ケアル Cure 10% HP restore
エスナ Esuna 10% Remove negative status
レストレーション Restoration 20% Recover stats and weakness status
Support ヘイスト Haste Increase Movement speed 5
ソウルスティール Soul Steal Recover a few HP and MP after killing an enemy
マインドソード Mind Sword Weapon damage = your current magic stat 4
アイス・アックス Ice Axe 8% Add ice attribute for axe, increase damage vary from player level
チル・タッチ Chill Touch Decrease enemy damage if they don’t have ice attribute resistance, combat(melee/hand only?) use 5
レイス・ストライク Wraith Strike (Ray Strike) 10% Weapon will ignore enemy defense
ドゥーム・ストライク Doom Strike (Deadly Strike) 13% Critical hit become deadly strike
ムーンセイバー Moon Saber When weapon hit target, convert 10% damage to HP
リーフセイバー Leaf Saber When weapon hit target, convert 6% damage to MP
ボディ・オブ・ウォー War Form (Diamond-Prot-Slow) Increase damage 1.5 times, take 50% less physical damage, decrease enemy attack 20 point, but also decrease your movement speed
レジストファイア Resist Fire Reduce enemy fire attribute attack to 1/3
レジストコールド Resist Cold Reduce enemy ice attribute attack to 1/3
レジストライトニング Resist Lightning Reduce enemy lighting attribute attack to 1/3
レジストエレメンツ Resist Elements Reduce enemy all three magic attribute attack 1/3
ブリンク Blink 10% 50% chance to ignore enemy physical attack
スペル・レジスタンス Magic Resistance 10% 50% chance to ignore enemy magic attack
デス・ウォード Death Ward Increase resistance to terror and weakness status attack
C・フィールド Copy Field 10% Gain beaten enemy stats for a period of time
ペネトレーション Penetration 15 Ranged weapon can penetrate 4
クイック Quick Increase charging speed 5
シーブズ・アイ Shibuzu Eye Ignore hidden traps, when you are not attacking
3 General ホーリー Holy 80 Holy attribute ancient magic 4
パワーワード・キル Power Word: Kill 44 Kill <130HP enemy instantly
ガードオファ Guard-OFF 80 Decrease enemy spirit and defense 5
インビンシブル Invincible 50% Invulnerable for 10 seconds 4
クリエイション Creation 50 Spend experience point to build item
マジック・エンジン Magic Engine 50 Spend experience point to learn magic
マジックマトリックス Magic Matrix Get Lv1 and Lv2 magic that worth 5PB, but your MP auto regeneration will stop
Recovery パナシア Panacea 20% Full HP recover and remove all negative status except weakness
Support グラス・ストライク Shattering Strike 40% Charging attack become deadly strike
ドラゴンスケイル Dragon Scale Take 50% less physical and magical damage, and reduce all three magic attribute attack 1/3 5
D・アンカー Dimensional Anchor Block teleport 4