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Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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Accessing Debug mode

There are two items that allow access to the in-game debug mode: Girl's Secret Diary (Item ID 0001) and Debug Tool (Item ID 0199).

Both items can be easily found on the second floor of the Ray-On Village inn. The secret diary is on the desk of the left-most room; whereas the debug tool is in the right-most room, inside the chest on the left.

To access the cheat mode from the diary , open up the Items menu, then use Girl's Secret Diary'. Debug Menu should be the fourth option there. If it's the first time you're accessing the debug mode in this save game, the game will ask you to confirm twice.

To access the debug mode from the debug tool, open up the Items menu and then use Debug Tool. If it's the first time you are accessing the debug mode in this save game, the game will ask you to confirm once.

While it seems more direct to use the debug tool to access debug mode, the secret diary is always the first item in your inventory, whereas the debug tool can be pretty far down if you have many items. Thus often it is more convenient to just use the secret diary.

New Debug Menu

The entire debug menu is now completely translated, but its contents are described here nonetheless.

Page 1

HP/MP/EX/status recovery options
Emergency Avoidance
Deals damage and knockback to all enemies on screen
No-Clip · Go to MAP
Options for noclip, teleport to coordinates/Map ID, choose town/dungeon from list

Page 2

State Change · Switch
Options for Status change, Enemy Spawn ON/OFF, Immortal mode ON/OFF, Two button mode ON/OFF
Character change
Options for character change, character browse, delete all character data (Second door in Ray-On Village inn performs the same actions)

Page 3

Item · Magic · Gold
Options for bebug shop, infinite magic, Get item by ID, set gold
Status Operation
Options for edit level, edit stats, edit mystic armor abilities

Page 4

Battle Animation
Portrait animation debug
Sound Mode
Sound player debug
Ressurect Boss
Resurrect bosses from a list

Page 5

EX Damage Scaling
sets EX damage multiplier
Change Persona
Normal human / Slave girl / Reincarnation
Sensitivity · H-Abilities
Options for setting sensitivy scores and toggling H-Abilities

Page 6

restore front/rear virginity
Life Science Remodel Reset
Reset to 0 remodels / 10 remodels / under construction
Edit charm/loli degree/bitch digree/sadomasochism

World Map Debug

After you have entered debug mode, you can unlock almost every world map location by moving the cursor to the bottom right of the world map. Some world locations such as 悪魔の店 - The place on the flyer aka Devil's Store may remain hidden even with the cheat.