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Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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A list of different trap types. Most traps give your character negative status, see Status for details.

Visible/Fixed traps

Ether Eater

RyonaRPG Ether Eater.png
  • Location: Rocky Mountain Cavern zone 1 map 146
  • Effects: Takes some of your mana potions
  • Note: fixed location, but very difficult to see.


  • Location: Rocky Mountain Cavern zone 4 map 165
  • Effects: Captured, drain HP and MP slowly, causes Paralysis or ???, and removes all items
  • Note: Only found in water, don't walk on the spot that looks odd.

Spinning Saw

RyonaRPG Spinning Saw.png
  • Location: Deep inside Undersea Temple
  • Effects: Causes Bleeding/出血, deals damage, and pushes the character to the direction it is going to
  • Note: Their moving speed and path is fixed, but if you are stuck between two saw or in a dead end there is no way to escape. Also there is a different type of saw that will chase you and have similar effects and greater damage, you can find them in Undersea Temple and Execution Tower, although it only have 80 hp but it is not possible to destroy them.

Sparking Rod

RyonaRPG Sparking Rod.png
  • Location: Deep inside Undersea Temple
  • Effects: You will keep taking damage and Paralysis when you step on water, if the rod pierce through you, will take about 50~100 damage and have Bleeding, Fallen status
  • Note: The rod will reappear at random spot.

Swing Axe

RyonaRPG Swing Axe.png
  • Location: Forgotten Mansion indoor
  • Effects: Deals 100 damage , causes Bleeding, Fallen
  • Note: At the sides of the mansion there are some storage room, if you see blood on the floor, don't step on it.

Tentacle Bed

RyonaRPG Tentacle Bed.png
  • Location: Bug Labyrinth special zone (accessible after you finish the dungeon and cheat to go at second room), Rotten Sea Nosurei
  • Effects: Drain HP and MP quickly, attack all part of you body (lose virgin), remove all items, Captured (You will be Bleeding when you lose virgin, and Tired after orgasm)
  • Note: They still able to get you even you equip anti capture item, cannot equip anything afterward because of the Tired status, that make you very vulnerable. Special ending if you have been captured for a long time (can be rescued). Most of them are inactive, only some of them will attack you, and they only grab the prey at certain spot (e.g. if it only grab the prey at its left side, you are safe to stand in front of it)

You can also find them in Torture Chamber - a secret room inside Ray-On Village's grocery store, needs Key to Love Nest found in Undersea Temple to enter (MAP ID 0034).

Hidden traps

Animal Trap


  • Location: Execution Tower
  • Effects: Captured, deals damage
  • Note: This trap also triggers chained pictures for characters who have one, works similar to the Animal Trap.

Petrification Gas

  • Location: Execution Tower
  • Effects: Game Over after 5 hits.
  • Note: After 5 hits from the petrification gas, character turns into stone.

Poison Arrow

Flower's Scent

Floor Spikes

Sticky Mucus

Tear Gas

Seal Magic circle

Invisible Blade

Electric shock

Delta Horse

RyonaRPG Delta Horse.png
  • Location: Forgotten Mansion indoor (lobby and hallway, also inside the rooms), Undersea Temple floor 3 map 11, Execution Tower
  • Effects: Deals damage, causes ???
  • Note: This trap also triggers wooden horse pictures for characters who have one. Undersea Temple's delta horse does higher damage and also decreases MP.


RyonaRPG Tentacle2.png
  • Location: Bug Labyrinth (very few)
  • Effects: Captured, drain HP and MP slowly, causes Paralysis or ???, and removes all items
  • Note: Once you discover this trap it just look like sticky mucus, sometimes you may need their help if you are infected by parasite, they can remove them for you!

Spider web

RyonaRPG Spider Web RyonaRPG.png
  • Location: Bug Labyrinth
  • Effects: Captured
  • Note: There are lots of web in bug labyrinth, anti capture item is a must.

Giant bug

  • Location: Bug Labyrinth
  • Note: Fall into the stomach of a giant bug, its digestive juice quickly reduce your HP and the monsters there have powerful attack. You need to kill the brown anemone-like monsters to force the giant bug to vomit and release you.

Meat Rope

  • Location: Squirming Cave, Magician's Retreat
  • Effects: Equips a Meat Rope in your armour slot, Captured
  • After the first time it activates, it looks like Mucus/A tentacle trap on the ground, with the exception of the one in the Magician's Lair, which can be found in the sewage.

Random Trap

  • Location: Demon Castle Goddamn
  • Effects: Flame Flare (deals high damage), Spark Floor, Invisible Blade, Mystical Flower Fragrance, Servant Princess's Shackles (equips Princess's Manacles in the weapon slot, fallen, increases EX), Magic Sealing Collar (Doesn't function properly - Fallen + Silenced), Poison Arrow, Magic Seal
  • This trap deals one of the above effects every time you stand on it. Additionally, you can never see it on the ground, even after activation.