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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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Also see the newbie guide


  • - Movement
  • Z/Enter/Space - Attack / Confirm / Interact
  • X/C/Esc/V/B/N - Open menu / Cancel
  • Shift - Magic
  • Z while holding Shift - Switch Magic
  • Z + X: Toggle strafing (locks your character's facing)
  • Hold Z - Charge attack. Fills power gauge until released.
  • Hold Shift - Charge spell. Fills power gauge until released.
  • F4 - Toggle Full screen / Windowed
  • F12 - Return to main menu (all unsaved progress will be lost)

Menu Options

By default, when you press the Open menu / Cancel button, you get a choice between Normal Menu and Special Menu.

Later on, you can change the method of accessing Special Menu via Girls Secret Diary (Options → Special menu settings)

Normal Menu

The Normal Menu is the normal RPGmaker game menu. It is completely translated and self-explanatory;

  • Items: your entire inventory
  • Abilities: your abilities
  • Equipment: your equipped items
  • Save: save game
  • End game: quit to title

Special Menu

The special menu is only partially translated.

  • Items (disabled)
  • Abilities: This menu allows you to disable passive abilities, should you so wish.
  • Magic: The first choice in this menu allows you to select your active magic spells (Regular Magic, Enchant Magic, Reactive Magic, Support Magic)
  • Options: This menu allows you to choose some game options; the same options can be changed via Girls Secret Diary, which is completely translated.


The interface bars
  • "H" Bar: Displays your current HP, health points. Game over when 0.
  • "M" Bar: Displays your current MP, magic points. Needed for magic.
  • "E" Bar: Displays your current EX, ecstasy damage. When it reaches max your character will orgasm.
  • "P" Gauge: Power gauge. Hold down the Attack or Magic key to charge up your attack/spell.
    • Attack power increases with gauge.
    • When maxed, performs a special attack.
    • Yellow charge indicates a physical attack, while green charge indicates magic.
      • At high weapon proficiency levels, you can charge an attack up to 4 levels (yellow → light orange → dark orange → red) for increased effect or different special attack.
    • The attacks vary weapon to weapon (or the equipped magic).
      • See Equipment for a list of basic special attacks of by weapon type.
      • See Magic for a list of spells.

Character Creation

Character Selection screen

This is where you select your character. Move the hand cursor around with . Selecting a character with the Confirm/Interact key (Z/Enter/Space) will allow you to see what their names and descriptions are. If you do not wish to select that character then you can cancel the option with the Cancel key (X/C/Esc/V/B/N).

They characters are split into 4 playable classes; Soldier, Magic, Hybrid and Other. Selecting the big blue box shows other classes. See the characters page for a more in-depth guide.

At the start of the game you are taken straight to the character selection menu. The right hand corner displays the classes of which those champions you see here, by clicking on it, it will change class screens and will display more characters in a different role.

Note: Characters without the little box labeled "OK" next to them do not have portrait pictures.

Standard Questions

Once you have finished selecting your desirable character, you will be then given a number of choices. You can change most of these settings later on via debug mode in game.

Some character also have extra questions in addition to these standard questions, such as multiple portrait choices.

Change name (Japanese characters only)

  • Yes: Open name editing page, go to bottom right corner select 決定 to close the window.
  • No: Next question

Please choose a difficulty

  • Ordinary (Normal)
  • V-Max (Easy)
  • Demon (Mania mode) (Hard))
  • Char Aznable (Newtype Difficulty) (Mobile Suit Gundam Reference, Insane Difficulty)

Normal or Easy mode are recommended for new players.

Enable Save Anywhere?

Without save snywhere on, you can only save in inns or with a special item.

  • ON
  • OFF

Character speech ON/OFF

  • ON (game tempo is lost): (You'll see an on-screen dialog of your characters thoughts when in Pain/Ashamed/etc. This option slows down the game A LOT)
  • OFF: (it is better to turn this off)

Display picture animations

This setting controls whether your standing portait is visible or not.

  • Yes
  • No

What type of girl do you prefer?

Pick how sexual your character is.

  • Nothing but a bitch: (45 base weakness points and Sexual Feeling starts at 5)
  • Normal Girls: (25 base weakness points)
  • Frigid girl: (15 base weakness points)
  • Slave (for advanced users): (Start in slave mode with almost all H abilities; also start with 40 base weakness points, Sexual Feeling of 10 and Sensitivity of 10 in all body parts)

Determine the increase in sensitivity points

Sets the sensitivity of your character's erogenous zones.

  • Manual
  • Manual - GUI
  • Auto: Distributes your weakness points randomly.

Refer to H abilities page for an explanation of the sensitivity points.

Many characters will begin with adjustments to various body weakness points over and above the base amount that the Girl's type adds.

Pregnancy - Birth event system

  • On
  • Off

Do you want to see the controls / display?

Better skip it, you can check the details right here on this page.

  • Yes
  • No


  • See the opening: Your character starts at Forest of Fate. Note that the monsters you're fighting won't give you any gold or experience. You can interact with the sparkling dot at the northeast to end the scene early.
  • Skip the opening: Start at Ray-On Village.

Switching Characters

There is no need to start a new game to switch character as you can play multiple characters in one save. Enter the Ray-On Village inn and go to the second door on the right. The first option will allow you to switch characters. Other locations in the game such as the player's house in Capital City Avalon also allow for character changes.

Note: Unconscious girls will remain unplayable until they're rescued.

Character Rescue system

The game doesn't always end when your health drops to 0. Instead your character will faint and you'll be given two options: Switch Character or Quit. If you switch, your unconscious character will be left on or near the same map. Unrescued characters will be grayed out, and will remain unplayable until rescued. To rescue a girl, simply walk into them to pick them up. Next, return to the RAY-ON village inn and talk to the clerk. Now when you switch characters, the girl will now be selectable.

Be quick! As time goes on, all unconscious characters will slowly lose experience. If a character is reduced to 0 experience, they'll be captured and put on the slave market, where you'll have to pay to get them back. The character you choose for the rescue will inherit all items and cash, however they will remain at the level you last left them. Therefore, it's recommended to train at least two characters equally. If the character in need of rescuing has been enslaved and what-not, their equipped items will still be on them.