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These items (with the exception of the Beast's Egg) are impossible to remove without help and will infest your character, continuously H-attacking them. They can be useful if you want to increase your character's sensitivity or gain H abilities.

  • Other than the Riverblossom Slime, they can be bought from the accessory merchant in RAYON if you are a slave, dog, cat or wearing the Ears and Tail Set item obtainable from the consumable merchant.
  • Parasites can also be obtained by walking into eggs on the ground (present in the Bug Labyrinth and Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins), as part of the attack of some enemies (e.g. Boss in Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins) and from opening trapped chests (some are present in the Demon Castle Goddamned). Lastly, if a full slave talks to the little girl in RAYON, they will gain a random parasite.
  • The Riverblossom Slime can be aquired by destroying a green slime or other slime-based enemy with a melee attack (e.g. some mimics, some slimes such as the blue ones in the Magician's Retreat). Note that if you are immune to slime, such as via a ribbon or purifying ankh, this will not happen.
  • Slimes and parasites won't be force equipped through these events if your character is wearing the Invasion Insect or Rubber Biosuit.
Name Slot Price Attack Effects
Cillia Parasite 3 $200 Breasts, Nipples Increases EX, eventually causes character to lactate
Tube Parasite 5 $300 Anus Lose anal virginity, Increase Ex
Sea Anenome 3 $100 Breasts, Nipples Increase Ex, Causes Lactation
Binding Parasite 1 $1 Replaces Weapon
Leeching Parasites 4 $200 Clitoris Increase Ex, eventually turns character into a hermaphrodite
Meat Rope 3 $1 Body, Vagina, Anus Reduce Movement speed, Increase Ex
Catheter Parasite 5 Urethra Increases EX, Makes character more likely to pee on stimulation or orgasm
Mycetozoan Parasite 4 Anus Increases EX
Beast's Egg 5 $1332 Increases EX, Slows Character, Raises Vagina Sensitivity
Riverblossom Slime 5 Breasts, Vagina, Anus Increases EX, Slows Character, Can cause pregnancy
Note: slot 1 = Weapon, 2 = Off-hand, 3 = Armor, 4 = Sub-armor, 5 = Accessory

In addition to this, some additional parasites have been found. They have decent stats, fit into the armour slot and provide resistance to one element. They can be obtained from the little girl's slave event and possibly from eggs as well (need more information).

Removing Parasites

Parasites can be removed by talking to the nun in Ray-On Village's church or in the Hidden Town on the Eastern Continent. Doing it this way will increase the character's EX and reduce them to 1 HP and mana. Alternatively, the priest at Ray-On Village may be paid to remove them specifically, or one of the scientists at the Life Sciences Laboratory in Slave City Shrike who will remove them and pay you as well.

The rare Stripping Spirit item obtainable from the first room of the Bug Labyrinth and the Night City Casino (the latter for 3,000 gold) may also be used to remove parasites and cursed items.

Bloody Death Disease

In the Life Sciences Laboratory's Applied Entomology Laboratory (fourth door at the northwestern section of the main lab), there is an open cell at the back with a "First Time" Cure inside represented by a shiny dot. Slave characters entering this cell will be trapped inside and suffer the devoured by carnivorous insects bad end; normal characters however may collect this item. Upon doing so the character will remark about seeing something small but dismiss it as just her imagination. At this point she is considered infected.

The infection progresses every time they sleep, with two gradual changes in monologue indicating progression. The character will lose her virginity while being sexually stimulated (be careful as this may cause the character to be stuck in an endless loop instead). At one point during the final stages of the disease the character will start hearing chaotic voices; choosing to ignore them will eventually result in death, while listening to them will cause the infection to transform her into an Arachne.

To cure the infection, the character has to visit the Physiological Botany Laboratory (second door) and consume the leaves of the deworming plant grown in the northeastern section of that lab. Information about the plant may be found in the book about the disease located on the second bookshelf from the left of the library door in the Life Sciences Laboratory although this is not strictly necessary to access the cure.