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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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RyonaRPG is an open source erotic RPG using the RPG Maker 2000 engine, which is a spin-off of another project called RyonaSaga.

The term ryona comes from ryonanī (リョナニー), a portmanteau of ryōki (猟奇, "Seeking the bizarre") and onanī (オナニー, masturbation).


Game: RyonaRPG (RyonaRPG) [No Official Website]
Company: RSaga [No Official Website]
Release date: 2009 initially, ongoing project
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[No HF Patch]

Current translation status 45%

See RyonaRPG Translation Project - Feel free to help!

Useful Links

[Official RyonaRPG Discord] (English & Japanese)

[Latest RyonaRPG Discussion Board] (Japanese) *Active

[Official RyonaRPG Website] (Japanese)

[Latest RyonaRPG Core Versions] *Latest Core Version is core0154.7z + core0155.7z (2 part zips)

[Latest RyonaRPG Patches]


  • A computer with system locale set to Japanese or using the locale emulation program: [Link here]

The Region window can be accessed through the Language Applet of the control panel (Which can be accessed from File Explorer, from using Search etc.). Go to the Administrative tab of the window, click Change system locale, set the system locale to Japanese and reboot the PC.

The RTP is no longer needed since Core version 142, as it is now included in the game.