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Here be Robot Maids

Laputa Floating Continent (浮遊大陸ラピュタ) is a continent floating in the sky with ruins and robot maids. Also, teleport crystals.

How to Get Here

  • Not on the world map, access by buying a ticket from a maid in Lemuria, then talk to a guard that is standing dear a flying ship in the same map.
  • In newer versions (revision 836 - 2012-08-12) you need to press shift in the world map after buying the ticket to get to Laputa
    • The ticket is consumed on use


The Whole Area

  • Don't complete this area without the quest. You can't get to the boss zone again.
    • The quest is received from the top floor of the Magic guild in Capital Avalon (Must have defeated 4 or more bosses).
  • You get to different maps by touching crystals.


  • All outdoor areas except for the zone you arrive on have poison gas. Bring a Pendant of the Star from one of the shops in RAY-ON village.
  • The canopy (trees) is above your character. There may be paths under it
  • If you can't find new places to go, look for switches.
  • In exterior areas, red crystals mostly lead where you want to go.
    • I think the first red crystal is the only one you can return from without beating the boss.


  • In ruins areas, all crystals are red.
  • To unlock the dark red crystals, you must flip switches in the ruins.
  • This particular red crystal leads to a bad-end area; recognize it by the stationary red-headed robot-maid:
  • The boss is behind a yellow crystal.
  • When you beat the boss, the green crystals disappear.
  • When you beat the boss, be sure to collect the item to the north before exiting via the crystal to the north-east.
    • In latest versions the boss drops the Cylindrical Heart
  • After beating the boss, do not immediately go to the village on the continental divide via the sky; it might not work properly. (I got a bug and had to burn a ticket to get off the sky map)