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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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Different VillageTrap CaveRotten Sea NosureiSuspicious TempleDemon Shop (the place on the flyer)Bug LabyrinthExecution TowerDemon Castle GoddamnedMelbel Public SchoolSacred Mountain Border / To East ContinentMelbel City / Ruins of MelbelVillage Attacked by BeesForest of FateLabyrinth GardenTemple of TrialsRAY-ON VillageMagician's hideoutNearby ForestIwayamas CavernForgotten MansionIsland ColosseumCapital AvalonLemuria Slave MarketUndersea TempleDisused FactorySquirming CaveSlave City ShrikeCheat: Reveal MapLarge Dwarven Tunnels / To East Continent
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RyonaRPG Central Continent World Map
SchwarzMädchenLake EmirisuLionel Castle ChurchConcealed Town :HiddenSacred Mountain Border / To Central ContinentLarge Dwarven Tunnels / To Central ContinentGirls' HouseTreasury in SuburbsHall of the Dead-MyurondoCave of Flesh-eating ghostDokuno Falls - Dokuno MarshlandBandit's Forest/Devil's ForestAncient Library
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RyonaRPG East Continent World Map
Chizotto VillageLaputa Floating Continent
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RyonaRPG Sky Map

West Continent

The main world map of RyonaRPG.


Non-fighting areas, blue icons on map.

RAY-ONの村 - Ray-On Village

  • Accessible at the beginning of the game

闘技場 - コロセウム - Island Colosseum

  • Unlocked by talking to woman in the church of Ray-On village (cannot unlock if your character is a slave)

奴隷都市シュライク - Slave City Shrike

File:RayonRPG - Bottle guy.jpg
The guy with bottle
  • Unlocked by talking to man at Ray-On village pub, by the bar in front of a beer bottle if a slave.
  • Non-slave characters can unlock by talking to the black market dealer at night in 洗脳都市メルベル (Meruberu).

生命科学研究所 - Life Science Institute

  • Not on the world map, hidden inside Slave City Shrike
  • Accessed by talking to a man in a black suit at night in 洗脳都市メルベル (Meruberu), buy the ID off him. Then go to Slave City Shrike and talk to the woman standing in front of the door. Enter the building then go to the bookcase closest to you to find the hidden doorway.

悪魔の店 - The place on the flyer

  • Unlocked by finding the flyer (チラシ) found in "zone 5" of the 岩山の洞窟 (Iwayamas Cave) dungeon.

首都アバロソ - Capital Avalon

  • Unlocked by talking to a Father in the eastern section of the 忘れられた邸宅 (Forgotten Mansion)

洗脳都市メルベル - Brainwashed City Melbel

  • Unlocked by defeating boss of 廃墟メルベル - Ruins of Melbel

メルベル公立学院 - Melbel Public School

  • Unlocked in Brainwashed City Melbel once you've completed the main events, Talk to the Hypno in the kings bedroom on two separate nights.

レムリア奴隷市場 - Lemuria Slave Market

  • Unlocked by interacting with poster in coliseum inside the right room
    • or by talking to man on horseback in シュバルツメドヘン (Schwarz(es) Mädchen)
  • Can buy captured and "lost" characters from the slave auction by talking to the pig. He won't talk to you if the person being auctioned is not a playable character.

異種村 - Different Village

  • Unlocked by talking to Dragon in Avalon pet shop while being a monster girl (Dog, Cat, Bee, Lamia)
  • Village composed of monster girls.
  • Will only offer services (inn, shops) if character is a monster girl.


Any area where you fight and can die, red icons on map.

無想の森 - Forest of Fate

  • Accessible at the beginning of the game
  • Cannot gain experience and coins from monsters.
  • You will go back to inn if you lost the fight, but your weapon and armor/cloth will be damaged

古代の試練場 - Temple of Trials

  • Accessible at the beginning of the game
  • You will go back to inn if you lost the fight, but your weapon and armor/cloth will be damaged
  • First floor is safe from monsters, has a magic HP/MP recovery circle, no town area restrictions so you can change cast magic, clothing freely, etc.

初心者だんじょん - Newbie Dungeon

  • Not on the world map. Enter from Ray-On village, inside Newbie House.
  • Note: 50G is required to enter the newbie house, additional 100G to enter the dungeon. Will ask for money, but you can ignore her.

裏通り - Back streets

  • Not on the world map. Enter from Ray-On village, between the Newbie House and the Weapon Store.
  • Fainting here results in the back alley rescuable H game over (see H events page).

近くの森 - Nearby Forest

  • Unlocked by talking to man at Ray-On village inn 2nd floor
  • Crystal can be found behind a tree outside the goblin cave.
  • Fainting in the goblin cave results in a game over.

蠢く洞窟 - Squirming Cave

  • Accessible at the beginning of the game(?)
  • Full of stripping+sexual traps (that can strip even cursed equipment and parasites)
  • Incomplete as of rev861 (2013-12-13), talk to the butterfly on 3rd floor to exit

迷宮庭園 - Labyrinth Garden

This guy sells info on 4 dungeons
  • Unlocked by paying 50G to a guy at Ray-On village pub, by the bar
  • Areas are randomly generated but follow a general pattern; monsters get harder as you get closer to the "centre"
  • Using level 2 general magic (リパルション/repulsion) to stop monsters to respawn make things a lot easier.
  • One of the 4 herbs for a quest in the life science institute can be found here.
  • Master Sword (1h sword with ranged attack, 2h sword special and good stats) can be found here.

海底神殿 - Undersea Temple

  • Unlocked by paying 100G to a guy at Ray-On village pub, by the bar

蟲毒の迷宮 - Bug Labyrinth

  • Unlocked by paying 100G to a guy at Ray-On village pub, by the bar

処刑塔 - Execution Tower

  • Unlocked by paying 200G to a guy at Ray-On village pub, by the bar
  • Incredibly dangerous
  • Getting hit by 5 Petrification Gas traps leads to a game over
    • They are incredibly hard, but possible, to avoid with Floating/Caution. Vigilance doesn't seem to work.
  • Some chests in the central area can be looted and then teleporting out with level 2 general magic "Exit"
  • Only some characters (soldier-type?) are strong enough remove the jammed spear trap in west area and proceed that way

蜂に襲われた村 - Village attacked by Bees

  • Unlocked by talking to lady on 2F of Ray-ON Inn after unlocking 海底神殿 - Undersea Temple
  • Access to bee transformation.

岩山の洞窟 - Iwayamas Cavern

  • Unlocked by finding eastern exit of 近くの森 - Nearby Forest

あやしい寺院 - Suspicious Temple

  • Unlocked by paying 1000G to the guy in the church of Ray-On, wearing a cloak and to the left

忘れられた邸宅 - Forgotten Mansion

  • Unlocked by reading book in the RAY-ON item shop basement (requires key from Underwater Temple)
  • Dangerous dungeon, contains many ghosts and monsters that grapple
  • Plant and cat-girl transformations available here.
  • Unlock Capital Avalon here

廃墟メルベル - Ruins of Melbel

  • Unlocked by by talking to princess in Lemuria Slave Market inn, which is easier for non slave characters.
  • May also be unlocked by talking to the soldier in Avalon's inn after defeating 2 bosses.

魔城ガッデム - Demon Castle Goddam

  • Access by talking to the barkeep in 潜む町ヒドゥン - Concealed Town :Hidden
    • Flyer in RAY-ON Church was removed in a recent update.
  • Lots of nasty traps with parasites and slimes, though lots of equipment can be found here; a good amount of it is cursed but a lot of it is powerful. A lot of chests are fake and contain parasites.
  • Mind Control Device needed for a quest can be found here (requires Chain Flail).

生命科学研究所 - Life Science Institute basement

  • Go to 2/F floor and you will find the entrance near red face npc, you need to defeat the boss, yourself, to leave this dungeons. Beware, the monsters there are pretty powerful. Learning level 1 support magic that adds elemental effects (aka フレイムセイバー/Flame saber , アイスセイバー/Ice Saber, サンダーセイバー/Thunder Saber ) is an effective way to increase your chances.
  • The black slimes are invulnerable and if they catch you, they will put on you a metal chastity belt that keeps increasing EX and prevents urination. Talk to the ghost scientist in one of the rooms (keep going the stairs, you will eventually find him in a small room) to remove. Alternatively, a remote can be found that can turn the belt on and off, and several belt-related things (remote upgrades, belt removal) can be found in ゴーグ機構基地 - Gorg Organization Base.
  • Going through the dungeon is the only way for a slave character that got registered into slave city shrike to escape the laboratory. You cannot come back afterwards, so be sure to get access to Brainwashed City Meruberu and Magician's hideout before leaving.

魔術師の隠れ家 - Magician's hideout

  • Get access by talking to the mage on the 2nd floor of Slave City Shrike's inn. Branches into three dungeons (wife museum, dead girl resting place, evil wizard hideout)

ローラント地下監獄 - Roland Underground Prison

  • Not on world map. Entrance is located behind one of the graves in RAYON graveyard.
  • Unlocked by talking to martial artist on castle walls of Slave Market Lemuria, Then talking to the barkeep in RAYON village. the pirate in the RAYON pub.
  • Most enemies are undead physical attackers, Support magic Protect, protection from Bleeding accessory and 聖なるリング (Holy Ring) all recommended

ガストラ魔導遺跡 - Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins

  • Not on world map. Enter through teleporters located in Avalon Magic guild.
  • Unlocked by talking to Assistant Head of Avalon Magic guild after completing events in Roland Underground prison
  • Many parasite eggs located in the obvious paths, touching any of them will curse you with a random piece of parasite equipment.
  • Contains 2 bosses, Leaving the dungeon after beating the first one will permanently lock you out of the dungeon preventing you from fighting the second boss.
  • Only place to obtain the あやつりの輪 (ring of manipulation) マリオネットパウダー (Marionette Powder) and 冥府の魔符 (Rune of the dead) you need to complete the quest the Merebel head maid gives you.
  • あやつりの輪 can only be obtained by Terra or Celes, simply pick up the right most tiaria in the secret passage. This device contains enough mind control data to complete the quest by itself, Other characters must turn in any 2 of マリオネットパウダー, 冥府の魔符 and the, マインドコントローラ (Mind Controller) from 魔城ガッデム (Demon Castle Goddamn), this means either entering another dungeon, or leaving this one incomplete as you must choose between completing the dungeon and grabbing the rune of the dead.

廃工場 - Disused Factory

  • Unlocked by talking to an NPC in Ray-On's inn at night.
  • Keycard and the 1st battery for the elevator in the first room are both located at the bookshelf in the southeast room. There are two shelves with books and they are on the easternmost one.
  • 2nd battery is deeper in the facility, need to open two double doors from remote terminals.
  • Use a Rubber Suit to avoid a bad case of intestine parasites in the sewage area.
  • Console password is すんらみち or dialogue choices 1,2,4,1,3
  • On B2F, you will initially be chased by invulnerable Phalanx robot
    • Lure him to the incinerator northeast of the elevator
    • Terminal in south unlocks the incinerator control room
    • Password hint to the terminal is in west
  • B3F and B4F are incomplete as of rev861 (2013-12-13)

腐海ノースレイ - Rotten sea Nosurei

  • Unlocked by completing both 蟲毒の迷宮 - Bug Labyrinth & ガストラ魔導遺跡 - Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins, and then talking to insect monster in Ray-ON village pub. (3000G required)
  • Is not revealed using the map cheat in bottom-right corner.
  • Contains a lot of parasite eggs in clever places (e.g. right in front of you after area transitioning), tentacle beds that (unlike in the bug labyrinth) capture from any side, enemies with ranged attacks that inflict nasty status ailments and traps that eat recovery items 5-9 at a time - Vigilance 3 is almost mandatory.
  • Moving in the green water has a random chance of giving you a parasite; possibly nulled by using a rubber suit
  • Vermifuges (parasite removers) are hidden in bushes
  • Map is maze-like and loops around a lot
  • Chain and Sickle makes progress far easier
  • Correct paths are often hidden by bushes - you can move through bushes that don't have blue dots on them
  • In some parts of the dungeon, you cannot see things more than two tiles away
  • Some enemies (such as the giant plant mouth) have mucus attacks that can temporarily disable your inventory
  • The dungeon is incredibly long.
  • Eventually you will find a bog - in each area, you will find several bags. Some of them contain very valuable items, such as Soul Jar 0s that can store souls from certain enemies, Gold Ingots and Holy Woman's Medicine (reduces sensitivity of body parts and overall sensitivity, no side effects)
  • If you keep moving through the bog long enough, you will have the option to leave the dungeon - this takes a very long time.

国境の霊峰 - Sacred Mountain Border

  • Unlocked by talking to man with purple bandana in pub after defeating 2 bosses
  • Grants access to Eastern Continent after clearing
  • In order to fully clear this dungeon, you must first go up the mountain to Chizotto village and then back down through the pass on the east side of the village.

ドワーフの大トンネル - Large Dwarven Tunnels

  • Unlocked by talking to man with purple bandana in pub after defeating 2 bosses
  • Grants access to Eastern Continent after clearing
  • Some areas of the dungeon (including the final boss battle) are dark and you cannot see more than two tiles away without items like Demons Helm (sub-armor) or Midnight Eyes (consumable)

Eastern Continent

Accessed by clearing 国境の霊峰 - Sacred Mountain Border or ドワーフの大トンネル - Large Dwarven Tunnels


シュバルツメドヘン - SchwarzMädchen

  • Unlocked by clearing 国境の霊峰 - Sacred Mountain Border, possible also by ドワーフの大トンネル - Large Dwarven Tunnels
  • If playing as an escapee, unlocked by talking to red-haired woman in Hidden town pub.
  • Older saves will lose access to this location. Either complete Mountain border dungeon again, or use the debug menu via playtesting in rpgmaker2k to regain access.

エミリス湖 - Lake Emirisu

  • A castle sinking into a lake, not much to do here as of rev861 (2013-12-13).

ライオネル教会城 - Lionel Castle Church

  • Accessed by talking to sister in Avalon Church after meeting the priest in 忘れられた邸宅 - Forgotten Mansion.
  • ゴーグ機構基地 - Gorg Organization Base dungeon is hidden here

潜む町ヒドゥン - Concealed Town :Hidden

  • Unlocked by ?
  • 3 new locations can be unlocked by talking to people in the bar here (two at day, one at night)
  • The sick people in the underground ward can be healed with anchidotes gathered from ドクノー湿原]] - Dokuno Marshland
  • Orphanage in northwest is incomplete as of rev861 (2013-12-13)


国境の霊峰 - Sacred Mountain Border

  • Unlocked after clearing the dungeon from the west end
  • Leads back to west continent
  • Option to go back to 国境の霊峰 - Sacred Mountain Border's east end

ドワーフの大トンネル - Large Dwarven Tunnels

  • Unlocked after clearing the dungeon from the west end
  • Leads back to west continent

ゴーグ機構基地 - Gorg Organization Base

  • Accessed by examining the bathroom door in Lionel's inn five times.
  • The robotic enemies in the dungeon are tough, inflict a fairly large amount of damage and are immune to regular weapons.
  • There are a lot of generic traps randomly placed on each floor (in particular, electric floors, invisible blades and mystic flower fragrance).
  • In order to progress through the dungeon, you must use consoles that reduce security. The consoles must be used in order; the first one is located on the first floor.
  • Several consoles throughout the facility can change the elevator's orbit, allowing you to access new wings of the facility. At the "bottom" of the dungeon, you will find one of these consoles which will open the door to the boss room at the top of the facility.
  • Using the security consoles unleashes metal slimes (the chastity belt ones that are located in Shrike's dungeon) throughout the base.
  • A remote control for the slime chastity belts can be found - every time it is used, the battery power is reduced. Initially, it can only turn the belt on and off and allow excretion.
  • Early on in the dungeon you will find a console that can remove slime belts. This console also recharges the remote control and resets it if it is set to random or loss of control mode. Next to the console is a chest that can give your girl a slime belt.
  • The remote control can be upgraded deep in the facility. The upgraded remote has options such as a random setting, a high powered setting, disabling the remote control, forcing the belt to stimulate your girl's clit and forcing your girl to urinate.
  • Next to the remote control upgrader, there is a console that can be used to make the slime chastity belt permanent. Once this is done, it is absolutely impossible to remove.
  • The events after this dungeon are not finished as of rev861 (2013-12-13); defeating the boss gives no rewards.

女の子屋敷 - Girls' House

A demon stands on the table
  • Unlocked by talking to demon at Ray-On village pub, standing on a table (only at night).

郊外の宝物庫 - Treasury in Suburbs

  • Unlocked by paying 1000G to man at slots in シュバルツメドヘン Casino.
  • No enemies. Purely traps and puzzles.
  • Completion gives you access to the cat transformation.
  • The first puzzle is to find the entrance - go around the right side of the building; most of the hedges on the edge of the map are fake.
  • The second puzzle is to push the button marked don't push and then find your way out of the maze - the cloud-like orbs are the way out.
  • The third puzzle (after the maze of traps) is to push barrels onto each square. Once this is done, a bridge will open up where the first puzzle is. Note that you can fall into the maze if you step onto certain black squares during this puzzle.
  • The fourth 'puzzle' requires you to navigate between platforms; the platforms appear randomly and the floor will randomly spawn and despawn in regular intervals. The chest in the bottom right is a friendly mimic.
  • The fifth puzzle has you trapped in a room that is flooding with gas. At each point, every usable object is a trap except for one. Look on the back of the top right signboard for hints.
  • The hints are: Barrel third from the top (third row), Back of the third shelf from the right (top row), Back of the third wooden box from the bottom (second row) and The third lever from the left wall (the pull down switch in the middle of the second row). Once this is done, a bridge will open in the room with the barrel puzzle.
  • The sixth 'puzzle' is a room with different coloured floor tiles; some appear to have traps. Apparently, reaching the red tile on the mid-right opens the bridge. Note that approaching it from below will reveal a pitfall.
  • In the seventh puzzle room, you need to stand on the type of tile marked in the middle of the room.
  • In the eighth puzzle room, there are 4 crystals. The red one will impale your character, the white one will release petrification gas, the black one will cover your character in parasites and the yellow one will give your character a lightning shock and open the next area.
  • The (fake) treasure room also contains traps - the bags and gold bars in the top right are safe, however the chests will either contain treasure, give your character a parasite or explode, destroying nearby chests.
    • Taking or opening anything in this room and then leaving using the door will result in your character being killed by a pitfall. It may be possible to leave using magic or items, though this has not been tested.
  • The real treasure room can be found by going north from the bottom staircase; it's another invisible path. Inside the treasure room you will find a pair of cat ears that can be worn to transform your character into a cat.
    • Three of the chests are trapped; in the right cluster, the middle left chest is a mimic that can easily kill your character (you can't fight it because the area doesn't allow attacking). In the left cluster, the top right chest will equip a magic strap on your character (cursed item, prevents attacking, worth 2000G) and the mid-left chest will blast your character with gas that apparently does nothing.
    • There is a Soul Jar 16 that can be acquired by taking an invisible path south of the staircase.

ミュロンド死霊館 - Hall of the Dead-Myurondo

  • Unlocked by talking to woman with purple(brown?) hair in 潜む町ヒドゥン - Concealed Town :Hidden pub at night.
  • Contains powerful enemies including zombie girls with very large health pools and cloaked magicians with powerful ranged attacks.
  • Several hidden doors can be found throughout the dungeon; most seem to be hidden behind green banners.
  • At one stage, in order to progress, you must fall into a hidden pitfall. In order to escape, you must pull all of the levers in order; getting one wrong causes the area's enemies to respawn.
  • Some tiles that appear to be exits result in an instant game over - save often.

人喰い魂の洞窟 - Cave of Flesh-eating ghost

  • Unlocked by talking to man with purple bandana in 潜む町ヒドゥン - Concealed Town :Hidden pub.
  • You cannot leave once you enter the dungeon section.
  • Consists of a 3 level maze full of ghosts that shoot fire, lightning and ice; if a ghost moves onto your square they will cause your character to become tired, afraid or cause a game over. Simple map of the maze
  • Maze also contains mushrooms that will poison you if stood on
  • Impossible to complete without a weapon that can damage ghosts (such as the Mace (AD))
  • Morning Star can be found in the maze; final reward is a choice of a crystal, a prime blue, 2 Soul Jar 16s or the zombie transformation

ドクノーの滝・ドクノー湿原 - Dokuno Falls/Dokuno Marshland

  • Unlocked by talking to the infirmary matron in the Hidden Town.
  • Early on, there is an inn run by jellies. The yellow jelly sells stripping spirits for 3000gp each - this is the cheapest and most reliable way to get them. Enemies in Ancient Library also drop them.
  • The first part of the dungeon is a fairly linear series of cliffs. Insects will jump down to attack you, bats will randomly spawn and boulders will randomly fall; they do a large amount of damage if they hit you.
  • The second part is the marshland. There are 3 varieties of enemy here in 2 colours - the green slimes will try to poison you, the green men will burrow underground and surprise attack you and the green slime women will try to poison you with a ranged attack. The purple slimes will try to jump on you, the purple men turn invisible and try to attack you, and the purplse slime women fire ranged attacks at you. Any attack that hits you in this area will strip your armour slot and getting hit enough times without armour on will turn your character into a slime girl.
  • Walking through the slime water will trigger an event that strips your character's armour slot and can poison her.
  • Getting hit enough times in this area (needs confirmation - I'm sure it's the enemy attacks) will turn your character into a slime girl, though several events will happen before this.
  • Wearing a rubber suit or equivalent piece of equipment, such as a hydra suit or the rubber biosuit, will protect you from the slime accumulation to an extent.
  • In order to reset the slime accumulation progress, use a stripping spirit.
  • You need to have a potion on hand in order to make the "anchidote" item used for the quest. Bring a full stack of potions and try not to use them while collecting herbs.

野盗の森/悪魔の森 - Bandit's Forest/Devil's Forest

  • Unlocked by first unlocking both "Treasury in Suburbs" and "Cave of Flesh-eating Ghost" and then talking to man with purple bandana in Avalon's Pub.
  • Starts off as Bandit's forest, but eventually turns into Devil's Forest.

古代の図書館 - Ancient Library

  • Unlocked by ?
  • NPCs in the lobby area can give you some hints about the dungeon and its monsters.
  • Small room (behind the guy who tells you about the save books) contains hidden switches.
  • Summoned imps (召喚小悪魔) drop stripping spirits.
  • Examine blue books to swap between dimensions.
  • Your soul must swap between different bodies in the boss battle; try to find and free girls that have similar gear/skills as your own body.


Third world map area, the mountains and sky.


チゾットの村 - Chizotto Village

  • Unlocked by getting about halfway through 国境の霊峰 - Sacred Mountain Border
  • Accessed by either;
    • Walking through 国境の霊峰 - Sacred Mountain Border
    • Buying an airship ticket and accessing the skymap (press shift on world map with ticket in inventory.)


浮遊大陸ラピュタ - Laputa Floating Continent

  • Not on the world map.
  • Access by buying a ticket from a maid in Lemuria near an airship, press shift while in world map view to call the airship.