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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

List of Known Quests

Hot Spring Town

Guild Quests

  1. Goblin Extermination (500G, 80EXP, Repeatable)
  2. Delivery Work (300G, 50EXP)
  3. Bar Waitress (500G, 30EXP, Repeatable)
  4. Minotaur Extermination (5,000G, 250EXP)
  5. Journey Bodyguard (1,000G, 150EXP)
  6. Watching Children (1,000G, 150EXP)

When all 6 are done

  1. Bandit's hideout (1500G+1500G, 150EXP)
  2. Merchant Escort (2,500G, 500EXP)
  3. Rescue Ashley (5,000G, 300EXP)
  4. Goblin Queen Subjugation (800G, 100EXP)

Other quests

  1. Babysitting Followup
  2. Bellepher's Bitch (5,000G)
  3. Blood Brothers' Victim (150EXP)
  4. Nanako's House (100EXP)
  5. Succubus Training (30,000G)

Side note - Recommendation for quest progression:

Babysitter > Bar Waitress > Delivery Work > Goblin Extermination > Minotaur Extermination > Bodyguard Request.


Guild Quests

  1. Medical Herb Collection (500G, 70EXP)
  2. Bar Dance (800G, Repeatable)
  3. Sewer Investigation (1,200G, 300EXP)
  4. Garuda Eggs (3,000G, 450EXP)
  5. Murder Investigation (6,000G, 500EXP)
  6. Escort a girl (2,500G)
  7. Rescue at Wyvern Valley (9,500G, 1,000EXP)
  8. Rescue Eia (4,000G, 750EXP)

Other quests

  1. Sperm collection (5,000G)
  2. Enter Underground City
  3. Glory Hole
  4. Martial Arts Tournament
  5. Nemes' Realm
  6. New Guard Captain
  7. Rescue Rin
  8. Saving Sara (5,000G)
  9. Slum Waitress (3,000G)
  10. Working Girl (1,000G)
  11. Find Granddaughter
  12. Royal Invitation

Ryokan Bathhouse

  1. Catch the Rapist (2,000G)

Slave Market

  1. Buying Elmire

Serena specific quests

  1. Heirloom Investigation
  2. Milk for Scylla
  3. Noble's Treasure Talk
  4. Suspicious Brothel


  1. Visit Son's Grave (50EXP)
  2. Cow Milking (600G, 80EXP)
  3. Ghost Mystery (1,200G)
  4. I want to help that man (70,000G)

Recommended quest progression: Visit Son's Grave > Ghost Mystery ... Reason: Read in Ghost Mystery

Other quests

  1. Milking Machine (2,000G)
  2. Visit Son's Grave Sequence



Guild Quests

  1. Crybaby Ghost (700G, 50EXP)
  2. Inn Old Man's Request (500G, 50EXP)
  3. Lost Property (1,200G, 200EXP)

Other Quests

  1. Lost Memories


Guild Quests

  1. Procurement of chemicals (2,000G, 30EXP)

Underground Town

  1. Seventh Heaven

Orc Kingdom

  1. Animals Capture

Goblin Quests

  1. Capture Rin, the guard captain
  2. Capture Ashley, the ice mage
  3. Queen of the goblins