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Violated Heroine edit




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Quest Info


  • Speak with Royal Knight wandering around in the middle of the Main Gate in the Capital.
  • Head North through the Noble District until you reach the Castle Gates.
  • Talk to the Captain of Noble's Personal Army to the East.
  • Head into the Zone past the Guard's to the East.
  • Enter the House to the North, you will start a conversation with Gerbera and Liliana.
    • If you have not reached Rank 3 in the Arena you will be moved there.
  • After reaching rank 3 in the Arena return to Gerbera and Liliana's house and sit on the couch across from them. (This conversation is incomplete after talking about Martial Arts Tournament, rest of dialog seems to be included in Gerbera's chat in Enter Underground City)
    • Gerbera may be in Sara's House directly after this discussion giving the opportunity to get the missing dialog before heading to the magic circle.
  • Head to the basement of Gerbera and Liliana's house and use the magic circle. (The Quest is WIP from here on out and replaces/runs parallel with the Debug quest Enter Underground City)
  • You will be teleported to an Underground Cave and confronted with 3 Orcs.
    • Losing to the orcs will bring you to the Orc Kingdom Prison and trigger a rape scene leading to Ending No.XXX [Nanako's happiness? END]
  • Head South West to another magic circle.
    • A scene plays teleporting you back to the entrance of the Underground cave where a Ninja kills the Orcs.
  • Head South West to the magic circle again to arrive at Under World Entrance.
  • Head North to the Underground City, a Beastman will introduce you. (The quest runs alongside Seventh Heaven)