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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Frequently Asked Questions

This page serves the purpose to answer the questions a new player may have regarding the gameplay of VH.

Nanako's stats and how to raise/lower them

Mental Anguish/Mental State

  • How she ticks. Based on her mental state she starts to cry in the morning and later snaps. It'll change some H-scenes as she becomes more obedient and if that's the case her purity will lower by greater amount. You can break Nanako's will by:
    • Get raped in the toilet by sex offender, get pregnant (change is set to 80%) to further damage her psyche.
    • Have sex with the dog of the Fat Guy at the inn. Will damage her psyche.
    • Have gangbangs with in the Onsen. See H-events subsection for more details.
    • Getting raped usually damages her psyche by some degree.


  • Purity is important. Lots of H-scenes are based on Nanako's Purity level. A higher level means she can not engage in most of the more daring H-scenes. You can lower it if you:
    • Have Nanako strip off her clothes. Either strip off most of her clothes or let her walk around completely naked. She will complain at first because of all the people staring at her and the menu will open again. Just close it. Repeat this to lower her purity by -5.
    • Have sex with the dog of the rich guy at the inn. Will lower Purity faster than stripping (for the first time).
    • Have sex with the sex offender at the Bathhouse/Onsen inn after he raped Nanako. See H-events subsection for more details.
    • Repeatedly asking the Demoness to turn you into a Succubus in the Underground Cult will lower purity by -5 each time.


  • Nanako's Horny Level, you could say. It's also important for some H-scenes. To raise it:
    • Have Nanako take a arousal medicine before going to sleep at the inn. When she wakes up in the middle of the night have her enjoying herself with some masturbation. This will raise her desire.
    • Not 100% sure: in condition, when Nanako becomes automatically aroused in the morning without any need for the medicine (generally with desire values > 100) - both masturbation and sex during the night (when she wakes up) will decrease the desire. If you choose to not do anything, the desire will rise even more. This is as of build 110325, possibly there's something more to it. Also it seems, that low purity values (especially after wrapping around 0) will cause desire to rise itself faster/earlier. Will do more tests later.


  • Could also be named 'Looks' or 'Beauty'. Depending on this stat some NPCs will find Nanako very attractive and want to have sex with her. Raise it by:
    • Sleeping with the blue haired guy at the Onsen. Note: As of the February builds he no longer adds +5 Charm to Nanakos stats.
    • Having sex with the blue haired NPC located south-west in the New City

All of these stats can also be raised or lowered via the Debug Tool.

Another simple way to adjust the stats is to use books in one of the houses in the first town:

  1. Desire - rise with "top" closed book, decrease with the "middle" closed book
  2. Charm & Purity - rise both with the left bookshelf in the bottom room
  3. Desire & Purity - rise the former, decrease the latter - with the right bookshelf in the bottom room

Each read can be repeated, and adjusts the linked stat by 10 points.

Character Creation

As of version 120628 you have the option of advanced character creation. Nanako and Serena are officially customizable at creation, while Ashley is currently in testing. To start as Ashley, hold down the shift key while starting a new game.

The choices in order are:

  • Choose Character
  • Normal Mode/Debug Mode (Choosing debug mode does not give you the chance to use character creation)
  • Character Creation/No Character Creation (No idea what the stats are for a non created character, possibly just the default from when you could not create a custom one.)
  • Character creation choices:
    • Stats in parentheses are for Serena, while stats in square brackets are for Ashley, whenever they are different from Nanako.
  • 1. Choose birth sign, you will have to pick a number from 1 - 12 for month and then day 1 - 31 depending on the month.
  • For easy reference Aries can be selected as April 1st and each sign after the first of the next month.
Astrological Signs
Sign HP MP Atk Def Spirit Agility Purity Charm Lust
Aries 30(20) 100[300] 5 5 5 5 55(85)


Taurus 60(50) 100[300] 3 3 3 3 15(45) 25(55)[75] 60
Gemini 30(20) 100[300] 4 3 8 5 15(45) 50(80)[100] 35
Cancer 30(20) 100[300] 3 8 4 4 35(65) 15(45)[65] 50
Leo 20 100[300] 8 3 3 8 15(45) 60(90)[110] 25
Virgo 15 150[400] 3 3 3 3 90(120) 90(120)[140] 90
Libra 30(20) 100[300] 5 5 5 5 50(80) 35(65)[85] 15
Scorpio 20 100[300] 8 3 8 3 20(50) 55(85)[105] 25
Sagittarius 25(20) 100[300] 11 3 3 5 35(65) 45(75)[95] 20
Capricorn 45(35) 100[300] 3 3 3 8 33(63) 33(63)[83] 33
Aquarius 30(20) 125[350] 3 3 10 4 55(65) 35(65)[85] 10
Pisces 30(20) 100[300] 3 4 3 10 33(63) 33(63)[83] 33
  • 2. Choose blood type raises combat stats
Type Attack Defense Spirit Agility
A +2(1)[3] +4(2) +0 +7(5)[5]
B +7(5)[5] +0 +2(1)[3] +4(2)
O +0 +7(5)[5] +4(2) +2(1)[3]
AB +0 +2(1)[3] +7(5)[5] +4(2)
  • 3. Choices here raise combat stats a bit
Phrase 1 +5 HP +5(3) Agility
Phrase 2 +10 MP +5 Attack
Phrase 3 +3(1) Attack +5(3) Defense
Phrase 4 +5(3) Spirit +3(1) Agility
  • 4. Chose a skill for another combat stat increase
Teleport +3(1) Attack +5(3) Agility
Psychokinesis +5(3) Attack +3(1) Spirit
Ego Double +5(3) Defense +3(1) Agility
Invisible Man +3(1) Defense +5(3) Spirit
  • 5. Purity/Charm/Desire changes
Choice Purity Charm Lust Other
1 +10 +10 -5
2 -5 +15 +5 [Starts heavily pregnant if last option for question 7 selected]
3 -10 +5 +10
4 -15 +0 +10
  • 6. More Purity/Charm/Desire changes
Choice Purity Charm Lust Other
1 +10 +5 -10 Attack, Defense, Agility +3(0)[0, Spirit +15]
2 -5 +10 +10
3 -15 +5 +5 Oral Lv, Sex Lv, Anal Lv +1
4 -15 +0 +15
  • 7. Choose sexual experience level, top one is virgin all other choices give sexual experiance
Status Oral Lv Sex Lv Anal Lv Other
Decidedly a virgin +0 +0 +0
Already experienced +0 +1 +0 [Unavailable]
Quite experienced +3[8] +4[9] +0[2] [Starts out pregnant]
Rumored children +2[8] +3[9] +0[2] Has given birth [Starts out pregnant]
  • 8. These last 4 choices seem to effect the characters menstrual cycle.
  • I am unsure of what the exact bonuses for many of the choices are.

Levels of Nanakos Sex Organs

  • Depending on how often Nanako had sex, and where she has been penetrated, the stats of her private parts will change.
    • Mouth: There's no stretching level for her mouth. Can be raised by having oral sex (where the partner of Nanako ejaculates is not important, e.g. having the Innkeeper cum on her face will add points to Oral).
    • Vagina: Will be stretched to the maximum the more sex she had. After a gangbang her vagina may be widened to a high extend, however, it'll regenerate to the lowest level based on how often Nanako had sex. For example, if Nanako had a gangbang and vaginal intercourse for 150 times and her pussy being now in in full bloom (maximum stretching level), it'll only regenerate back to the level of having had sex 150 times (even with the Debug Tool!)
    • Anal: Same as above, won't regenerate to a level below the time she had sex. It's hard to raise the anal level as there's little anal sex in the game. Note: Right now no Hentai script includes code to raise Nanako Anal Level.
    • Womb: Displays how much semen is currently in your heroine's womb and whether she is currently pregnant or not. Semen can be cleared either by sleeping or using a toilet.
    • Resetting: you can reset the level of all of Nanako's sex organs by visiting the underground cult at nighttime and getting the special title from the succubus. In my playthrough I had all of her organs at level 1, upon taking the title and looking for changes I noticed they were all set back to 0.

Other Status

Hunger ???

Pee need ???


All the stances, besides the Normal, can be activated by holding Shift. They'll reduce all incoming damage, but be aware, enemies can still tear off your character's clothes while in the stance and you'll lose mobility while stanced. Also, all the stances gives you access to a special move which you can acquire using books sold in the game. All moves consome MP.

Nanako's Stances

  • Normal Stance - Allows you to use the Ki Blast move. Consumes 2MP. Taught by Book 2.
  • Front Gate Stance 正門の構え - Gives you access to use the Counter move. Hold shift to block and charge a punch. Taught by Book 3.
  • Back Gate Stance 裏門の構え - Allows you to attack while in the stance. Taught by Book 4.
  • Nameless Stance - Gives you a hard hitting melee attack that "forces life energy" into an enemy. Obtained at the end of the Onsen guild quest chain.
  • Secret Refinement - Allows "secret moves" at 1/3 hp. Obtained at level 20. Seems to be broken.
  • Secret Main Point - Allows "secret moves" at 1/2 hp. Obtained at level 30. Seems to be broken.

Serena's Stances

  • Natural Stance - Starting stance.? Consumes 20 MP.? old shift to prepare, release shift to cast a "full-screen" sound-wave spell. (Note: only enemies near a soundwave ripple will receive damage; creates four ripples in rapid succession as shown below)
. . . . . . . 
. . . . .3. . 
. . . . . . . 
. . . 1 . . . 
.2. . . . .4.
. . . . . . .
  • Ether Compression - Starting stance. Consumes 15 MP. Compress magical energy and release it. Hold shift to charge, releasing shift will drop a 'bomb' which will explode in several seconds, or can be launched in the direction of serena's facing by pressing attack [z]. (Note: Mana is not actually consumed until the bomb detonates!)

Ashley's Stances

  • Natural Stance - Starting stance. Consumes 12 MP. Hold shift to cast a full-screen 'ice storm' spell. Damage is not dealt over the whole screen, though. Unsure how targeting works.
  • Long range - Starting stance. Consumes 15 MP. Fires a shard of ice that blossoms into a large ice crystal after roughly 2~ seconds. Presumably still buggy, as it does not explode upon hitting an enemy. Explosion is considerably large. (Note: Mana is not actually consumed until the projectile detonates!)

Rin's Stances

  • Natural Stance - Starting stance. **This skill can charge twice, continue to hold shift until the charge bar fills red for level 2** (Note: Rin is not normally a playable character, but can be selected by changing the character to Rin with the monster in the monster house in the capital's residential district.)
(note: Rin's charge-skill seems unusable of she is stripped of any clothing [need confirmation].)

Lv 1 - Rin slashes forward once, then slashes as she returns back to the starting position. Can deal damage twice depending on where the enemy is positioned along the attack line. Consumes 5 MP.
Lv 2 - Same as level 1, but at the end she slashes forward again and faster. Appears to be able to deal damage 3-4 times, depending on where the enemy is positioned along the attack line. Consumes 10 MP. (Takes twice as long to charge to level 2 as it does to charge to level 1.)

Erika's Stances

  • Erika does not have any stances, but she does obtain a special move that is triggered by the Merchant Escort quest in Onsen Town.

Elmira's Stances (also applies to Benetta)

  • Natural Stance - Starting stance. Charge to cast one of four elemental full-screen spells. Consumes 10 MP. The spell that's triggered is based on the direction of the character's facing as follows:
Facing Left - 'Boulder storm?' spell. Boulders fly across the screen diagonally, damaging enemies they touch.
Facing Right - 'Ice storm?' spell. (Inferior to Ashley's ice storm spell) Shards of ice fall through the screen from top to bottom, damaging enemies they touch.? (targeting is weird)
Facing Up - 'Thunder storm?' spell. Creates many balls of lightning that zap enemies.? (targeting is weird)
Facing Down - 'Fire storm?' spell. Creates three walls of fire that burn enemies. (targeting is weird)

What does "RPG_RT_FATALMIX.exe" do?

Introduces some controls you cannot access by running the game normally. controls are:

[ RIGHT SHIFT ]    Skip messages

[ A ]              increase walking speed

[ S ]              decrease walking speed

[ F ]              clipping ON / OFF ( walk through everything)

[ G ]              random encounters ON / OFF (????)

[ Q ]              forced call save (force save?)

[ w ]              forced call menu

[ T ]              change weather ( to snow or to rain )

[ ALT + T ]        change strength of the weather

[ Y ]              mute sound effects ON/OFF

[ ALT + Y ]        mute sound OFF

[ O ]              display character layer ON / OFF

[ P ]              display picture layer ON / OFF

[ @ ]              auto repeat battle ON / OFF (???)

[ ALT + @ ]        enforce combat victory and auto repeat battle OFF (???)

[ [ ]              enforce combat victory ON / OFF

[ ; ]              get 1000 more experience

[ ALT + ; ]        get 10000 more experience

[ , ]              one hand mode ON / OFF

[ / ]              change upper limit damage ON / OFF (???)

[ 1 ]              Normal-speed everything

[ 2 ]              Double-speed everything

[ 3 ]              4-times speeds everything

[ 4 ]              half-speeds everything

[ 5 ]              pause game ON / OFF (crashes game)

[ 6 ]              stop timer ON / OFF (crashes game)

[ 0 ]              reset everything
[ numeric keypad 3 ] same as [ RIGHT SHIFT ]
[ numeric keypad 5 ] same as [ ARROW DOWN ]