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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

This page serves the purpose to answer to help with editing existing hentai events and create new ones.

Item ID lists

0001-0499, 0500-0999, 1000-1500


You need RPG Maker 2000 EN plus the fixed EXEs from Moshix to mod the game : RPG Maker 2000 1.05 EN + RPT 1 + RPTv1.32 + Fixed EXE

Font issues

If you have problems copying japanese text from RPGMaker to other apps (mojibake) then try setting the input language to japanese for RPG Maker using the language bar of windows.

First make RPG Maker the current active application (just click it to make it focused). Then click on the language bar item and choose Japanese. Done. The language bar might have to be activated once and you might have to add Japanese via the the language settings first if you have only your language and English as choices.

Language bar: XP Vista & 7

Add language: XP Vista 7 (Or right click on the language bar and choose "Settings ...")

Another way is by trying to run RPGMaker through AppLocale (set app locale to English (I had system locale set to japanese)).

Basic Modding Guide

Script Dialogue Window example

In order to edit VH game choose open project and change the folder to one level above the VH directory.

In order to mod existing events, click on H-event NPC or on one of the pink boxes scattered around many rooms. If you found an NPC with variables and event in its script, you can be sure you found the right one to edit.

To edit the Onsen Clerk sex event, click on him and switch to Tab #5. In the picture above important variables and an event call have been circled with blue. Variables control status changes, these range from sex count, where the guy(s) cummed, if Nanako got pregnant and the like. Common events are premade events made by the creators of VH, they consist of existing script code for Hentai scenes and their animations, deleting overlay pictures (cum splatter), Nanakos facial expressions, her body stances and so forth.

Common Events

Accessable and editable by clicking on Tool → Databases → Arrow pointing to the right → Common Events. See the section below for a translation and description of these database table entries.


Right click on a variable in a NPC/event script and choose "Edit". Click on "..." to open the Variables Tables Dialogue. You can find a translation of these variables after the translation of the common events. You can now translate these variables.

Translating either events or maps or variables will update all existing code so you don't have to manually edit all of the events.

Adding new events and variables

Right click on existing script and choose "Insert". This opens the Insert Options Dialogue that let's you add new stuff to the script.

For more modding informations please check RPG Maker 2000 Tutorials, as this is not an RPG Maker wiki.

Translated Hentai Events

These can be described as some sort of premade Hentai and Normal Events. The Japanese creators use these to speed up Hentai scene creation by using 'stock' animation sequences, including pictures, sound, variables, etc. Use them to create your own or edit them if you want them changed. Also they control character behaivor, e.g. you can give Nanako a suprised expression, remove her clothes for Hentai events, put her clothes back on etc by just calling a premade event in your custom Hentai scene scripts.

Here's a translated list, sorted by their internal code numbers:

Important Events Table
Code # Function Description
0005 Walk:Clothes Movement Control
0006 Walk:Ladder Climb Control
0007 Walk:Jump Jump Control
0008 Walk:Movement Movement Detection Event
00016 Body ClearPic Remove all overlaying body pictures
00017 ClearAllPics Remove all custom places pictures
0018 to 0022 Dashing Control Dashing releated event code
0023 Cancel Dash Stop Nanako dashign forward
0025 InsertEvent Insert penis into vagina
0026 Penetration(Long) Long penetration animation (1 guy)
0027 Penetration(Short) Short penetration animation (1 guy)
0028 CumInside(Normal) Cum inside Nanako + sound
0029 CumInside(PutOut) Cum inside Nanako and put it out + sound
0030 CumInside(Cumdrip) Cum inside Nanako with Cumshot + sound
0031 Breast(Med) Breast groping - medium speed
0032 Breast(Fast) Breast groping - faster speed
0033 BothBreasts(Med) Breast groping - medium speed
0034 BothBreasts(Fast) Breast groping - faster speed
0035 Insert(Rub) Rub Penis against vagina lips
0036 CumIns(Repeat) Cum inside and start fucking again
0037 CumIns(Fast) Cum inside and start fucking again - faster speed
0038 CumIns(2xSpeed) Cum inside and start fucking again - even faster
0039 Remarks1Normal Nanakos automated remarks - normal sex talk
0040 Remarks2Reject Nanakos automated remarks - no consensual sex
0041 Remarks3Indecent Nanakos automated remarks - dirty sex talk
0042 Remarks1NormalHard Nanakos automated remarks - normal sex talk, hard ver
0043 Remarks2RejectHard Nanakos automated remarks - no consensual sex, hard ver
0044 Remarks3Indecent Nanakos automated remarks - dirty sex talk, hard ver
0045 BreastBounce(Med) Breast bouncing animation - medium speed
0046 BreastBounce(Fast) Breast bouncing animation - fast speed
0048 SoundEjac(Med) Ejaculation sound - medium speed version
0049 SoundEjac(High) Ejaculation sound - higher speed version
0050 Doggy_Vago_Norm Doggy style animation normal speed
0051 Doggy_Vago_Cont Doggy style animation, continued version (to be used after 0050)
0052 Doggy_Vago_ConMed Faster doggy style animation, continued version (to be used after 0050)
0053 Doggy_Vago_Ejac Doggy style cum inside animation
0054 Doggy_Vago_Huge Doggy style huge penis animation
0055 Doggy_Vago_Huge Doggy style small penis animation
0057 Kiss_Start Kissing start animation
0058 Kiss_Cont Kissing continued animation (to be used after 0057)
0060 Insert(WhiteShort) Penetration animation for white skined girl
0061 Insert(WhiteFast) Faster penetration animation for white skined girl
0062 Insert(White2x) Even faster penetration animation for white skined girl
0063 CumIns(White) Cum inside animation for white skined girl
0064 CumIns(WhiteFast) Faster cum inside animation for white skined girl
0065 CumIns(WhiteDrip) Fast cum inside cumshot animation for white skined girl
0066 InsEvent(White) Penetration event for white skined girl
0067 Breast(White) Breast groping animation for white skined girl
0068 BreastBoth(White) Breasts groping animation for white skined girl
0069 BreastBoth(White2) Breasts groping animation for white skined girl, version 2
0070 Doggy_Side_Ins Doggy style penetration animation
0071 Doggy_Side_Cream Doggy style cum inside animation
0072 Doggy_Side_Cream2 Doggy style cum inside animation, version 2
0073 Doggy_Side_DumDrip Doggy style cum inside cumshot animation
0074 Doggy_Side_DumDrip2 Doggy style cum inside cumshot animation, version 2
0075 Doggy_Side_Fast Fast doggy style animation
0076 Doggy_Side_Wet Fast doggy style fuck animation with cum filled bowels
0080 AnalFinger Nanako anal fingering
0081 PussyWet Nanako doggy style fuck animation with cum filled pussy
0082 PussyWetCum Nanako doggy style cum inside already filled pussy animation
0083 PussyWet2 Nanako doggy style take it out the already filled pussy animation
0086 OralInsertMouth Oral sex starting animation
0087 OralContinous Oral continous animation (for use after 0086)
0088 OralEjac Oral ejaculation animation
0089 OralEjacHard Oral ejaculation animation - hard orgasm
0090 AnalSexEjac Anal ejaculation animation
0091 AnalSexLay(Med) Laying on back anal sex insert animation, avarage speed
0092 AnalSexLayIns(Fast) Laying on back anal sex insert animation, faster speed
0093 AnalSexLayInsEjac Laying on back anal cum inside animation
0094 AnalSexLayCumOut Laying on back, anal, take it out, cumshot animation
0101 ShowNanakoFaceHair Reset facial expression back to default, take haircut into consideration
0132 ShyBody Shy body stance
0133 HandOnWaist Hand on waist body stance
0134 BraestGrab Touching her breast body stance
0135 MentalSufferBody Mentally suffering, hands on crotch body stance
0142 Face:Normal Default smiling face
0143 Face:Smile1 Smiling 1
0144 Face:Smile2 Smiling 2
0145 Face:Laugh2 Laughing
0146 Face:Bothered Bothered facial expression
0147 Face:Angry Angry facial expression
0148 Face:Confused Confused expression
0149 Face:LookAway Looking away, down to the ground/side
0150 Face:Pissed Pissed off about something
0151 Face:Pain Painful facial expression
0152 Face:Surprised Surprised facial expression
0153 Face:GagBlindFold Nanako is gagged and blindfolded
0154 Face:SmileNeko Cat smile :3

Translated Variables

Variables control status increases and decreases, e.g. increase status of the amount of cum in Nanako vagina, number of times she had sex, number of times the partner cum inside/outside of her, etc. Add these to your mods to increase Nanakos stats and control certain gameplay elements (pregancy, for example).

Important Variables Table
Code # Function Description
0001 - 0020
0002 XYHeroCoords Hero Coordination
0003 XYSavedPos Saved XY position
0004 HeroXCoord Hero X position
0005 HeroYCoord Hero Y position
0017 Fatigue Fatigue Stat
0018 StepNumber Number of steps
0019 XYHeroCalc Hero XY position calculation
0021 - 0040
0021 Clothes Clothes
0022 Hair Hairstyle
0023 DoorOpen Open door variable
0024 EmoteDecis Emotional decision
0025-0029;0031-0032 GenericVar1-7 Generic variables used for stat calculations (e.g. if event happens or not based on set number met or not)
0030 LastMapID ID of last map
0038 HeroLevel Nanako level
0039 HeroLastLevel Last level of Nanako
0067 Exposure Nudity shame level
0068 Purity Used for Purity and Dirtyness (+, -)
0070 ExpMove:Sex Sex (variable movement soon) number
0071 Old:SexCount Number of time nanako had sex (still in use)
0072 Old:CumInside Number of times cummed inside (still in use)
0073 Old:CumOutside Number of times cummed outside (still in use)
0074 ExpMove:Charm Charm value (variable movement soon)
0075 ExpMove:CumInVago Amount of cum in her bowels (variable movement soon)
0076 AdventureRank nanako adventurer ranking (cariable movement soon)
0077 Old:Pregnancies Number of pregnancys (still in use)
0078 Old:Pregnancies Number of pregnancys (still in use)
0079 ExpMove:BirthRate Birth rate (still in use)
0070 MovedObs:VagoDmg Vagina damage (unsure if still in use)
0281 - 0300
0281 NanakoAtInc Increase attack power of Nanako
0282 NanakoDefInc Increase defense of Nanako
0283 NanakoMentInc Increase Nanakos mental powers
0284 NanakoAgiInc Increase Nanakos agility of Nanako
0286 NanakoHPInc Increase Nanakos HP of Nanako
0287 NanakoMPInc Increase Nanakos MP
0288 NanakoAtDec Decrease Nanakos attack power
0289 NanakoDefDec Decrease Nanakos defense
0321 - 0340 Pregnancy and Fathers
0321 SpecialFatherID ID of the father NPC of Nanakos child
0322 SpecialFatherID Father ID stored
0323 VarFert
0324 FertFactor Fertilization chance. Ranges from 0-100. Set to 100 Nanako will get 100% pregnant
0325 BabyInPossesion Nanako has a baby in her possesion, maybe with her. Unsure where this is used
0335 CaptainGoodTime Sex with captain
0338 NumberOfChildrenSold Number of monster babies sold to the witch in Onsen Town.
0341 - 0360 Quests
0342 Bar:Molest Bar molesting variable
0343 MinoExterProgress Minotaur quest progress
0344 ManGoingFish1 Fisherman 1
0345 ManGoingFish2 Fisherman 2
0346 ManGoingFish3 Fisherman 3
0347 ProgBarWaitress Progress in bar waitress quest
0348 Loan Amount of money loan from demon
0350 RepaymentDate Repayment date of loan
0351 ProgDrunk Nanakos drunkeness
0361 - 380 Date, Menstruation, Mental state
0361 Month Month
0362 Day Day
0363 Hour Hour
0364 Weather Weather
0365 MenstrualCycle Menstrual cycle
0366 MenstrualStatus Current menstrual status
0367 RandomMenstCycle Randomized menstrual status
0368 PregnancyStatus Whether Nanako is pregnant at the moment or not
0369 PsychDamage Damage to Nanakos mental health (as for 2011.10.25 it's 1605, falue randes between 0 and 100, where above 100 is mentally broken)
0370 HospitalNurseCount
0371 AdmStatus Admission status
0372 NumberDaysMilkLeft Days milking is sitll possible (as for 2011.10.25 it's 1625 should be above 1)
0373 MilkStored Amount of milk left in Nanakos breasts (as for 2011.10.25 it's 1626 should be numder of days for how long milking will go on)
0401 - 0420
0401 Position
0402 NanakoSens Nanakos sensitivity
0403 LynnSens Lynns sensitivity
541 - 0551
0551 AnusDmgLevel Anus damage, new, not fully implemented yet as of 100428
0555 StalionFlag Horse flag
0555 ThieveFlag Thieves flag
0555 OnsenGuardFlag Onsen town guard flag

Translated events database

Example screenshot of an translated events database