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Being an ongoing project, VH (game) is subject to the release of frequent updates, sometimes at a rate of several per week. With that in mind, we propose to keep an organized log of the relevant changes below. After a given period of time, individual Release Logs shall be summarized, and the originals relocated to appropriate sublevels for posterity and retroactive accuracy.

Current Release

As of release notes for VHv121123

Bug fix:

  • 0096, 0232 - fix for bad teleport command and bad flag increase

Common events:

  • Created 0438 and added to each Inn for Serena's breast expansion event
  • 1601-1605 added demon nanako images if switch 663 (nanako is a succubus) is ON

Detailed Release Log for VHv121029

  • 3-part shota rape and orgy series added

Latest Summary

Release Log Summary for February, 2012

Detailed Release Log for VHv120205

  • Pierre NTR/dating event continued (A lot of new scenes!)
  • Fat guy naked guy wandering around at night in the capital
  • New art and animation
  • Save 5 places you infront of a magic circle that when entered brings you into your own womb where you can catch sperm to stop them from getting you pregnant. Not fully complete yet as it causes a dialogue loop after the first room.

Release Log Summary for January, 2012

Detailed Release Log for VHv120131

  • Added new appearance for Nanako (looks just the same, but with blue skin and white hair; more than likely related to the goblin bride ending as the apperance is identical however the bad end is still present so it's probably not implimented yet)
  • Added sprites for Nanako wearing cat(dog?) ears and tail.
  • A final ending was added for Nanako, not obtainable from the game yet, talk to the tree on the far right in the debug room to view it

Detailed Release Log for VHv120110

  • New maps
  • Several new chipsets (textures used for maps)

Release Log Summary for December, 2011

Detailed Release Log for VHv1112225

  • More new pictures added of new pregnancies
  • One new map file seemingly dubbed "Nanako Pregnancy Cave" ( unsure how to get there yet[Tip: Talk to the onsen town guild, top right, female adventurer when pregnant. She will bring you to the pregnancy garden to "dispose" of your baby. The location is outside, at the left of witches house. ] ) Baby disposal has been there for a while so I doubt it's that.
  • New enemies ( Cyclopse on the train scene )

Detailed Release Log for VHv111223

  • A WHOLE new area and new enemies, Load Save Number 5 that's included with the file if you want it. It involves what I can only presume is a noble from the pictures folder.

Detailed Release Log for VHv111221

  • Two new maps added
  • Various locations changed
  • New pictures added into Pictures folder of a set of dog and cat ears and a leash and new NPC's clothed and unclothed (possibly not implemented into gameplay yet, can someone confirm this?)

Release Log Summary for November, 2011

Detailed Release Log for VHv111211

  • New Overworld enemy "Dog" added. These can be found 2 screens south of the witches house (the one that holds the portal to the underground town)
  • New Layout for Goblin Caves. Seems to have fixed some errors with regards to leaving before beating the king.
  • Serena's date storyline in the capital seems to be finished.

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