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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Combat Stats

  • Current character level.
  • Increased by gaining EXP.
  • All combat stats are increased when leveling up.
  • Health Points, knocked out when it reaches 0.
  • If you have a VH Heart it will be used up to set your HP from 0 to 1 when you're about to die. It will only happen once a day even if you have more VH Hearts available.
  • Mana Points, used for special attacks.
  • Affects damage done for melee attacks.
  • Lowers incoming damage.
  • Damage done for magic attacks???
  • Increases chance to evade having clothes torn off.

Sex Stats

  • Number of sexual encounters.
  • Being pinned down does not increase intercourse, it only goes up when failing to escape.
Cum Inside
  • Times someone has ejaculated into anus or vagina.
Cum Outside
  • Times ejaculated on.
  • Number of times being impregnated.
  • Number of children born.
Pregnancy Chance
  • Shows fetus type and progress of pregnancy.
  • Breast sensitivity, increases milk production.
Oral Level
  • Proficiency in oral sex.
  • Increased when having oral sex.
  • Tightness of vagina, affected by Intercourse.
  • Becomes loose with high amount of vaginal sex.
  • Can become very loose after rough sex or birth, will stretch down to normal size depending on how high Intercourse is.
  • Affects dialog of some H-scenes.
  • Levels: Virgin > Virginal > Tight > Normal > Dilated > Spread > Mature > Huge > Loose > Cavern > Ruined
Sex Level
  • Proficiency in vaginal sex.
  • Increased when having vaginal sex.
  • Tightness of anus, becomes loose with high amounts of anal sex.
  • Levels: Normal > Spread > Erotic > Uneasy > Extreme > Ruined
Anal Level
  • Proficiency in anal sex.
  • Increased when having anal sex.

Character Attributes

  • Number of days gone by since adventure began.
  • Number of times knocked out and brought back to an infirmary.
  • Increases by completing quests???
Mental Status
  • Mental condition, affects cheerfulness of some dialog.
  • Increased by traumatic experiences such as being raped in battle with high Purity or by being raped during H-Scenes. Not affected by consensual sex.
  • Recovers a small amount each day when resting.
  • States:
    • None: 0
    • Minute: 1-4
    • Light: 5-9
    • Moderate: 10-19
    • Heavy: 20-29
    • Great: 30-39
    • Serious: 40-59
    • Peril: 60-99
    • Broke: 100+
  • Menstrual cycle which changes as the days pass, affects Pregnancy Chance.
  • Ovulating and Danger Day affects some dialog. If Dirty is high heroine will react positively when cummed inside during Danger Day and Ovulation.
  • Cycle: Normal > Danger Day > Ovulating > Normal > Safe Day > Period > Normal
  • Pregnancy Chance:
    • Ovulating: 100%
    • Danger Day: 50%
    • Period: 0%
    • Safe Day: 0%
    • Impregnated: 0%
    • Pregnant: 0%
  • Attractiveness, affects dialog options.
  • Lust for sex, affects dialog options.
  • High Desire increases chances of waking up with Horny status.
  • Lewdness, affects dialog options.
  • Changes heroine's dialog patterns when being raped, affects will to resist and effectiveness of resisting
  • When Purity goes below 0 it changes to Dirty.
  • Dirty Levels:
    • 0: Nanako reacts positively to being raped while in combat.
    • 15: Nanako stops covering herself when her dress is partially torn off, and doesn't object to wearing the waitress uniform or only her kung-fu dress.
    • 30: Nanako doesn't object to wearing the school swimsuit or removing her kung-fu dress (but must still be wearing her tube top and spats).
    • 45: Nanako doesn't object to wearing the bath towel or removing her kung-fu dress and spats (but must still be wearing her tube top and panties).
    • 60: Nanako stops covering herself when her breasts are revealed and is no longer able to resist being raped in combat. Doesn't object to wearing the dangerous swimsuit or apron or being topless.
    • 75: Nanako doesn't object to being bottomless (but must be wearing her tube top).
    • 90: Nanako stops covering herself and doesn't object to being fully nude.
  • Tiredness, affects combat potential.
  • Maxes out at 100.
  • Can be lowered by 50 when getting some sleep.

Status Effects

  • Enables certain lewd dialog options.
  • Instigated by consuming Female Viagra or Amazing Aphrodisiac.
  • Decreases combat potential by roughly one half.
  • When Nanako sleeps in a bed she'll wake up to either masturbate or find someone else to have sex with if she went to sleep while horny.
  • Only Rin with penis can get it.
  • Instigated by consuming Viagra with Rin in the party.
  • Effects are indentical to Horny.
  • Take damage when walking around.
Stomach Pain
  • Increases Tired when walking around.
  • Goes away after some time.
  • Increases Tired when walking around.
  • Goes away after some time, but causes Fallen.
  • Cured with Antidote.
  • Movement slowed or outright stopped.
  • Unable to attack.
  • Unable to fight back when being raped.
  • Unable to open menu.
  • Goes away after some time.
  • Cured with Life Sake.
  • Warning: Fallen status may completely mess up the game by preventing you from opening the menu, it also seems to permanently lower movement speed in addition to glitching up other things.
  • Caused by Tired is too high.
  • Decreases combat potential???
Labor Pains
  • Caused by being pregnant with the baby due but not giving birth that morning.
  • Walking around causes contractions.
  • After walking around too much the baby will be born anyway, right there on the spot.
  • Walking in front of the fountain in Hot Spring Town or the main road in the Capital will automatically trigger birth. Workaround: If you want to reach the Clinic before birth, pay the guide to go to Industrial District and approach the Clinic from the north (or try to circumvent the city and enter by the Slum Back Gate and, once again, cross the main street from the north).