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Current Preferred Download

The preferred method for downloading patches is to download the git repository of the translation project. Patching procedure remains as standard, using Habisain's RMTrans tool. More info on main page.


First translation efforts were by a team born on the Hongfire message boards. These efforts did not get far, due to the constant updates and lack of tools to do translations at the time. The "VH Translation Team" (Forum/Homepage) comprised of BlazedBallz, Malarkey, Malkav0 and Hime-Sama attempted a new translation project. However, again, they were eventually defeated by a lack of tools and real life issues. The last updates from this team were approximately July 2010. The current patch uses Habisains RPGMaker Trans software so it is not tied to a specific version of VH. It is based on the efforts of the VH Translation Team, and was ported over to initial versions of RPGMaker Trans by Wonder Dog, and from there to the current version by Habisain. Additional help came from image translations found on the Hongfire VH thread (CatatonicMan). Then in 2011, RogueTranslator started the translation efforts again, starting over from scratch based on the August 20th, 2011 version of VH. His last patch put out was the Capital patch based on the October 25th version, comprising nearly 50% of the overall game. As of July 13, 2012, RogueTranslator has placed all his translation work on indefinite hiatus due to more pressing obligations. TON555z did English translation efforts from Korea in early 2012, and posted update reports on Hongfire.

Since then, translation kept going at a slow pace for a few years until Mynock and Mederic64 pushed the translation to 100% in 2016. The game being rarely updated, the translation maintained its 100% translation status. The SVN translation space got taken down due to new policies, the project migrated to gitgud.io.