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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

To start a new game with other characters than Nanako and Serena, hold down the left shift key while selecting "New game".

Playable Characters


The player's main character by default. Nanako is a red-haired young lass seeking adventure. While not very smart, she can still pack a mean punch. She's a bright and energetic girl, but her naivety may get the better of her.
Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
15 157cm 43kg 85 57 83


A proud noble girl with extraordinary talents, Serena is the second daughter of the house of Grazia who left home in secret to search for her family's stolen heirloom. She is very ignorant of the world and is insecure about her height. Her full name is Serena Fuoco Le Brillante de La Grazia.
Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
11 127cm 26kg 60 47 61


Ashley was once a promising young ice witch until she was kidnapped by bandits and kept as a sex slave. While imprisoned her body was covered in piercings and tattoos. Though she is blind, her other senses have become much sharper.

After Rescue Ashley has been completed Nanako may receive a messenger while staying in the Capital Inn who tells her about Ashley's recovery. Then shortly after Nanako may enter the Hot Springs Adventurer's Guild and find Ashley up and about. This triggers a cutscene where Nanako excitedly greets Ashley and she suggests they go to the Inn to rest. This leads to two scenes, which vary depending on the Purity/Dirty level. NOTE: As of version 180601, the Dirty version of the Inn scenes might freeze. If your game stalls on the innkeeper part way through, activate the debug mode from Nanako's House and temporarily set your purity to a high number to trigger the other version of the sequence(It's under "hidden parameters" in the debug tool).

Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
21 161cm 52kg 112 67 98



Erika Riunroot is a strong, one-armed female adventurer who has experienced many hardships. She instantly takes a liking to Nanako's refreshing and upbeat attitude. Can be recruited after completing Bandit's Hideout. Unable to be recruited after Rescuing Ashley. Briefly playable during Merchant Escort.

Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
18 171cm 65kg 100 76 89



Rin is the youthful captain of the Capital's guards and is quite familiar with comments about her age and experience. A recent rash of gruesome murders have her rather perplexed, but that's not all that's worrying her... Rin is someone who's very knowledgeable and can be counted on. She learns to rely on Nanako's strength. Can be recruited after completing Rescue Rin.

Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
27 163cm 50kg 83 59 84



A girl born from Nanako and a dog. The ever-strong girl looks like Nanako. Red hair, tail; black drooping ears.

Unlocked during normal play by having Bellepher's child and making it grow up.

Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
10 127cm 26kg 60 47 61



A poor little witch girl who was sold into slavery by her once rich but now indebted parents. Not a huge amount of her story has been revealed. She latches onto Nanako when you rescue her and seems to think she's her mother. She's briefly playable during a quest initiated by talking to the Dragon's daughter after she's been saved from the Orcs, when Elmire is your companion. Can be recruited after completing Buying Elmire. Somewhat playable as a character as of latest versions.



A merchant's daughter. She's a decent fighter and can use some magic.

Briefly recruited during Merchant Escort. Can be recruited at Hot Spring Town and Capital when playing Nanako, after done Merchant Escort. Can be recruited at Capital when playing as Serena. Barely playable as a character.



An Alraune who was raised by an old man that lives near Foothills Town. Bright and Cheerful.

Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
13 142cm 35kg 72 52 73



A recolor of Hinano, seems to be a slime.

Barely playable as a character.

Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hip
?? 145cm 37kg 72 54 77


These companions may be recruited at certain points in the game. They will follow you in combat areas and attack monsters.



An adventurer who wishes to become a hero. A spiky haired boy in white bandana whom you can find sitting inside Hot Spring Town's guild building. He's the first recruitable party member for Nanako. Can be recruited in the Hot Spring Town Guild Hall after paying the membership fee. Unable to be recruited after Rescue Ashley. At some point after Rescue Ashley, he may be recruited at the Grihastha Adventurers' Guild.



A young but proud witch. She could probably give birth to 50 Goblin babies before her body gives out. The purple-haired adventurer can be found in the Hot Spring Town branch of the Adventurers' Guild. Can be recruited once reaching a guild rank of 14. Unable to be recruited after Rescue Ashley.


Amili younger.jpg

A fairy who lost her memories of her past. She is afraid of humans but feels safe with Nanako. After completing Crybaby Ghost, Nanako decides to help her regain her lost memories. She becomes recruitable at the VH Clan House.

Monsters like to target her!

Note: You can also get her in Hot Spring Town, if you say yes at the sign next to the lake on the right at the south entrance of the town (sets "0723: 妖精フラグ" (Fairy Flag) Variable to 21). She will join you and increase your dmg, defense and experience gain. However it seems to cause you to jump into the future (story progresses without you really knowing what is happening since the Onsen Town guild is empty and many are injured in bed underground [actually this is the end of the quest "Rescue Ashley"]).




A young and powerful witch who lives in a vine-overgrown house in Hot Spring Town. As her house is littered with various books, she is quite knowledgeable, but you never really know what those quiet-types are into.

Is looking for someone to help with her experiments.


The Guild Master at the Capital branch of the Adventurers' Guild. Hating to be called 'Master,' she asks all she meets to call her by name.


Pierre is a young man who lives in the Capital residential district. He keeps a Minotaur as his pet.



A single mother of two young boys who lives in a house just east of Hot Spring Town. She has placed a request with the Adventurers' Guild for a babysitter.

Has a guild request out for someone to babysit her sons.



Hinano is a young maid working in the Capital public office. She pays special attention to all of Rin's needs.

She has an abusive father.



Daughter from the VH Clan in Capital.

Needs to be saved from Bloody Lilly. Important character for further quests.



Runs a clinic in Capital. She has rather idiosyncratic personality. Offers medical treatment and maternity or child abortion services. Has a guild request out for medical herb collection.



Runs a clinic in Delvanka.

Offers medical treatment and maternity or child abortion services.



Weapon blacksmith and shopkeeper in Underground City. Foster father of Belle. Has a secret past, involving Belle.



An orphaned beastwoman in Underground City. Adopted daughter of Gree. Has a trauma with the fire.


Foothills Doctor.png

Runs a clinic in Foothills Town. Offers medical treatment. Has a secret sadistic personality.


Nurse B.png

The nurse in Foothills Town's clinic. Sells medical items.


Lhat's big brother.png

The current lord of Grihastha. Will appear at the end of the Nanako version Merchant Escort. (Step)Brother of Lhat.



A beastwoman in Grihastha. Wants to return to her home. Will be friends with Nanako.

Later appears in Orc Kingdom as well.



Mother of Serena in Kojima.




Boss of the bandits in Bandit's Hideout. The main cause for Rescue Ashley.

Masked Magician

Masked Magician.png

Presumably an Evil Cult leader. The main cause for Murder Investigation. Makes an appearance at the end in Nanako version's Merchant Escort.

Bloody Lilly

Bloody Lilly.png

A slave trainer in Capital.



A young witch from the Mages' Guild. Michiru is a young witch whom you first met just outside the decrepit Inn in the dead village. Enemy at first but then will be friend. Appears in Rescue at Wyvern Valley. Can summon Wyverns.


Melisande stand pic.png

A young witch from the Mages' Guild (probably the one in Bay Town Ceres). She has an interest in the dark arts whom is seeking large amounts of magic. Winter is coming. Uses banned magic. The main cause for Rescue at Wyvern Valley.


Haven't figured out what type are them, haven't met them yet, have picture files of them etc.



Minotaurwoman in Barbarian Village. NPC or companion.



An (dark)elf in Foothills Town. Friend of Eia.

Has a competitive personality towards Eia which turns out quite funny. NPC or companion.



Female pirate. Has events in Grihastha that are not yet available. Future companion.



There are H pictures of her, so probably has events somewhere.


Female Punitive Soldier.png

Appears at the end of Nanako version Merchant Escort.



Martial arts teacher (Sensei) of Nanako. Her empty form can be seen near the end of Rescue Ashley in Nanako's recollection.

Blonde Sister

Nun B.png

A nun in the Capital Slums' Church. Changes her speech after a certain thing? (Variable 0366 is 2)



A ninja somewhere...


Henry is a blue haired handsome guy who can be found beside the central fountain in Hot Spring Town.

Bench Elf

This handsome blue-haired elf can often be found in Hot Spring Town sitting on the bench just outside the public toilet. Unfortunately for some, he prefers the company of other men. This is an easter egg of internet meme culture.


Stallion is an experienced adventurer of some fame and notoriety. He's rumored to be rather highly immoral.