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Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Gold Reward: 9500G
  • EXP Reward: 1000EXP
  • Available for Nanako after completing Goblin Extermination and Merchant Escort.
  • Note: This is a rather long quest with complicated directions and multiple boss fights.
  • Note: At some point, it will be impossible to continue if you brought a companion, so it's advised you leave them behind before starting the quest.
  • Warning: It is impossible to complete this quest without the Super Chi Bullet skill or another ranged attack.


  • Go to the Dead Village.
    • Leave the Capital and take a horse-train back to Hot Spring Town.
    • Go north until reaching a cave area called Road to Frontier.
    • Continue north until you reach Plateau of Zephyr 3, where you should go west.
    • In the next area, start going north again until you reach Dead Village.

  • Gain entrance to the main building.
    • Note: There are Wyverns flying around the village. A Nameless Attack will nudge you out of the way if you happen to get stuck on one.
    • Note: There is a VH heart in the red chest hidden in the forest in the northwest corner of village.
    • Enter the inn just to the left of the town entrance then walk back out. Nanako will speak with a little witch.
    • Go to the northwest of the inn and look for a building with a large hole in the wall next to a chimney. Enter the hole in the wall.
    • Inside the house will be a man lying on the floor, speak with him.
    • The man will regret dying a virgin, Nanako may allow him to play with her breasts.
      • If Nanako is topless when speaking with him he will just say he's glad he got to see some breasts before he dies.
      • If Nanako grants his request he will play with her breasts before passing away.
      • Nanako's Charm and Desire will increase by one while her Purity will lower by one.
    • Return to the inn.
    • Speak with the small girl in the room with all the bedrolls.
    • Speak with the large bearded man with the axe.
    • Leave the inn and go to the large building to the northeast. Look for a purple orb blocking a door.
    • Interact with the orb.
      • If Nanako touches the orb a Wyvern will swoop down and rape her.
    • Return to the inn and speak with the bearded man with the axe from before.
    • Return to where the purple orb was, there will now be a hole in the wall. Enter the hole.

  • Defeat the witch Michiru and obtain the Ghost Town Key.
    • Once inside the main building, look for a hole in the wall with some grass next to it. Leave the building through that hole.
    • Walk along the wall going north then enter through a door (hidden from view by the roof) by following the dirt path into the wall.
    • Walk around the pool of water and enter the next room. Continue south into the larger room then enter the passage on the western wall of the large room.
    • Nanako should now be standing outside in a graveyard. Enter the hole in the northern wall.
      • To the north there is a chest if you exit the building through a hole in the wall.
    • Walk west into the large room then go south. There will be a hallway with several doors along it.
      • There is a VH Heart in the room just south of the large room before the hallway.
      • Heading out the first path leading south in the hallway will unlock a door for easy access into the building.
    • Go all the way west to the end of the hallway then go north and jump over the holes.
      • Just to the south of the holes is a room with a chest containing 1,000G.
      • Note: Nanako will not be able to jump over the hole if she has a companion with her.
    • After jumping over the hole, enter the room to the north then exit the room heading east.
      • The desk without a chair can be jumped over in order to reach a chest containing Soul Sake x3.
    • Nanako will now be outside. Follow the wall east until getting to a patch where the grass isn't tall. Enter the building where that missing patch of grass is.
    • Inside this room there will be a chest above a ladder containing a Defence Manna.
      • Nanako may climb up the chimney then climb down another chimney to enter a room with a chest containing a Nostrum and another containing a Stamina Manna.
      • There's also a diary on the desk which can be read.
    • In the room with the chest above a ladder and a chimney there is a hole in the wall in the very southwest corner of the room. Exit the building through that hole.
    • Nanako will now be outside again. Circle around the garden and enter it through the south side.
    • A cutscene will play. Exit the garden and enter it again.
    • Michiru, the witch from before, will challenge Nanako to a fight. Defeat Michiru.
      • Michiru can be quite tough, she runs around and has a bunch of attacks which slow Nanako down.
      • Kill the three dragons at the start of the fight to save yourself the trouble of dealing with them.
      • Avoid getting hit by Michiru's area of effect attack when she begins warping to Nanako.
      • The rocks which surround Nanako may be attacked and killed.
      • When the battle is over the loot from the Wyverns may be picked up. One will drop a Wyvern Claw.
      • Don't forget to pick up the Ghost Town Key Michiru drops where she was defeated!

  • Solve the town's mystery.
    • Exit the garden where you fought Michiru and enter the building to the south through the dirt patch.
    • Leave the room and enter the hallway then leave the building through the exit to the south. While leaving Nanako should automatically unlock the door.
    • Jump down into the well. Once underground, follow the path to a large gate.
    • Open the gate and head west, cross the water and walk up the rock steps.
    • Follow the carpet north and enter the room. Speak to the girl covered in semen.
    • Nanako will take the girl back to the inn. Once she's back at the inn, walk outside.
    • Walk to the building just to the north of the inn and speak with the bearded guy who's injured in front of the door.
    • Enter the building and investigate what's going on.
    • Leave the building and return to the inn, after the short cutscene speak with the old lady and get some rest.
    • Nanako will wake up while at night with everyone missing. Leave the inn and return to the room where you found the girl covered in semen.
      • The quickest way would be to go back through the well.
    • While in the room with all the wine barrels, step on the white spell circle. Nanako will warp to a new area.
    • Head west, check on all the prisoners, then walk back into the circle.
    • Michiru will appear and remove the orbs blocking the pathway leading north.
    • Follow the path north, eventually you will enter a fancy looking room.

  • Defeat the witch Melisande and break the curse.
    • Nanako will be in a fancy room seemingly suspended in another dimension.
      • There are two small spell circles just to the west in the middle of a carpet, walking over them will heal Nanako.
    • Nanako will confront the semen-covered girl from before who reveals herself as Melisande. She will then escape and Nanako will have to defeat some zombies.
      • The zombies are just regular old monsters, kill them all.
    • After dealing with the zombies, enter the red spell circle.
      • Note: Nanako can only enter from the north end of the circle.
    • Nanako will now have to fight a bunch of ghosts.
      • Just keep killing them, eventually they will stop spawning.
    • Continue north, Nanako will now have to fight Melisande.
      • Melisande has several attack phases during the first part of the fight.
        • During one phase there will be red and yellow tiles on the ground which deal damage. The yellow tiles deal more damage than the red ones.
        • Another phase will involve Melisande running around with ghost versions of herself. Avoid the bombs, don't stand still.
        • There is also another phase where Melisande will run around while small white spell circles appear on the ground. The spell circles will turn red and explode.
      • After dealing enough damage the area will change and the fight will move to its second phase.
        • Melisande will teleport around the platforms which are out of reach. Ranged attacks will be the only way to damage here from here on out.
        • Several ghosts will wander around, they do attack you but killing them will heal you.
        • Sections of the wall will move around and block parts of the platform.
        • Melisande will be shooting fire where you're standing, keep moving to avoid being hit.
        • Avoid the purple orbs flying around as they deal damage on contact.
    • After Melisande is defeated, go save Michiru.
    • Leave the area and return to the jail cells.
      • Nanako may interact with the prisoners but it's not necessary.
  • Return to the Ziggy and turn in the quest.