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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Kojima
  • Quest Start: Underling B
  • New character: Amili
  • Gold Reward: 700G
  • EXP Reward: 50EXP
  • Available for Nanako after completing Lost Property (meaning you can see fairies with the Magic Gem).
  • NOTE: Do not have a companion or the hut scene before the boss battle won't start.


  • At the docks talk to the crazily running boy in purple bandana (called Underling B) in the Staff room (south side after entering the docks). He asks you to get rid of a light, the source of some unknown weeps.
  • Go and talk to the guild master and accept the quest. You need to gather intel.
    • Alternatively you can find this quest in the quest book as "Villager's request 2" after completing Lost Property.
  • Go back and talk to Underling B again.
  • Go out south side from the docks and talk to the Water Fairy at the beach.
  • Go north to the next map in Kojima and talk to the little girl at the middle who is listening to the concert. She says to talk to the Earth Fairy behind her. The Fairy thinks you meant the „Artifical Fairy” and tells you that she is probably in the Fairy's Forest.

Fairy's Forest Entrance location: Exit Kojima to the east. Go straight east passing through the guards. There will be a small grass path to the south between the pools, go there to the next map. In the next map go south-east, go up the stairs and follow the 1 lane wood bridge to south to the edge of the screen and the next map will be the Fairy's Forest Entrance. Later you can just warp there.

  • Enter the Fairy's Forest Entrance (1st map) and go south, at the beginning of the 2nd map go west before the pool to a tiny path. There is a hut at the right side of the 2nd map where you will have to return.
    • Warning: from this map onwards you will encounter gray ground-running dragon-like monsters which can heavily damage or even kill you if you are not careful!
  • In the 3rd map go straight west, at the fork north, then north-west to that little closed grassy part that looks like a ‣.
    • Note: You can find a VH Heart if at the fork you go south then south-east east-north to the end of a narrow grassy isle.
  • In the 4th map go along the U turn, at the fork north-west, at the crossroads go west following the south side of the pool and you will arrive at a small island with a fairy on it. Talk to the fairy (called Curie) who joins you. You have to find some stones. Go back to the crossroads and go south then west and follow that small path.
  • In the 5th map go east-north-west on the U turn, at the end from that little dirt spot go straight north through the island and the pool to the edge of the map, follow the dirt road.
  • In the 6th map: follow the dirt spots that turn to east, go through the pool and straight east, follow the dirt spots then on the grass to the north, start to follow the next dirt spots to west then north.
    • On the way where you will see a horse that means you are at the right place :).
    • At the end you will see 2 stones and 5 grass patches around them. Step on the patches in the correct order usually the 2 at the left or right side first, then the middle one, then the 2 at the other side (they will make a high beep sound if success), then the middle one again, then the 2 at the other side again... until Curie says that you should be able to enter the hut in the 2nd map.
      • You probably noticed but after Curie talked a black chest also appeared containing a „Spirit Tears” (Genie Tears) gem at north.
  • Backtrack to the 2nd map (quicker and also safe to just warp to the entrance) and enter the hut.
    • If you walk back, from the 3rd map when you try to go back to the 2nd map, it will get you to a road where you go east and there will be crossroads with 2 tombstone in the middle (ignore them now). Go north. You end up at the south side of the 2nd map, just go north and east through the upward and there will be the hut.
  • BOSS BATTLE: I suggest you to prepare yourself with hp recoveries (if you don't cheat with FatalMix) and talk to the red-eyed green fairy spirit (Yuno) for a boss battle. There is a picture of a person on the wall north, you have to break that. But the problem is it only takes very low damage with your attacks and skills, except with the Nameless Fist, you have to use that. But the real problem is that someone randomly casts Big Black Magic Ball on you which hits you 2,5 or 3 times and you are dead, so use the "Walk-Run-Charge for Nameless Punch" tactic to avoid them or/and keep healing yourself.
    • Ignore the 3 flying skulls, they don't really do much damage. Kill them only if they get in your way because they always reappear soon after that.
  • After breaking the picture there will be a scene then you can leave. Go back to the docks and report to VH/Underling B who tells you to meet him at night. Stay at the Inn, at night you will wake up, go and speak with him, then go to the west side beach where Nanako had the octopus fun. At north there will be a green fairy lying on the ground. Examine her then comes a longer scene till next day (the translated dialogues are kind of hard to follow) when she, Amili joins you, who has forgotten her past.
  • Go report to Underling B then go back to the guild master to receive your rewards.
    • Note: Even if you skip speaking to Underling B at night, you will still complete the quest.