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A town inhabited mostly by non-humans. The quests here lead to unlocking the Orc Kingdom.

Getting to Underground City:


  • Starting from Hot Spring Town, head west until you reach the end of Forest - Far West 1.
  • Go north until you get to Forest - Far West 3.
  • From where you are, head up to the edge of the water. Go left 2 steps, and up again into the water. Stay in the water and head north into Deep W. Forest. Take note of the sapling blocking an opening in the woods on the right side of the map.
  • Make your way to the upper right corner of the map. You'll know you are in the right place when there's an out of place boulder and a small disturbance in the water. Go up directly from the burbling water to reach Deep W. Forest Cave 1.
  • Head into the cave and hop your way down to the bottom of the map to reach the next entrance.
  • From Deep W. Forest Cave 3, go right and down past the group of Goblins. Ignore the warning prompt before the crystals and jump through. Go left and climb up the ledge, but do NOT go inside the cave opening. You'll just loop back to where you've started. Jump left and go up the stairs into Deep W. Forest Cave 5.
  • In this area you'll find a rope that can take you back out to Forest - Far West 3. This entrance you'll take you right back to the area with the sapling. Clear the sapling to create a shortcut. Head back down into the cave and proceed right.
  • Take the only path available and you'll end up in a cave with a magic circle on the floor. You'll be teleported to the Underground Caves. The magic circle at the bottom of the map will take you to the Underworld Entrance.


Notable places:

  • Gree's weapon shop
  • General store
  • Adventurers Guild
    • You can be raped by Studhorse Stallion in the second floor restroom, if you have him reported earlier to the authorities.
  • Inn
    • There is no suitable partner here, if you wake up horny at night (not counting the stray dog outside).
  • Pub