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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Hot Spring Town
  • Quest Start: Fat Man
  • Gold Reward: 5000G
  • Other Rewards:
  • Title: Bitch
  • Unlocks Character: Nana
  • Available for Nanako.


  • Go to the top floor of the inn.
  • Speak with the Fat Man, he will offer Nanako 5,000G to let his dog fuck her.
  • If Nanako's Dirty is high enough she may accept the offer.
  • After having sex with Bellepher, the Fat Man's dog, Nanako will wake up in one of the rooms from the inn.
    • Nanako's Bitch title will now be 1/4th complete.
    • Nanako will let Bellepher fuck her again if her Dirty is 50+ but the reward will only be 10G.
  • From here on out Nanako must fuck three other dogs, it does not matter which order they are in.
    • Note: If Nanako fucked the Stray Dog "accidentally" before Bellepher, the Bitch title can't be made, will be always 3/4th after the rest dogs. Fucking the Stray Dog again after Bellepher won't increase the Bitch title completeness. Also, fucking the Stray Dog with too little Dirty or high Purity won't count towards the Bitch title either and prevents you from gaining 4/4, even if you fuck the dog again with high enough Dirty.
  • Capital Dog:
    • Located in the trade district of the Capital, it is not the dog in the Slums.
    • Nanako may only fuck this dog at night.
  • Underground Dog:
    • Located in the northeastern part of Underground Town.
    • Note: The Underground Town can be accessed via the portal in the Witch's Shack basement during the Enter Underground City quest.
  • Stray Dog:
    • Located right west of the Goblin Cave entrance.
    • This one can be tricky because there are hostile Goblins in the area.
    • It may be wise to kill all Goblins in the area before fucking the dog.
    • The dog will attack Nanako at first, but after having sex it will no longer be hostile for the rest of the game.
  • Once Nanako has fucked all four dogs she will then gain the Bitch title.
    • With the Bitch title Nanako may become impregnated by dog semen.
  • Return to the Fat Man and become impregnated by Bellepher.
  • Once Nanako owns the home, Bellepher's baby will be walking around in it. Interact with the baby and have it age.
  • Once the baby ages it becomes Nana.