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Violated Heroine edit




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Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Building north of Public Office
  • Gold Reward: 5000G
  • Available for Nanako after purchasing Nanako's House.
  • Warning: Doing this quest before or during Rescue Rin may bug up the mansion area.


  • Enter the large building to the north of the Public Office.
  • Speak with the woman behind the counter, accept the quest.
  • Speak with the fat man in the other room and listen to his story.
    • The man explains how his daughter, Sara, has gone missing. The guild has been unable to look for her.
    • Nanako is given 2,000G and a picture of Sara.
  • Go to the Sewer Pub just south of the Public Office.
  • Once inside the pub, look for a pathway leading to the west, it's between some statues.
  • Talk with the guards, if Nanako's Charm is high enough she can trick the guards into thinking she wants to work as a prostitute.
  • After getting past the guards Nanako will be in a garden area. Continue north and enter Bloody Lily's mansion.
    • The mansion is actually a high class brothel, Nanako will need to infiltrate the brothel to figure out where Sara is being held.
  • Once entering the mansion, take the first pathway leading west. Speak with the fat man in the room at the end of the hallway.
    • Note: There are several H-Scenes during this portion of the quest.
  • The fat man will strip Nanako down and inspect her, Nanako can either suck his dick or refuse.
    • If her Purity is 30 or greater she will automatically reject. (tested on v151021)
    • If Nanako goes along she will give the fat man a blowjob.
      • After sucking the man's dick he will tell Nanako to let him fuck her as he needs to see if she's skilled enough to work as a prostitute.
        • If Nanako allows herself to be violated he will take her to the bed in the corner and fuck her a few times.
        • Nanako will then be given a collar when he's done with her.
    • If Nanako refuses either choice she will tie him up and steal a collar from the shelf.
  • Nanako will now have a Prostitution Collar and is able to freely roam the area as an official member of the house.
    • If Nanako stole a collar, find Sara in the basement.
      • First, go back to the main room. In the northeast corner will be two guards protecting a set of stairs. Speak with the one on the left.
      • Go down the next set of stairs in the northwest corner of the basement.
      • Sara is in the cell on the far right of the room being "broken in" by several men. Examine the door to enter the cell and free her.
      • Fight off hostile guards while fleeing the mansion.
    • If Nanako allowed herself to be violated she will wake up in bed the next day. She'll be taken into the basement by Walter to begin her training.
      • Nanako can either bust Sara out or speak with Walter to begin her training as a prostitute.
      • Sara is in the cell on the far right of the room. Examine the door to break in and free her.
        • Fight off hostile guards while fleeing the mansion.
      • If Nanako begins her training she'll be fucked a bunch of times then wake up in her room some time later.
        • Leave the room and head east into the main room.
        • Go up the large stairs into Bloody Lily's office.
        • Speak with Bloody Lily then go back down the stairs into the main room.
        • Follow the northwest hallway and speak with Sara who's sitting at the table, she's the one with dark hair.
        • Return to Nanako's room, Nanako will continue on as a prostitute.
        • When the next day begins leave Nanako's room and enter the main room. Nanako will be taken into Bloody Lily's office.
        • Sara talked and now Bloody Lily knows about Nanako's plans. Nanako and Sara are tortured while Nanako receives an enema.
        • Leave the area and exit the mansion.
  • Once Sara has been rescued the guards will attempt to capture Nanako.
    • If Nanako rescued Sara from the basement, guards will be waiting in the main room.
    • If Nanako rescued Sara in Bloody Lily's office, guards will be waiting outside of the mansion.
      • Losing this fight will cause a normal game over.
  • After escaping Nanako returns Sara to her home and steps outside to give them some time to reunite.
  • Enter Sara's home again and speak with Sara's father.
    • Nanako will be rewarded with 3,000G.