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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Grihastha
  • Quest Start: Guild Master
  • Gold Reward: 600G
  • EXP Reward: 80EXP


  • Head south and enter the ranch with a cow outside of it.
  • Speak with the man inside.
  • Feed the cows.
    • Inspect the large pile of hay from the top.
    • Place the hay in each cow's feeding bucket.
  • Inspect the water wells.
    • The first one is right there next to the cows.
    • The second one is outside just to the southwest.
    • The third one is all the way on the east side of town between the homes.
  • Enter the manor.
    • Along the north side of the fence there's an open gate you can slip through.
    • On the right side of the building there's a small patch of light grass, that's an entrance.
  • Get some fresh water from the well in the manor.
    • Alternatively you can speak with the woman masturbating, try the front door, then speak to her again to find some ...other way to water the cows.
  • Leave the manor and go back to the ranch.
    • Speak with the woman who was masturbating to get the key to the gate.
    • Unlock the gate and leave.
  • Pour the fresh water into the well next to the cows.
  • Inspect both of the cows to wash them.
  • Inspect both of the cows to milk them.
  • Speak with the rancher.
    • A short scene will play if you washed and milked the cows correctly.
  • Return to the guild and turn in the quest.