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Core version: 155 (2022-08-10)


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By default, RyonaRPG has a recovery item limit of 10 each. This setting can be changed with the Girls Secret Diary (Options → Difficulty · "No-life" options → page 2 → Recovery item limit)

Normal Status

Most of these can be cured with Panacea or by sleeping at an inn. The fee is random at Ray-On Village (free to a few thousand) and fixed at 100 gold at Slave City Shrike.


Should be pretty self explanatory, but RyonaRPG put a few tweaks on the cliche. While afflicted with Poison, your HP gradually decreases. However, your offensive power drops by 20% and HP regeneration will stop while poisoned as well. This status doesn't wear off on its own.

  • Poison can be cured with an Antidote or Panacea.


While afflicted with Darkness, the screen becomes pitch black. Eventually it will return to normal. With Unseen Sword Style (can be bought from the dog in Ray-On Village) you deal 4.7 times more damage when blind.

  • Darkness can be cured with Eyewash or Panacea.


Silence prevents you from casting any magic. Eventually this status will wear off.

  • Silence can be cured with Echo Grass or Panacea.


This status greatly reduces your movement speed. After a while, paralysis will wear off.

  • Paralysis can be cured with Gold Needle or Panacea.


Similarly to poison, when bleeding your character will gradually lose HP over time and HP regeneration stops. However, contrary to poison bleeding decreases your defense by 20%. This status doesn't wear off on its own.

  • Bleeding can be cured with Clotting Agent or Panacea.


Character is covered in thick and sticky mucus or slime. Greatly reduces your movement speed. Wears off in time. Cannot be cured if you're equipped with a Demon Dress or Riverblossom Slime.

  • Mucus can be cured with Holy Water or Panacea.


Character is placed into a state of fear. MP decreases gradually in this state, and you lose the ability to charge magic attacks or weapon attacks. Wears off in time.

  • Fear can be cured with Stimulant or Panacea.


It is impossible to concentrate and the body feels odd. Magic and weapon attacks charge at a variable (but ultimately slower) rate. Your movement speed is also slowed, and it is slowed even more when the EX gauge is nearly full. If the EX gauge reaches full, you will climax which will make you Tired temporarily.

  • Stiff 'Shroom will rise your EX, but it won't stop after orgasm and sometimes your character will enter ??? status again.
  • Sedative can lower the EX bar no matter how high it is. However you may need more than one dose if ecstasy meter is high.
  • Resist Pleasure ability can slowly lower EX to zero even from near max.
  • If your EX bar is low but you still have the ??? status, you can cure it with Panacea or by visiting the father in Ray-On Church and donating some money.


Character has fallen. Will get up when attack key is pressed, but if you are knocked down by a significantly strong attack you will need to press the attack key multiple times to recover. Stronger attacks means more button mashing needed to recover.

  • Telephus Stone can cure Fallen, Capture and Freezing.


Character has been taken captive by an enemy. You can escape by pressing the attack key repeatedly. The frequency at which you hit the attack key also affects your chances of escape depending on the enemy's method of attack.

  • Telephus Stone can cure Fallen, Capture and Freezing.


Character is frozen solid and cannot move. Hitting the attack key also affects your chances of escape here.

  • Telephus Stone can cure Fallen, Capture and Freezing.


The body becomes limp and tired. Movement and status drop sharply, and it becomes impossible to charge attacks.

  • This only recovers by the passage of time.


Character took too many hits or some powerful special attack, dropping your movement and status. Losing your virginity will also inflict Weaken. It seems the game counts each time you get a status effect, and inflicts weakness when the count gets too high. Sleeping in the inn seems to reset/reduce that count so do it once in a while.

  • Weakened can be cured with "First time" cure item, Lv2 magic Restoration (レストレーション) or by sleeping at an inn.

Weakness Progression

Weakness progression is not the same as Tired or Weakened status effect. It is your character's overall tiredness that slowly lowers stats. Every 10 weakness lowers all stats by 1%. Sleeping at an inn reduces weakness progression, how much depends on the room type. The "First time" Cure item also reduces weakness progression.

You can check your current weakness progression with the Girls Secret Diary (Browse Data → Additional Measurements).

Weakness progression is disabled on V-MAX (easy) difficulty.

Special Status


Character is embarrassed. Slightly lowers your status. Cause is usually clothing that exposes a lot of skin.

  • Change into better clothing to cure.

When in town you will also see this dialog:

[NAME] felt the gazes pierce through her body...

Infested (寄身)

Character has a bug or slime stuck on her body. Most cannot be removed by yourself. See Parasites for details.

Digested (消化)

From Giant bug traps, deals damage while you stay inside the bug's stomach. Other effects are unknown.


  • Once you've beaten the Ruins of Melbel, find the yellow fox at night (you may need to gather hints pointing at his survival before). You'll be in hypnosis status during the night, though it mostly seems to be for show.
  • In Melbel Public School, you'll be afflicted with this status for as long as you're in the school.
  • The witch in Ray-On Village can hypnotize you at night. You get an event with the "normal" client at Capital Avalon hostess bar if you're still hypnotized. Also, you can masturbate freely in town while in this status.


Occurs when you're equipped with the Invasion Insect or Tentakura-Z Armour. Permanently puts you in a state similar to ???, except that it cannot be cured with Panacea or Sedatives. Unlike ???, this status doesn't disrupt charging attacks.