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The default starting city for Serena and Lime. The Capital is the second main quest line stopping point for adventurers who leave Hot Spring Town. Some quests and scenes are available, the city's events are still far from complete. Can be reached via Horse Train from Hot Spring Town and the Slave Market. From the Capital, you can walk to Kojima and take the ferry to Ceres and Grihasta.

Getting to the Capital: Horse Train from Hot Spring Town, on foot from Kojima.


  • Horse Train: Hot Spring Town, Slave Market
  • Capital Avenue west: Kojima


Notable places:

  • Bar
  • Stores
  • Adventurer Guild
    • You can find the quests available in this guild right here.
  • Inn
  • Main Gate
  • Plaza East
    • Playing as Nanako, there is cameo appearance of Serena dating Theo in front of the fountain.
  • Capital Brothel
  • Library Street
  • Residential Areas
  • Slums
  • Industrial Area
  • Industrial District
  • Noble District
  • Arena