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A place where there's a lot of shady business going on, mostly young girls being publicly humilated and sold onto slavery. By looking at the map it seems that it's located north of Capital. If you don't keep your cool here, something bad might happen to you.

Getting to Slave Market: Seems that it's only accessable when you're on the quest Escorting a girl. Otherwise you can teleport here by the book near the horse train stop at Hot Spring Town.


Notable Places:

  • The owner's office - A girl from Escort a Girl can be seen getting raped here by the Fat Man.
  • Bathrooms - A girl performing a humiliaiting act can be seen here with her owner.
  • Cages - Two girls can be seen in the respective cages, one of them is Elmire.
  • Auction stage - Place where various girls are sold on auction.